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Mar 23, 2022

3 Important Facts About Your Loved One Aging in Place

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As people get older, they don't necessarily need to move into an assisted living facility. Often, aging in place is a completely viable plan with the help of professional senior care services. However, if your loved one wants to age in place, there are things you need to consider in order to keep them healthy. Here are some important facts to know.

They Can Often Live Alone

Many people who age in place, do so alone. In 2010, one-third of senior adults living outside of care facilities lived alone. This is over 11 million people. So, if your loved one is widowed and wants to stay in the family home, they aren't alone. With senior care services available, there are ways to keep them living alone for as long as possible. While changes might eventually need to be made, people who thrive in this situation can safely continue to live this way as long as it doesn't become dangerous for them.

You Need to Plan Together

If your loved one is aging in place and you're part of their care, the two of you need to be on the same page about everything. Make sure that you plan together. Using open communication, discuss things like their medical needs, what senior care services to consider, and any other factors that could come up while they still live at home. Your loved one deserves the dignity of being involved in any decision-making. But, if you're taking care of them at home, you also need to be involved. This way, you can get any disagreements resolved early and put plans smoothly into place.

There Are Many Resources Available

Most communities have resources available for senior citizens who are aging in place. These could be social groups, senior care services, or housekeeping assistance. Take advantage of these opportunities for your loved one. This way, they can have the comfort of staying in their home while also living a full, safe life.

If your loved one wants to age in place, this can often be done. However, you need to know the reality of it in order to keep them safe. Take advantage of all the help that is available for you and them. This will keep both of you from getting overwhelmed and they'll be able to enjoy their life in their own home.

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