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It’s not always easy knowing where to start in the search for a quality home care agency for yourself or a loved one – the sheer number of options can be overwhelming, and finding the right agency is crucial to future happiness and well-being.

Read what other families in Blairsville, GA have to say about Home Instead!

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September 5, 2020
5-star review - By Ellen H.

Provided a 10 out of 10 rating.

August 2020
5-star review - By Mary D.

My parents have been clients of Home Instead since November 2017. The personalized care they have both received has been a huge factor in their quality of life. My dad passed away 2 weeks a ago in the Memory Care unit of Blue Ridge Assisted Living and if not for his caregivers, we would have had to separate him from our mom and move him to a skilled nursing facility. As his dementia progressed, his caregivers adjusted to his changing needs in the most compassionate and loving way. It was amazing. Honestly, there have been a few hiccups along the way, as there always are in life and every single time resolutions were found to suit my parents’ needs. They also used Home Instead of Gainesville in their home before they moved into BRAL. This company provides a truly life altering service. We are so grateful for them!

March 27, 2020
5-star review - By Jeff N.

Great company, great leadership, great service. Would definitely recommend them for your senior care needs.

- By Mary B.

I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how much I and my brothers appreciate you and your people at Home Instead Senior Care.  I will never forget the day my brother and I realized that we just could not and were not trained to provide the care that my mother needed during the last days of her fight with pancreatic cancer.  When I walked in the front door of your company, I was warmly greeted and welcomed in.  During my emotional discussion concerning my mother and her needs with you and your staff, I felt a calm sense that everything was going to be alright.  The first evening when the caregiver came to the house, I was a little apprehensive, but my feelings instantly changed as I talked to her and realized that she was going to be a huge help to us.  They were with me, my brothers and my mom until, and after, she passed away.  What a comfort that was.  Also, I appreciate you organizing with hospice for my mother which, I am sure, would have been another daunting experience to have gone through.   When mom went to heaven, I am sure she felt comfortable and calm, and for that, my brothers and I are so thankful to you and your staff for helping us.

March 23, 2020
5-star review - By Dr. Mignon T.

The administrator of Home Instead Senior Care in Blairsville, Georgia was and is very attentive to my personal services that I needed. The caregiver he assigned to assist me in living at my home is very professional and knowledgeable and provides me with excellent individualized attention. I am blessed beyond measure to have her in my home seeing to and meeting my special needs.

February 19, 2020
5-star review - By Jolie C.

The office staff at Home Instead are professional, accessible, and knowledgeable. They went the extra mile to support us as we went through the difficult process of starting the service. My parents were extremely resistant to care in the home, although they needed it desperately. The office staff invested time in understanding the situation and being there with the caregivers to insure a smooth start. After that, we were amazed at the quality of the caregivers themselves. They are well-trained, extremely responsive to my parents' needs and great at problem-solving. We have been receiving service for 10 hours/day for almost four months and my parents love their caregivers. Home Instead has been a huge blessing to my whole family.

December 2019
5-star review - By QO Meg

We are very pleased with our caregiver. She is proactive and extremely hard working. Home Instead as a local company have worked to meet our schedule whenever there is a need to change things up a bit.

- By Susan R.

I would recommend Home Instead to any one in need of senior care. 
My Father has Alzheimer's/dementia and lives in Georgia.  Since I live in San Diego it has been difficult and worrisome trying to take care of my dad from such a distance. Home Instead  has been a lifesaver for me and has given me peace of mind.
Mr. Williams, the owner of Home Instead and his caregivers have been excellent to work with in the care of my Dad.  They have been very knowledgeable, caring, and helpful beyond my expectations.  The caregivers are reliable and dependable.  Mr. Williams has gone out of his way  to make sure my father was protected and well cared for, and has even emailed me materials to educate me on my father's illness.  He has helped me with resources for VA benefits, financial aid resources, and provided vast information on services concerning my dad's needs.
On many occasions Mr. Williams has gone out of his way with his service only to be helpful, which would in no way benefit his company financially.  It is obvious that he and his staff truly care about the people that they serve and their well being.
I would highly recommend  Mr. Williams and Home Instead to anyone that needs senior care.  Keeping your loved ones at home and offering peace of mind is his company's goal.  
I am grateful and sincerely appreciate everything he has done to help me out.
November 19, 2019
5-star review - By Frank P.

Currently I have a caregiver in with mom two days a week for four hours each day, but occasionally she needs someone there with her more hours. I have been amazed at the quick efficient response when I have called with an emergency situation. You service is a life line for mom and me Thank you!

September 19, 2019
5-star review - By Anonymous Reviewer

We are generally assigned well qualified people to assist my wife with her daily needs. When one is assigned and doesn’t understand the manner required we request she not be assigned again and she isn’t. We keep a daily task sheet that the caregiver completes each day. This has proven to be an enormous help in coordinating tasks for the caregivers. The back office personnel are also very good to work with and make every possible effort to assign people who are qualified to meet our needs.

September 18, 2019
5-star review - By Anonymous Reviewer

Fine people with good knowledge and friendship

August 23, 2019
5-star review - By Anonymous Reviewer

Everything so far has made me feel comfortable to leave and know things will be taken care of.

August 23, 2019
5-star review - By Anonymous Reviewer

Home Instead helped us work through some very difficult times with parents who didn’t think they needed help. We had some wonderful helpers from Blairsville who did all they could to make life easier for the parents as well as us. Thank you to all of you.

November 2018
5-star review - By Jodi F.T.

Attentive awesome caregivers. Quality and reliability are top notch

Great service! It is nice to be able to work without worrying if our loved one is being taken good care of

April 17, 2018
5-star review - By Joyce 35

My family is well pleased with the care and concern this company provides. Everyone connected with the office and who work out of the office are very friendly and helpful with all aspects of our care.

January 24, 2018
5-star review - By jjgrff

I hired Homestead to come into my home and help with my Grandfather who lived with me. Homestead was so easy to work with and very accommodating to our needs. I highly recommend them.

November 19, 2017
5-star review - By Familythankful

We found Home instead for our family in order for them to stay in their home while facing dementia and other ailments. We had tried independent people but we were constantly faced with having to find replacements because of various problems. When we found Home Instead they took that burden away from us. We have been pleased with the care that they have received. Light housekeeping, driving to town to shop, and doctors appointments all have helped them to stay somewhat independent since they had lost the ability to drive. We appreciate Home Instead that they have helped them transition to this stage of life and helped us to get there. We have them 3 days a week now but as they require more assistance, Home Instead will be there for us. Thank you to all of those at Home Instead making life better for families.

- By Betty D.

Dear Andrew, Wendy our caregiver, and all of the great staff at Home Instead,
I want to thank you all for the help you have given us over the past six months with the care for my mother who has Alzheimer's dementia. You and your staff have been easy and flexible to work with and each person we dealt with met all of our needs in a very caring, professional and timely manner.
I especially want to thank you for matching Mom up with Wendy, her caregiver. Wendy found out Mom's likes and did things each day that Mom enjoyed. They baked, listened to Big Band Music, played all kids of games, fixed humming bird food for the porch- so Mom could enjoy watching the birds. Because of the Alzheimer's Mom would at times be upset, but because of Wendy's training and experience she knew just how to redirect Mom. Oh, and  I haven't even mentioned the light housework she so thoughtfully did- I wish I could fold sheets so perfectly as she did.
How wonderful you have made these six months!  We are only leaving your service because Mom has a chance to live near my brother for awhile.
 Thank you again

I am a past client using this service to care for my Dad who lived in another state. I would highly recommend.

October 11, 2017
5-star review - By Denise I.

You and the Homeinstead group are awesome!

January 2017
5-star review - By Jerry H.

Excellent!! Great caregivers. Smart and on time. Glad we found themπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

November 9, 2016
5-star review - By J.D.

I'm pleased to share our experience with HomeInstead. Andrew W. is truly amazing, in a world that is full of disappointments. For almost two years he has provided the professional help that he said he would. No challenge has been too great. And there have been challenges for my wife, who has Parkinson's. I seldom have the opportunity to share good news and I'm happy to recommend HomeInstead for the needs of your loved one. God Bless you caregivers and those that you care for.

December 28, 2012
5-star review - By Mary B.

I am so thankful that I stopped in to speak to Andrew W. and staff at Home Instead Senior Care in Blairsville. It was the day that I realized we needed help caring for my mother during her last few days of her battle with pancreatic cancer. The minute I walked in the door, I was greeted and made to feel that the most important thing to them was to help my mother. Their concern was genuine and I can not describe the relief I felt when I knew that help was on the way! When the health care professionals came to assist with my mother's care, they were knowledgeable, helpful and very caring until my mothers death - not only to my mother, but to me and my brothers as well. I will always recommend Andrew and his staff to anyone that I feel may benefit from their services! 

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