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Jan 19, 2024

Preventing Hospitalizations: Tips from Home Instead of North Mountain Village, AZ

Written By: Home Instead of North Mountain Village, AZ
Preventing Hospitalizations Tips from Home Instead of North Mountain Valley, AZ

Our team at Home Instead is always thinking of new and creative ways that we can be helpful to those in the North Mountain Village area. Our Co-Owner, Bob, saw the need for some educational resources on preventing hospitalizations, so he quickly got to work on some videos. We're excited to share that information with you!

Ways to Prevent Hospitalizations

Preventative Maintenance

Have annual checkups and keep up with daily hygiene checks. Occasionally, have your eyes and hearing checked as well.

Preventative maintenance identifies small problems early on. When you are experiencing a challenge with your health, don't be a hero. Get yourself checked out. Give yourself the peace of mind that everything is okay or a small problem that can be managed with exercise, minor medicine, or rehab at home.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise - Get out and move around! This doesn't need to be high-intensity. Just get a good range of motion.

Nutrition / Balanced Diet - Avoid meals that are out of a box. Get some fresh food. If you need ideas for healthy meals, contact us at Home Instead for meal ideas and more.

Water - Drink plenty of water. It may not be the tastiest beverage, but it is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep - Manages your stress levels, keeps you alert, and also gives your body time to rest and recharge

Medication Management

Don't decide how much or how often you take prescribed medications. Follow routines and guidelines set by your physicians or nurse.

If you have trouble remembering the routine, set up a pill box, set alarms, keep a schedule on paper or a calendar, or ask for help from a physician or nurse.

If you'd like to watch Bob's videos, you can find them on Our Facebook Page. Please give us a follow while you're there! We'll inform you about home care in North Mountain Village, AZ, and provide helpful resources like Bob's educational videos.

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