Home Caregivers and Socializing

Friends-300x218.jpgHome caregivers by definition tend to spend a lot of time in their homes or in the homes of the loved ones for whom they care. When the demands of caregiving are pressing, home caregivers often find little time to socialize with those beyond the people for whom they care. That's not a good thing.

People are social animals. No matter how strong the feelings caregivers may have for elderly loved ones, they must also maintain relationships with others. Part of maintaining those relationships involves communicating with friends regularly – preferably in person. That's not always easy; however, it is definitely worth the effort.

For those home caregivers who find it challenging to socialize, here are some tips that may be of help.

Plan in advance. For many caregivers, trying to do something "on the fly" can be difficult. It may seem that planning in advance, whether it's a day or a week, may not always be convenient, but doing so increases one's commitment to the appointment. So, find a time a few days in advance to get together with that best friend. Even better, make arrangements for regular get-togethers – lunch the first Tuesday of every month, for example – and be sure to put any social engagements on the calendar!

Invite someone over. It's usually best to socialize away from the house or apartment, as many home caregivers spend too much time within those walls. However, if getting away for a couple of hours is simply impossible, invite good friends to your home. If the house isn't as neat and tidy as you might wish, that's okay; real friends will understand.

Run errands together. Many caregivers spend an inordinate amount of time running errands: they go to the grocery store, the pharmacy, and the garage. Invite a good friend to join in on some of these errands. You can catch up and accomplish things at the same time.

Don't let time be a factor. Some caregivers feel they don't have a big enough block of time to socialize. Even 15 or 20 minutes can make a difference. If you don't have an hour for lunch, get together at a n​earby coffee shop for a quick respite.

Use other sources. Face-to-face is the best kind of socializing, but when that's not easy, use the phone, send emails, chat on Facebook, etc. The important thing is to keep the communication going with people who are important and who need to remain a part of your life.

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