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We believe every family in the area deserves tailor made in-home senior care with a compassionate touch. That's why we established Home Instead® of Hazen, ND.

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Meet Our Team
Owners Erin & Tyrel

Tyrel & Erin Sorensen RN, BSN, Owners

Meet Tyrel & Erin Sorensen, the owners of Home Instead in Bismarck, Hazen, and Minot, ND. They reside in Beulah, ND with their four children. Erin graduated from the University of Mary with her bachelor's of science degree in nursing. Erin & Tyrel opened Home Instead in Hazen, ND, with a vision to make seniors' lives as fulfilling as the beginning by keeping them safe at home. Their commitment led to the expansion of their business to Bismarck and Minot, recognizing the growing need for in-home care. The Sorensens' mission is to enhance the lives of aging adults and their families through their unwavering dedication and passion.

team member Christy

Christy Mindt, Marketing & Operations Manager

Meet Christy our creative Marketing & Operations Manager who is a versatile professional who oversees both marketing initiatives and day-to-day operational functions within our company. Christy is a passionate, hands-on leader who is dedicated to making a meaningful impact on our community, all while striving for excellence and results. With her, we have a dedicated individual who is committed to driving our company's success through innovative marketing strategies and operational excellence.

team member Kim

Kim Folkerts, Accounting Manager

Meet Kim, our dedicated Accounting Manager who directs our accounting coordinators with unwavering commitment and leadership. She ensures that our accounting processes are streamlined, accurate, and compliant with the highest standards. Kim is not only a numbers expert but also a strategic thinker, providing valuable insights to guide our financial decisions. Her commitment to excellence and her ability to navigate the complexities of accounting make her an essential asset to our team. Kim's approachable nature and willingness to assist both colleagues and clients create a positive and collaborative work environment.

team member Amy

Amy Bosch, Office Manager

Meet Amy, our dynamic Office Manager based in Bismarck, who wears multiple hats to keep our organization thriving. She also plays a pivotal role in delivering exceptional client care, including conducting care consultations and quality assurance visits, among other responsibilities. With her remarkable ability to coordinate tasks and foster a productive work environment, Amy is the go-to person for her team, providing compassionate support and contributing to our flourishing organization.


Aimee Bachmeier, MSN, RN

Meet Aimee, MSN, RN, who plays a crucial role as a Client Care Coordinator. Aimee's passion for providing remarkable care is at the forefront of her responsibilities. With a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our organization. Aimee is committed to ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality of care tailored to their unique needs. She collaborates closely with our team to create personalized care plans and coordinates all aspects of care delivery. Aimee's attention to detail and compassionate approach make her a vital resource to our clients and their families.

team member Rachel

Rachel Brunsell, RN , BSN

Meet Rachel, RN, BSN, who is a key member of our Client Care Coordinator team. Rachel is devoted to providing unprecedented care to our VA, Community Support, and residential Habilitation Clients. Her commitment to patient care is unwavering, and she conducts meticulous quality assurance visits and assessments, consistently exceeding our client's expectations. With Rachel's knowledge, our clients receive top-tier service and care that goes above and beyond. Furthermore, she assumes a vital responsibility in educating and empowering our caregiving team through instructional skills classes. Her extensive knowledge and guidance guarantee our caregivers are thoroughly equipped to provide top-tier care.

team member Sadie

Sadie Sebastian, RN, BSN

Meet Sadie, RN, BSN, who is a compassionate member of our Client Care Coordinator team. Sadie's role takes her across rural North Dakota, where she conducts essential care consultations, home safety evaluations, and quality assurance visits for our veterans, private pay, and state clients. Her thorough evaluations ensure that our clients receive tailored care plans that prioritize their well-being and safety. Sadie also plays a crucial role in educating and empowering our caregiving team by teaching our skills classes. Her skills and guidance ensure that our caregivers are well-prepared to deliver the highest quality of care.

team member April

April Ostergard, LPN

Meet April who is an LPN pursuing her BSN and is a dedicated member of our Client Care Coordinator team, specializing in educating and training caregivers she plays a pivotal role in ensuring our caregivers are equipped to provide top-quality care to our clients. In addition to her training responsibilities, April also conducts care consultations and quality assurance visits, ensuring our clients receive the highest standard of care. April is a crucial link in our network, collaborating with referral providers to ensure seamless and coordinated care for our clients. 

team member Paige

Paige Schafer, Accounting Coordinator

Meet Paige, our meticulous Accounting Coordinator, specializing in processing billing and payments for VA, private pay, and long-term care clients. Paige also takes charge of payroll processing, ensuring our key players and caregivers are compensated accurately and on time. She wears multiple hats to manage our Quickbooks and maintain our financial operations. Paige's expertise shines when handling invoices, managing payroll, and reconciling financial data. Her dedication to precision and meeting deadlines makes her an indispensable member of our accounting team.

team member Kaycee

Kaycee Schneider, Accounting Coordinator

Meet Kaycee, our committed Accounting Coordinator who plays a crucial role in ensuring the financial operations of all three office locations in Bismarck, Hazen, and Minot, ND run smoothly. Kaycee specializes in processing state payments, a vital task that ensures our caregivers are compensated accurately and promptly. The accounting department oversees a range of essential functions, including billing, payroll, mileage reimbursement, and managing paid training for our caregivers. With Kaycee on board, our caregivers can trust that their efforts are acknowledged and rewarded promptly.

team member Kayla

Kayla Hammargren, Service Coordinator

Meet Kayla, our dedicated Service Coordinator who is responsible for ensuring that our clients receive seamless care. With a knack for organization and a commitment to excellence, Kayla plays a pivotal role in coordinating schedules for both our caregivers and clients. In her role, Kayla manages the intricacies of caregiver & client scheduling, handling call-offs, time punches, time off requests, and availability changes with precision. Her attention to detail ensures that our client's needs are met promptly and efficiently.

team member Cody

Cody Woehl, Service Coordinator

Meet Cody, our problem-solving Service Coordinator, who brings a wealth of experience and a love for structure to her role. As a veteran, Cody's commitment to excellence and discipline is at the core of everything she does. Her love for structure is reflected in her meticulous approach to handling call-offs, time punches, time off requests, and availability changes, ensuring that our clients receive the reliable care they deserve. Her dedication to maintaining a well-organized schedule and her compassionate approach to caregiving services set her apart.

team member Jessica

Jessica Miller, Recruitment & Engagement Coordinator

Meet Jessica, our dynamic Recruitment and Engagement Coordinator, who holds the key to building and maintaining our exceptional team. Jessica's versatile role encompasses a passion for recruiting and connecting talented individuals with rewarding opportunities. Jessica takes pride in guiding our caregivers through the onboarding process, ensuring a seamless transition into their roles. She orchestrates informative orientations and continuous training to empower our team members to deliver the highest standard of care. 

Hannah Collum, Recruitment & Engagement Coordinator

Meet Hannah, our accomplished Recruitment & Engagement Coordinator, who plays a pivotal role in nurturing and expanding our talented team. With her passion and knowledge, Hannah oversees recruitment, hiring, onboarding, orientation, and ongoing training, and provides invaluable HR support. Hannah provides dependable support and guidance, fostering an inclusive and engaging work environment that encourages professional growth and fellowship.

Brick Agostino, Office Coordinator

Meet Brick, our experienced Office Coordinator with a unique perspective, having started as a caregiver and now serving as a key player in our office. Brick is a true catch-all team member, seamlessly wearing many hats to ensure the smooth operation of our organization. Brick excels in providing caregiver and client introductions, making sure that the right connections are forged from the start. Her genuine and compassionate approach ensures that both our caregivers and clients feel valued and supported. Beyond these roles, Brick is deeply involved in community outreach efforts, building and maintaining connections that benefit both our clients and the wider community.