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Oct 26, 2023

Happy Senior Citizen's Day to Grandma Norma

Written By: Home Instead Central Phoenix
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On Senior Citizen's Day August 21st , I celebrated one of the strongest, and let’s be honest, oldest, senior citizens I know. Grandma Norma is a 96 years young, Husker-loving Nebraskan. She has streaming high school sports, keeping tabs on us through Facebook and shopping on Amazon Prime down to a science. She lives 100% independently. She could still drive but chooses not to, and we’re glad about that. The Park Avenue is still tuned up! I think not driving is her way of getting regular deliveries of chocolate, ice cream, cake, pie, candy (you get the idea) from the family.

A hankering for sweets and their solid humor bridges the 91-year age gap between my Grandma and my daughter. At times, they seem fascinated with one another. Everly explores the countless gizmos and gadgets purchased on QVC and laughs about Grandma’s hearing, seemingly the only thing that’s failed her at 96. Grandma smiles and giggles as she watches because she mostly bought the gadgets in anticipation of these visits. And she’s just a sucker for gadgets. I adore my Dad for telling her to spend her money on whatever she wants whenever she wants, even if it means he (my mom and Aunt Linda) will spend days boxing it up one day.

I tease Grandma about having my money on 110, but she says she has other plans. I also tease her about putting my name on the green candy dish that dates back to the 90s and ALWAYS has a Werthers’ Original inside. I guess it’s not teasing because I do actually want it. She giggles, but she probably has my name on it. I’d be just fine with another 14 years of getting to love and know my Grandma. But she’s seen, felt, loved, celebrated, and grieved a lot. I admire her for knowing she’s complete and her legacy lives on through all of us.

Honor the Grandma Norma in your life today and everyday. It is real simple. Take the time. You won’t regret it!

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