EASTERSEALS COLORADO: Colorado Respite Coalition Grant

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It is Home Instead Durango’s great pleasure to announce that we have been awarded a Colorado Respite Coalition Grant through the enormous generosity of Eastersteals Colorado. This grant works to offer respite to primary caregivers and to their family through the provision of 3 hours free in-home care every week for 12 months once a financial need has been established and proven. This grant is intended to be used as “payer of last resort”, meaning the family has been completely unable to afford the respite care they need through personal means or other State and Federal programs.

The hope is that the exhausted caregivers and family can use these 3 hours every week in order to take care of themselves and allow them the opportunity to focus their energy elsewhere whilst their loved one is cared for by one of our trained care professionals.

We have limited positions for the grant and some may not receive it based on the qualifications set out by the Colorado Respite Coalition. If you are interested in seeing if you qualify please take a second to fill out this form and then call us at 970-828-6700 or 970-382-1595.

If you qualify, we will conduct a care assessment in order to evaluate the needs of your loved one and agree next steps, specifically when services can commence.

 If you are in need, but did not qualify or were not selected for this program, there are personal grants that you can apply to through the Colorado Respite Coalition. The Coalition provides family respite vouchers that can be applied to on an individual basis. You can find these grants on:

Family Voucher Program - Colorado Respite Coalition

For more general information about Easterseals Colorado and the Colorado Respite Coalition visit: