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Sep 01, 2022

5 Successful Tips When Talking to Someone With Dementia

Written By: Jorge Escobar
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Home Instead, Clermont has recently partnered with the Certus Institute and the National Institute of Dementia Education (NIDE) to become the newest Certified Partner for Dementia Care. With that being said, we are committed to improving the quality of life for underserved aging adults, this includes providing quality assistance and care for people suffering with dementia and in creating awareness through blog posts like this one.


You can do your part by supporting your local Dementia Awareness Campaign. A great example of how a campaign could reduce stigma was the most recent effort by the Public Health Agency of Canada that wanted to educate and help Canadians better understand dementia and how best to support and interact with people living with the condition. The campaign also highlights the abilities of people living with dementia while breaking down negative perceptions, to make our communities more welcoming and supportive.


While dementia is a general term, Alzheimer's disease is a specific brain disease. It is marked by symptoms of dementia that gradually get worse over time. Here are 5 successful ways to communicate with a person suffering from Alzheimer's disease/Dementia:


  • Engage the person in one-on-one conversation in a quiet space that has minimal distractions.
  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Maintain eye contact. 
  • Give the person plenty of time to respond so he or she can think about what to say.
  • Be patient and offer reassurance, ask one question at a time.


Data Source from the Alzheimer's Association.


Our Commitment to furthering dementia training for staff and care professionals is part of our ultimate goal which is to provide the premium quality and individualized care for our families and clients while remaining in their homes. At Home Instead Clermont we believe that this unique program will improve the way we care for clients who have dementia. 


If you or a loved one needs more information about our care services. 

Please contact our office at 352-218-6598

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