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Jan 13, 2022

Aging & the Care Required to Age Gracefully is Unique to Each of Us

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The thought of our loved ones aging and no longer being able to take care of themselves is an emotional burden to bear. Where do you start when considering outside care for the family members you hold so dear? Be sure to research and find a home health company that genuinely cares.

Home Instead has delivered compassionate, high-quality care to seniors for over 25 years, and the level of service we provide is very personal to us. Our founders began their journey by providing care for their 90-year-old grandmother, and after watching her thrive for an additional decade, in the comfort of her own home, their passion for helping people age with grace was ignited. Witnessing firsthand that staying in the comfort of your home during the later years of life can truly enhance the quality of life was a powerful revelation.  

Our mission at Home Instead is to always promote the treating of our fellow human beings with dignity and respect. We encourage and support constant growth within all whose lives we touch, and we hold in high regard the building of value in our services and honoring God in all that we do. 

It is also essential to remember that each of our journeys through the aging process is unique and that each aging individual preserves some control in the way that they feel most comfortable. Maintaining purpose is crucial to sustaining happiness, especially as we grow older and become less independent.

We are committed to offering personalized, in-home care that assists people while aging in place safely, with dignity and independence ~ no matter where “home” is, whether it be in the family home, a senior care community, or a rehab facility.

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