Five Tips for Fighting Memory Loss

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Memory-Puzzle-Brain-300x300.jpgMost of us experience some memory loss as we age, but the idea that seniors have cloudy, foggy brains and barely remember what happened yesterday is a fallacy. However, if you're looking for ways to ward off even minor memory lapses, check out the helpful tips below.

Stay in touch with others. One of the most important factors in maintaining a sharp mind is engaging in regular social interactions with other people. Those who can get out to a community center, a book club, a religious meeting or even just a corner coffee shop to meet a pal should make the effort to do so. Those who have mobility or other issues that prevent them from leaving the house can still make use of the phone and the computer to keep in touch.

Keep the mind busy. Sure, vegging out every so often is necessary, but it should be an exception, not the rule. Reading books or magazines, researching new topics, trying out new recipes, filling out a crossword puzzle, and writing letters are good ways to keep the brain active. It's especially good to expand one's horizons in these areas by, for example, reading a book about a subject one knows little about or in a new genre.

Watch blood pressure and sugar. Maintaining appropriate blood pressure and blood sugar levels helps to decrease the risk of stroke, diabetes, and memory loss.

Eat well and exercise regularly. Is there anything for which a proper diet and exercise routine isn't highly recommended? A healthy diet accompanied by a steady exercise regimen can help to maintain memory function. (As always, check with a doctor before making changes in either of these areas.)

Be emotionally well. In addition to playing havoc with blood pressure, stress has a negative impact on memory function – as does depression. Taking steps to handle emotions that are creating issues can positively impact memory retention.

Seniors have lived long lives that are full of memories. Taking extra steps to keep that memory in fine fettle is worth the effort.

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