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Home Care Reviews

​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Home Instead Senior Care ReviewsRead what other families in the North Denver Metro area have to say about Home Instead Senior Care®:​​

Latest Reviews & Testimonials

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"Home Instead is very good. I have basically the same two caregivers for Pat. She is a stroke victim and is bedridden now. They're very consistent, are good with her and do everything that needs to be done. Fran comes in the morning. We change her and reposition her. Then Fran feeds her because there are times that I'd be gone. There comes the night and the same things are done - changes, repositions and makes sure she is comfortable. I'm just been VERY pleased with the service."

Posted by Marla on Nov 09 2017

"I'm very satisfied with all my services from Home Instead. Everything is fine. All my caregivers are good. I treasure every one of them. Dorothy is my number one caregiver and she holds me together. She's wonderful. They provide everything I need. They clean for me, take care of me and feed me. They also drive for me when I need to go to the doctor or dentist. Everything I need or ask for they provide very quickly. I'm doing well and improving a little bit everyday so thank you very much."

Posted by Mary on Oct 31 2017

"I have recommended Home Instead Senior Care to friends."

Posted by G. G. on Sep 24 2017

"Home Instead did a terrific job matching me with a perfect caregiver."

Posted by carpet on Sep 21 2017

"My caregiver, Tara, was my wife's caregiver until my wife's passing. She is now my caregiver. She's an amazing person. I couldn't get along without her. I think the world is full of unrecognized saints and she is certainly one of them."

Posted by Hugh on Sep 21 2017

"I have referred neighbors to this agency without qualms. They strive to match clients and HomeInstead personnel for a good fit"

Posted by RkyMtRose on Sep 21 2017

"We appreciate Home Instead VERY much. The caregiver my mother has at this time is just exceptional. She is very caring, devoted and treats her with so much respect as an elderly person. She helps with light housekeeping, bathing, doing lotion and things like that after bathing, dressing, helping my mother with her morning meal, watching over her while she separates her medication and checking the status of her physical wellness as far as how weak she is with her walking and things with her walker. My mother just loves her dearly and appreciates all of the attention and the help that she provides. This particular caregiver actually happens to be with my mother at a time when she experienced a stroke. This individual happened to save my mom from permanent damage and or saved her life. The staff at Home Instead have been an incredible resource for us. I'll give Home Instead a 4 star rating but I'll particularly give her caregiver 5 stars."

Posted by Marlene on Sep 09 2017

"Home Instead did a really good job. My grandmother had some dementia and she didn't have more than a month. They sat with her, made sure she can walk to the bathroom and was drinking and offered to cook her lunch. They seemed supportive and have some training with dementia. I would recommend them but I just don't feel we had that long enough to really say I will give them 5 stars rating."

Posted by Stacy on Aug 31 2017

"Caregivers are very helpful to my needs. They are kind and thoughtful to me. Both caregivers of mine are wonderful drivers. Very thorough on all household task. They go above and beyond. I am happy to have both my caregivers. I am afraid if I did not have them I would be in an assisted living or something."

Posted by Irene on Aug 22 2017

"This was a professionally run organization. I will use their services again when we need the help."

Posted by Jigger on Aug 21 2017

“DHHA has a wonderful working relationship with Home Instead.  Our Clinical Services frequently collaborate with one another as we both strive to provide high quality care to the Denver metro area.  There are times we get referrals that we may not be able to accept, so it is a blessing to have a trusted partner like Home Instead in the community.”
Dan G, MS, RN

Director of Clinical Services

Dominican Home Health Agency Inc.

I've been working with this company for a little while now and I just love it. The people in the office are so easy to work with and are always helpful in whatever my needs are. I'm able to call or drop by and discuss whatever issues I may be having or get information I may need. It's sometimes hard to look at this as "a job". It's such a treat for me to spend time with the clients, helping them with their needs, talking to them, hearing their stories. This is the most fulfilling position I've ever had. They bring such joy to my life. I'm so glad I found Home Instead and would recommend them to anyone as a career or a place to take care of your loved ones. —Susan M.

"I love working with the seniors! Taking care of clients in their own homes allows caregivers the opportunity to truly provide a much higher quality of care than caring for clients in a senior care community. We can provide extra services such as: cooking favorite foods, bathing on the client's schedule, usually letting the clients shower for longer periods of time if they so desire, reading to clients and doing other activities with them that provide opportunities for increased interaction and mental stimulation. These extras greatly improve the quality of life of our clients! Also I love being able to declare what hours I am available to work and be able to take on extra shifts if the need arises and I am available."
—Beverly T.

"I really appreciate the support of all of the office and on-call staff. They are always available to answer any questions which might arise about my concerns and the care for our clients. I truly feel appreciated as a part of the Home Instead team and that what I do really does make a difference."
—Jane S.​

"I love working for Home Instead, I can work as little or as much as I prefer. If I need a day off, there is always someone to cover shifts. Really enjoy the owners of this francise and ALL of the office workers. They all work really hard to keep the clients and employees happy."
—Deborah G.​

"I am very happy working as a caregiver for Home Instead and thank you for the opportunity to
see what its like to work for an awesome company! I love all the clients I've worked with so far. They are all so much fun to work with!"
—Jen W., Wheat Ridge, CO​

All of our CAREGivers receive Advanced Alzheimer’s training as part of our basic CAREGiver training.  Our own Alzheimer’s expert and trainer, Jill Lorentz, is empowering our CAREGivers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to provide excellent and compassionate care to those clients who are living with Alzheimer’s or other dementias.  Here is what some of our CAREGivers are saying about her class:

“Your delivery of the Advanced Alzheimer’s class material was from the heart.  I learned new skills today that I can deliver from my heart as well.  Thank you Jill!”
Mindy S

“I loved every minute of the class from start to finish.  Your teaching methods are inspiring and it is obvious that you are very passionate about caring for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  I hope I have the opportunity to attend more of your training classes in the future.” - Renee

“Believe me when I say that I have never been more inspired by an instructor in all my sixty years, which includes nursing school!  I absolutely loved everything you taught and shared with us today and I can’t tell you how much you have helped me in understanding our clients who are living with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases.”
Billi Jo I.​

​​While pursuing my nursing degree I worked at HISC as a caregiver. This company gave me skills I was able to incorporate into my nursing education. I enjoyed taking care of my clients in their homes and learning to anticipate their needs, as well as enhancing my communication skills. HISC offers Alzheimer's/Dementia care training; this gave me unique insight into working with clients and families affected by these conditions. Being a caregiver is a flexible, rewarding and educational job that I would recommend to anyone seeking a career in the medical field because it integrates the fundamentals of caring for people on an individual basis. 

Edna C., current R.N. and former Home Instead CAREGiver, Denver North.

As an RN with Visiting Nurse Association, I have been conducting monthly wellness clinics at Home Instead Senior Care Denver North for several years.  These clinics are open to the community’s seniors and include foot care, blood pressure check, and medication review.  As a nurse who is familiar with the staff, owners, high-quality caregivers, level of training, and overall philosophy of Home Instead, I feel very confident recommending Home Instead Senior Care to those I meet who are seeking home care, and I do so on a regular basis.

---Irene D., RN, BSN, MSN

My husband has been living with Alzheimer's for 8 years. During that time we have had many caregivers cross our paths. Tara, a veteran caregiver with Home Instead Senior Care, entered our lives in February, 2014, with a big smile, a hearty laugh, and a sincere desire to care for my husband. She gives her complete attention to the needs of my husband whether she is feeding him, dressing him, or tucking him in at night. He has lost most of his ability to speak, but Tara communicates well with him, making eye-to-eye contact, speaking clearly and helping him patiently complete the task at hand. She showers him with praise and encouragement that make him feel so important. She has established a rapport of trust that is a joy to observe. Her dedication to being the best caregiver she can is the above and beyond that we recognize. Tara's presence in our lives provides comfort to us all."

-Barbie M, November 2014

"On behalf of my family I would like to thank Home Instead and all of the CAREGivers who provided such wonderful service to my mother. In her final days I had a chance to meet many of them and everyone seemed so genuine. They all appeared to have a warm relationship with my mother and provide good care. I am glad we used Home Instead services. It was more than a "service" - it was a group of real people who genuinely cared.”

-G.S., October 2014

"Leticia has been the perfect CAREGiver! She was always on time with her beautiful smile and bubbly personality! We got so much done together----she is awesome at organizing! I could talk to her about anything---and did. She is so friendly, honest, and trustworthy. Leticia lifted my spirits and fulfilled every need I had. Sometimes just knowing she was there was all I needed. I truly believe she is my guardian angel.


"Floyd was wonderful with Larry, and Larry enjoyed his outings with him. I did not have to worry when he was out with Floyd. I am very grateful for the times he spent with Larry as they greatly enhanced his quality of life. Floyd is a special guy."

-Su Z.

"Linda has been my CAREGiver for over 3 years. She is like a daughter to me and my family has become very attached to her as well. God has blessed me with this very special, loving, caring lady and I am forever grateful for her love and care. My meals are always so good! My house is always in order and washing as well as ironing are done in a timely manner. She loves my dog, Max, and he really loves her too! Linda is always happy, smiling, and is such a pleasure to have in my home. I am so blessed to have her care."

-Jean B.

“I want to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone at Home Instead who has helped us over the past 2 years. You have been wonderful! A special thank-you to Bryan and Lee who were with us from the beginning——-also John, Steve, Don, Joe and Chris who so lovingly cared for my father and his home. Words cannot express my gratitude for everything you’ve done.”


“What do you say about a man like Ken? The answer is everything that is good, patient, caring, understanding, and loving. Ken has been the CAREGiver for my husband Jack for over a year.  Dealing with Alzheimer’s is not an easy task for anyone, but Ken has made it so much easier for Jack, myself, and my family. Ken not only keeps my husband calm, but his support keeps me grounded and hopeful. This man has the patience of an angel, and if there are angels among us, which I believe there are, then Ken tops the list."

-Dee & Jack

“I want to recommend Lindsey for CAREGiver-of-the-Month. She always come with a cheerful, upbeat attitude. She is very quick to see what needs to be done and is efficient in what she does. She is respectful of our privacy even as she helps with personal care. She is fun to visit with and most congenial. She is a bright light in our stay-at-home routine. We feel most fortunate to have her helping us during our time of need.”

—Katherine & Bob

“I have personally witnessed Lindsey helping my mom when I am there, and she is very attentive and engaging with a genuine care for Mom. She is very proactive in her approach to her work and doesn’t wait to be told what needs to be done. She is really excellent at keeping the house clean and tidy. She is also very good at multi-tasking and chatting with Mom while working. She does it all with a smile and a wonderful, outgoing and positive attitude. Lindsey is greatly appreciated by my mother and me.”


“Tara is very flexible with the care of my father. She is helpful with whatever his needs are: cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping or just an ear to share a story. I know he gets lonely by himself and he always looks forward to the meal Tara prepares in addition to the conversation. She is very compassionate and understanding of his ways. It is a huge relief to my brother and me to know that there is another person who is concerned for and watching out for our father.”

—Daughter of Client

“I appreciate Dorothy so much! Not only her thoroughness when accomplishing tasks but also the manner in which she does her work. She is generous in spirit, warm, friendly and attentive to details. She is flexible and dependable with routines that are so important to Anita. She has a lovely balance between taking charge and working well with others. High praise to Dorothy and many thanks for her dedicated and kind support of Anita."

—Mary K.

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