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May 02, 2022

Everything to Know About In Home Senior Care

In home Care

There are many ways to improve the quality of life for the elderly and one of them is in home senior care. In home senior care comes with many benefits and if you want to age in place and stay in your home for longer, you should consider this option. Here's everything you need to know about in home senior care to help you make an informed decision.

What Is In Home Senior Care?

As the name suggests, in home senior care refers to a group of services that are provided to seniors in their own homes. In home senior care is also referred to as “aging in place” because it allows seniors to remain at home instead of moving to a facility. That means seniors can have more independence in a familiar place that they are comfortable in. There are many reasons why you or your loved one may require in home care. Generally, the point is to provide whatever non-medical assistance may be necessary to allow seniors to stay in the comfort of their own homes for longer.

What Does It Include?

Senior home care encompasses a wide range of services that improve the quality of life for those who are aging in place. For instance, most seniors that choose to stay at home in their golden years need help with daily activities like bathing and dressing. They also need help with moving around the house safely and with transportation to various appointments and places. Other seniors also need companionship or someone to talk to, so they don't feel lonely.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of in house senior care depends on the number of hours the designated care worker devotes to the senior. According to Caregiver, 65% of seniors who require long-term care rely mostly on family and friends to provide assistance. That said, another 38% supplement family care with paid assistance. This can help to reduce the overall costs. Other factors that can affect the cost include location and the daily, hourly, or overnight rates charged by the care worker.


Overall, you're a good fit for home care if you're a senior who needs assistance due to mobility issues, impaired motor skills, or memory impairment. If you or your loved ones need in home senior care, get in touch with us to discuss how we can best meet their needs.

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