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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Home Instead Senior Care ReviewsRead what other families in Watkinsville, GA have to say about Home Instead Senior Care®:​​

Latest Reviews & Testimonials 

September 2019  ★★★★★

"From the very first phone call, I knew this was the best organization to help my family members with their life-changing transition. Heather Tracy was so kind as she listened to each one of my questions and concerns. She was extremely responsive and intuitive in connecting us with Debra Libby as our perfectly-matched caregiver. I whole-heartedly recommend the professional services of Home Instead Senior Care, particularly if you are helping to coordinate the care of a loved one from a distance."

Posted by Robin H. (Client's Daughter)

"You can always contact Home Instead for any questions or concerns."

Posted by KBGdaughter on Mar 21 2019

"Home Instead in Athens, Georgia is a great agency. They have been providing home visits and augmentation of assisted living care for my loved on for years. My aunt loves the caregivers and they have always found ways to help us out, even on short notice emergencies. The Athens, GA management team understands the importance of keeping and retaining caring, smart, talented people. The love they have for their mission shines through."

Posted by j_f_chamblee on Dec 19 2018

"Personal service and concern. I used another agency for several months with whom I had a terrible time getting answers. No one called me back, the owner never responded to my emails, I couldn’t get any other emails with which to communicate with anyone. The drivers were overbilling mileage, lying about where they were taking my mother, and when I called about it, all I got was attitude. Once they charged me for 72 miles (mom’s route was less than 5 miles) and instead of just refunding the money (all payments were by automatic bank withdrawal), they picked away at giving small credits to invoices for a couple months. Home Instead is a breath of fresh air. They bill like they say they will. They immediately “matched” a caregiver with my mom and she loved her caregiver from the start. Being the caregiver is so difficult but having an agency that has your back, no matter what arises, just can’t be replaced. Now I am confident that as my mother’s illness progresses, I have all her care needs in place and help for my mom is a phone call away. And...my stress has been reduced. I feel I have a partner in my mother’s care and it’s not just all on me anymore."

Posted by windy30605 on Oct 24 2018

"We greatly appreciate our caregiver -- she obviously cares for myMom's health and well-being. Her friendliness and helpfulness are indispensable. We are grateful to her and the office team for wonderful and cheerful service!"

Posted by Linda999m on Sep 19 2018

"I have very much enjoyed working with the staff at Home Instead in Athens GA. Whether speaking to office coordinators or individual caregivers, each is attentive to my needs in attending to my 94 year old mother. This can be particularly trying at times as she is experiencing the onset of Alzheimer's disease. Another example, her native language is Spanish - at times she will forget to speak English - Home Instead has Spanish speaking personnel to allay this issue. Additionally, each caregiver is conscientious and diligent in every aspect of interpersonal care given to mother with each weekly visit. I am less anxious and more comfortable knowing Mother is in good hands when I might not be readily available. Thanks for this and more to Home Instead, but mostly for caring.  Sincerely,VOW"

Posted by Vanessa W. on Apr 24 2018

"I have worked as a caregiver at Home Instead in Athens for almost a year. The owners here have developed a family like environment with their employees that I love. From the very beginning of orientation, they let you know that you are a valued member of their team and that without quality employees they cannot do this work. Sherry Hedgepeth lets you know that no tasks will be asked of you that she would not personally perform herself. The owners get to know employees personally and frequently ask about my children and events going on in our lives. The Client Care Coordinator takes the time to get to know employees personally as well. She genuinely tries to pair clients with caregivers with similar interests or personalities. As caregivers, we do so much more than cook, clean, and help with daily activities. We build close personal relationships with clients and love them like family. This is due in some part to the wonderful job Heather Tracey does. I have also personally witnessed owners and fellow employees come together in support of another employee whose home had burned down. They raised donations and collected basic necessities for the whole family. I have never worked in a place that fostered such an environment of caring concern for each employee and client. Right when you walk in the door it says, "to us it's personal" and I truly believe that to be true."

Posted by Leighann W. on Jan 04 2018

"The Home Instead staff have been very accommodating to my father's needs. I live several hours away and had a tough time getting to him as often as he needed. He wants to stay at home as long as possible. Now I feel less stressed knowing he is not alone and is receiving help from someone who cares like I would if I were there. "

Posted by LoriOliver on Dec 20 2017

"I have caregivers from Home Instead now. It’s up to the agency to provide people, so if somebody can’t come, they provide somebody else. We don’t have one person. I think they are able to handle the work. So far, they are able to do it. They’ve had to find new people at the beginning of the day, but so far they have been able to bring people in, which is what we need. Maybe they need to improve on personal hygiene. They are strong and friendly. I think older people need to be able to reach the office of the caregivers on the phone because they don’t have computers or they don’t know how to communicate online, so I think it’s good to have several lines that they can call for several different reasons if they need to. "

Posted by Ethel213660 on Nov 26 2016

"They have been outstanding ever since the time we started with them. They have provided what we need. They do what they are supposed to do. They are just a great company to deal with. They are very congenial."

"?"The caregiver is wonderful. They are very responsive to change. I have been very pleased. My mother is very content and happy with the caregiver whenever I leave the house."

"I find this person (CAREGiver) I am with is just a good friend and helper. She is always there when I need her. She is a complete asset to the company and me."

Marion H. (Client)
"We really like the caregiver. I believe that the fee charged is reasonable."

Lynn H. (Client's Wife) 
"They did what I wanted. They did it efficiently."

Keith D. (Client) 
"I rated them a 10 because of the speed at which they helped us find care for my in-laws."

Judy R. (Client's Daughter-In-Law) 
​"The caregiver is wonderful. They are very responsive to change. I have been very pleased. My mother is very content and happy with the caregiver whenever I leave the house."

Linda A. (Client's Daughter) 
"I have a young lady named Misty (CAREGiver). She comes every day for four hours. She is just like a daughter to me. It has worked out so well."

Marie M. (Client) 

​"Dear Alicia (Office Manager), Thank you very much for my "Caring Angel". I think the wooden carving is so unique! I put my "Caring Angel" on my dresser. I see her first in the morning and last at night. She is so beautiful. Come up to visit when your time permits. What a dear, loving, faithful, sincere employee you have in Cathy H. (CAREGiver). Thank you for being a friend. With love,"

Peg C. (Client)
​"Dear Alicia (Office Manager), I want to  thank you for introducing Melinda M. (CAREGiver) to me. She is such a help in so many ways. She is so intelligent, so willing to help in so many ways. She remembers from time to time and makes excellent suggestions. And I want you to know how pleased I am to have her come to be my helper."

Susan C. (Client)
"Dear Alicia (Office Manager), this is my new home and I am really happy with my decision. I thank you for sending me the best caregiver ever!!! She deserves a raise in pay (my suggestion as she has never talked about salary ever). Thanks again!"

Margaret C. (Client)
"Thank you for all you have done to support Bill. He looked forward to Elizabeth's (CAREGiver) coming every day. She was a great help to him, and he spoke highly of her every time I called him while I was in Maine. Now that I'm home, I've heard even more about how helpful she was. Your service has made both of our lives better!"

Marya F. (Client's wife)
"Our caregiver was always on time, very caring, and they did an excellent job!"

George & Jane B. (Client's son and daughter-in-law)
"They are nice people who care about what they are doing!"

Fred B. (Client) 
"I found the Administrator to be very thorough and caring. They match you with a caregiver who is compatible. The caregivers are people and they are well-trained."

Holly J. (Client) 
"They have been outstanding ever since the time we started with them. They have provided what we need. They do what they are supposed to do. They are just a great company to deal with. They are very congenial."

Fran S. (Client) 
"I feel like she (CAREGiver) is one of my children. She is kind and lovely. We have a good time. We giggle a lot. I have bad knees and have trouble with stairs. She does everthing for me. She is a really fine person."

Betty H. (Client) 
"Right now we have some great help. The caregiver is energetic, understanding, and patient. They come in and do what they need to do. My father-in-law likes them."

Lindsey S. (Client's daughter-in-law) 
"The caregivers were on time and they always did what we wanted. They were courteous. It was a good, positive experience."

Fred B. (Client) 
"I really like the caregiver. She is outstanding. She is totally reliable and innovative. She truly cares. She is a wonderful person."

Holly J. (Client) 
"They have been so good to both of us in every respect. They give you the impression that you are the only one in the world that matters to them. All of the caretakers are such a grand bunch. It took me a while to find one who matched my personality. Now that I have her, she is a jewel and I wouldn't trade her for anything!"

Fran S. (Client) 
"The second girl, Lynn (CAREGiver℠), is very nice and intelligent. She was very kind. I was very impressed with her."

Betty H. (Client)
"It's dependable and efficient in every way. I wouldn't change anything. I'm very satisifed with it."

Evelyn H. (Client) 

"They have good service. If the caregiver does not come, they will try to replace her. They are very cooperative."

Starr L. (Client) 
"We have two different representatives (CAREGivers℠). Both have been helpful. They both have been wonderful with my mother. They are very good at what they do. They even give emotional support to immediate family members!"

Lois M. (Client's daughter)
"They have gone out of their way for us, especially when my husband was still here. They provided me with a marvelous caregiver when I came down with shingles. This is one of the nicest organizations I have dealt with. I have recommended them to a friend who uses them. Periodically, the people from the office come in and ask if anything can be improved. It is a very good organization!"

Fran S. (Client) 
"They have excellent service and good people!"

Eunice G. (Client's granddaughter)  
"I like the quality of the caregiver. She is intelligent, dependable, and caring. I would be lost without her. I don't like to think about not having her!"

Evelyn H. (Client) 
"I've been very happy with the caregivers they've sent. I've been very happy with their level of service and their availability anytime I call. Their price is the same as all the other eldercare services."

Ruth W. (Client) 
"We'll never be able to thank you for the wonderful care given Mary Joe during her illness.  You did everything to make her life more peaceful during the time when she needed you most.  We'll never forget your kindness in bringing in lunch to us the day before she died.  It was a real comfort for us for you to do this.  We'll always sing your praises and tell others of the love and concern of you all.  Love, Minnie and Celestia"
"(With) the personal touch they give, they're friendly instead of being business-like. The people they have assigned to work with us have been amazing, most specifically Cynthia (CAREGiver℠). She has been an incredible companion to my Grandma."

Eunice G. (Client's granddaughter) 
"They have given us excellent service since we have had them many years ago. We have no complaints whatsoever. Great service in the office and the caregivers to us are an excellent value and extremely worthwhile in every respect. We only had one that we had that was part-time that we called on. Wonderful experience and good rapport with office staff!"

Fran S. (Client) 
"Home Instead gave me a wonderful caregiver!"

Mary E. (Client) 
​"I really appreciate the efforts and ability that my caregiver, Tonya M., gives me. I wrote a letter for the top caregiver last year and told everything I liked about her. The local office knows. I don't have enough time to say what all I want to about her."

Holly J. - (Client) 
"Please express my thanks for the wonderful care you and your caregivers gave my husband (and me)!  They were a god-send and my family will remember you always.  The palm you sent is lovely and will be a constant reminder of you all.  Most sincerely, the W.'s"

Mr. & Mrs. W. (Clients)

"I am treated well on the phone and they came on time. They wanted to match up a caregiver with my mother and they were very professional! My mother is very happy with her caregiver."

Helen K. (Client's daughter)
"I have an excellent caregiver. She is pleasant, smart and caring. She is dependable and all-around she is a great person. She does a great job and is good company."

Evelyn H. (Client) 
"Just a short note to tell you how much mom has enjoyed having Ivory and Ann G. (CAREGivers℠) with her this week while Ms. Pam (CAREGiver) is on vacation.  She has not been able to stop talking about them, especially Ann!  It has been wonderful to come in to have her start telling me about her day before I can even get my iced tea!  Kudos, many of them, to both of these ladies!  I do not know what we would do without you.  Do you realize it has been 6 years, summer of '01, since we met Joe (Franchise Owner)?  Every day Dee and I are able to go out to work knowing that Ms. Pam is going to give Mom a good lunch and take care of her.  God Bless you all.  I am certainly grateful I met Joe and all of your wonderful ladies!"

Mary Kay T. (Client's daughter)
"I just wanted to let you know how much your employee, Scott G.(CAREGiver℠), means to my father, Allen J., and me.  Scott really cares about my father and goes the extra mile in everything he does.  There never seems to be a problem Scott can't handle.  When my father moved into an assisted living facility here in Atlanta, Scott sent him a card and asked how he was getting along.  Can't ask for anyone better than that!  I still find I need an extra pair of hands and that is why Scott continues to help my father maintain his independence in his new residence by helping him with errands, appointments, scenic drives, etc.  I think one of the key elements in why Scott is exemplary in all aspects of caregiving is that we communicate with each other.  If my father has had a bad week health-wise, I let Scott know and (he) knows just how to talk with my father, take precautions or think of something special to do to cheer him up.  I really appreciate the service that Home Instead Senior Care provides.  We have been utilizing care providers over a year and will continue to do so.  I work full-time and really need the extra hands and 'heart' that your agency provides.  Even when my father had surgery, Home Instead was there to stay overnight with my father at his home.  I called at the last minute since I did not know the surgery was outpatient and Ashley was able to locate help for my father immediately.  Ashley is always helpful, courteous and can help with anything we ask, whenever I call.  So take a bow.  You're a wonderful group!  Thank you every so much."

Phyllis K. (Client's daughter)

"My family and I want to thank you for the excellent service you provide.  Under very trying circumstances, you were there for us and were always responsive to our needs.  We especially want to thank Gary (CAREGiver℠) and Gloria (CAREGiver) for their kindness and professionalism."

Dr. Catherine M. (Client's daughter)

"We want to take the time to thank Home Instead for the companion services that were provided to our mother, Lula P., for the past few months.  Mom suffered  congestive heart failure on September 12, 2003 and spent 4 or 5 days in the hospital before coming home to split her living time between our two households.  It was an extremely difficult task for us, her only two daughters, to care for her while at the same time working full-time jobs.  It was difficult in terms of making sure she always had someone with her as well as taking a very emotional toll on us.  Around November 2003, we discovered Home Instead by doing research on the Internet and decided to give it a try.  It was one of the best decisions we could have made!  We were very impressed with the initial interview and felt we had come to the right place.  Lydia M. (CAREGiver℠) called the night before coming for the first time and introduced herself over the phone and let us know that she was looking forward to caring for Mom.  From day one, Lydia was supportive, kind and very soothing to our mother.  She was a true companion with an infinite amount of patience.  She could soothe Mom at times when we could not because she had gotten to know her personality and came to know the best way to get things done for her.  Lydia was also very flexible when it came to last minute requests to stay extra hours when our schedules would not allow us to stick to the previously agreed upon schedule.  Mom had a setback a couple of months later when she fell and hurt her knee.  She had to start using a walker and often times became more difficult to deal with because she had lost even more of her independence.  Through it all, Lydia maintained her loving care and patience for our mother and it was apparent that Mom had become very comfortable and attached to Lydia.  Unfortunately, with Mom's fall, it became necessary to move her into an assisted living residence so that we could get professional care for her within the residence.  We are deeply appreciative and thankful that our experience with Lydia through Home Instead was such a success.  We would not hesitate to recommend Lydia as a companion to anyone.  We also thank Home Instead for making such a great match for our mom.  You all have helped us through an extremely stressful period and it is good to know that you are in the business of helping families like ours get through trying time.  Thank you so much!"

Peggy L. & Denise B. (Client's daughters)
"Gary U. (CAREGiver℠) is a warm caring human being.  He has all the characteristics for making a wonderful caregiver.  He is gentle, helpful, understanding and sincerely concerned about his clients.  These are all the things that elderly, disabled and handicapped people need.  My personal experience with Gary has been a very positive one.  Not only has he fulfilled my personal needs (light housecleaning, food shopping, banking, etc.), but I have found him to be an intelligent, well informed human being.  We share thoughts and exchange life experiences.  I am truly grateful for his caregiving.  We need more such people for this important service."

Goldy C. (Client)
“I am writing you regarding Meta M. (CAREGiver℠) who is one of your employees. Meta helped my mother, Lois M., for a few years prior to my mother’s passing in August 2010. I don’t know if it would be possible to adequately express my appreciation for the time Meta spent with my mother. For one, my mother adored her. But beyond that, Meta was always professional, competent, kind, and reliable. She was the ideal person to help our mother and spend time with our mother in her last few years. Meta was there to help, but she was more than a caretaker. All my family knew that with Meta in charge, we could relax because we knew she also cared about our mother and would do what was necessary with kindness and understanding. This was a blessing for all of us who were concerned about the comfort and wellbeing of our mother. I send you this note to highly recommend Meta for her work and for your wisdom in having someone like her as an employee. We were blessed that Meta came our way."

Heather G. (Client’s daughter)

“Thank you for all you have done to support Bill. He looked forward to Elizabeth’s (CAREGiver℠) coming every day. She was a great help to him, and he spoke highly of her every time I called him while I was in Maine. Now that I’m home, I’ve heard even more about how helpful she was. Your service has made both of our lives better!”

Marya F., Ph.D. (Client’s wife)
“It has been more than a month since Mom passed away and the reality that she is gone is beginning to sink in. It’s really hard, but when I look at pictures that Don took of her in her last few weeks, I am grateful that she is no longer in pain and struggling so hard just to get through each day. I do believe that she is in a better place. I want to thank you for the gift that Home Instead sent to her college, Wellesley, in her name. That was so nice to open up the acknowledgement letter and see the organization’s name. You and your wonderful staff were such a helpful and special part of her life and ours for so many months. Thank you for making that very difficult time easier. I hope you are doing well. Our best to Joan M., Tonya, Sharon, Claudia (CAREGivers℠)…ya’ll are our special angels!"

Joan A. (Client’s daughter)
“To Joe Ward (Franchise Owner) and the Entire Staff at Home Instead – Thank you all for being there for my Mom. If it weren’t for all you “Angels” I probably would have gone crazy by now. God bless you all!”

Barbara & Marcie O. (Client’s daughter)
“Thank you so much for your caring assistance of my grandmother in her final years. Your service is unparalleled and I would be pleased to serve as a reference at any time. Happy Holidays!”

Jennifer J. (Client’s granddaughter)
“Thank you so much for the generous donation to the Alzheimer’s Association. I received their letter about your gift in Barbara’s name about a week ago. You can tell by this card that I am a frequent contributor to their work. I remember calling their national hotline at midnight one time asking for eldercare attorneys in my area. A nice young man looked it up for me, and pretty soon I had Barbara’s estate lawyer ready when trouble started. You were very kind to think of us at this time. I hope all is going well with you. Thanks again! Much love,”

Willene and Denny M. (Client’s sister & brother-in-law)
“Thank you so much for your donation to Crossroads Hospice in my mother’s memory. We really appreciate all the work you and your caregivers provided for her. I’m sure I’ll call on you again later for Dad. Warm regards,”

Jean C. (Client’s daughter)

"I just wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated everything you and your homecare workers have done for my Mother over the past few years. Your people have a gift for caring for the elderly. Dad is doing okay—for now. But when he needs help, I will call on you again. Thank you for everything!”

Jean C. (Client’s daughter)
​"Thank you for your kindness to my family and I during our recent loss. We will miss Anne greatly. Please express our gratitude to your staff, especially Mary (CAREGiver℠), for the tremendous kindness they showed Anne throughout her ordeal.”

Don L. & Family (Client’s husband)

“Thank you so much for coming through for me and my mom, Ruth S., in this time of need. I look forward to our continuing to do business together.”

Hazel S. (Client’s daughter)

“We were very pleased with the service. I’ll have to see how my mother adjusts to her new situation to decide if we should continue your service. Again, let me say that all of us who were involved with Kelly and Lisa (CAREGivers℠) were impressed and thought highly of both of them.”

Edward F. (Client’s son)
​"This is just a note to let you know how much Dee and I appreciate what you do to help us with Mom. You are like State Farm—Just like a neighbor, you are always there. I especially appreciate your understanding when I get worried and tacky—you always ease my mind with your calm, caring voices but just like family, there is an occasional misunderstanding to work out and you make it easy for us. Since I am in a similar field, I know how easy it is sometimes to make a mountain out of a molehill, so it is good that you all have the patience of Job. And it is especially nice to know that Ms. Geraldine (CAREGiver℠) is there; playing games, talking with her, and just letting her read when she wants to. We know that she is going to get her snacks and a good lunch even when she tells Ms. Geraldine she isn’t hungry. We can tell my talking with Mom how well they seem to mesh and how much Mom likes her and misses her when she has to take a day off for some reason. We appreciate Ms. Geraldine and all she does as well as the ladies who come in when she can’t. Thank you all!”

Mary Kay T. (Client’s daughter)
“When my sister-in-law, Patricia D., was so sick, especially in October, you sent Rose (CAREGiver℠) out to look after her. All of the family were so thankful for her TLC. It is hard to be away from loved ones at any time, but it is very comforting to know someone is making them feel loved, which Rose certainly did. Patsy really loved her. You are doing a wonderful service for all concerned. I understand you are also looking after Roy H. (client’s brother) too. Thank you!”

Sarah H. (Client’s sister-in-law)
“I don’t think Whit and I would have made it through this experience without Jackie, Melanie, Clara, Geraldine and Ivory (CAREGivers℠). They all helped my aunt (and Whit and me) come to terms with her declining health. We appreciate so much your assistance in keeping my aunt in her own home as long as we were able to do; and I was so grateful to Melanie (CAREGiver) for letting me know that we needed to get there quickly after she fell this time. You have some first-rate caregivers on board, and well-trained. I’ll be happy to recommend your company any time. Thanks too for the keys which safely arrived.”

Patricia R. (Client’s niece)

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