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It’s not always easy knowing where to start in the search for a quality home care agency for yourself or a loved one – the sheer number of options can be overwhelming, and finding the right agency is crucial to future happiness and well-being.

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Home Instead has been very positive and responsive to any requests and calls I have regarding my mother’s home care. All of her caregivers, Edith, Christina C., Maria R., Mariellla, and Maria M., have been fantastic, thoughtful, caring and an overall blessing to us and to my Mom. Thank you!

We were referred to Home Instead of Lakeland by a family friend and a neighbor. My mother and I reached out to Home Instead of Lakeland back in September 2023. Overall, we have been extremely impressed with Home Instead of Lakeland.

A big shout out to the owner Kari for hiring qualified and friendly Care Pro Professionals and the talented team that works hard running the day-to-day operations. The office support team is very professional, friendly, good listeners and genuinely cares about my mother’s well-being/care.

From time to time, we have had to make some changes to our schedule and every time Meridith does it with such grace.

I have a huge appreciation for Teresa, her expertise and all her efforts overseeing my mother’s care. Initially, when we first signed up with Home Instead of Lakeland, Teresa customized a care plan for my mother. Teresa continues to tweak my mother’s care plan as her needs change and stays in constant communication with the care team which shows me my mother’s care is continually being monitored.

Knowing a Care Pro professional is tending to my mother on the schedule day(s) and time provide me peace of mind. I am grateful to Care Pro Professional Edith for being so kind and respectful to my mother. She treats her as if she was caring for her own family member. When you ask my mother what she thinks about Edith she responds, “She is a lovely person, very empathetic…..well she is just everything.”

Thank you to all the amazing team at Home Instead of Lakeland.

My mom has been using caregivers from Home Instead for several years. Her caregiver Nazarine has been so tolerate of moms moods. Nazarine also has been is moms driver to go to salon, grocery shopping and retrieving mail. Mom says they are close and that they share personal secrets and support each other. My brother and I are very pleased with Nazarine. Home Instead is a good company. They check with me on a regular basis to make sure that there are no complaints or issues. We are blessed to have Home Instead as a company to care for our mother.

We have been so please with the services provided by Home Instead. Mother was hesitant at first but now appreciates all her Home Instead aides, particularly Sandra who has been with her since the start two years ago. She loves Sandra and so do we!

Home Instead in Lakeland has provided invaluable services for my mother, who just turned 100 years young. All of their aides are caring and wonderful people who provide assistance with daily tasks as well as companionship. They have gone to medical appointments and even sat with her daily during a recent hospital stay. While all have been great, I particularly want to give a shout out to Sandra, who has been a friend and companion as well as a helper for my mother from the first day she came in early 2023. She is a gem! Communication with administrative staff has also been top notch. Highly recommend Home Instead - Lakeland, FL!

I can’t say enough great things about Home Instead. Every person that I have had contact with is just amazing! My Mom’s caregiver, Mary is absolutely wonderful and takes great pride in all that she does for my Mom. We could not be happier! Tina

We've had the pleasure of working with Home Instead Lakeland for many years through our Sage Aging ElderCare Guide. Their team consistently delivers exceptional home care, making a real difference in the lives of older adults and their families. If you're in the Lakeland area and need dependable, compassionate care for a loved one, look no further.

My husband has been using Home Instead for almost a year and a half now. So far, it's good. It's twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, from 1:00 to 5:00. Their job is just to sit there and watch him when he goes to the bathroom because he has a walker and I don't want him falling. His leg sometimes shakes. The rest, my husband just sits there in his lazy chair watching TV. Scheduling is good. They've been good to us. When they come check on us, all the ladies from the office are real friendly. Brad is the name of the caregiver.

My wife is using Home Instead. Kayla comes here to take care of her personal needs three days a week. The service is excellent. I cannot say enough for the young woman that comes to the house and takes care of my wife's personal things like that. When she's not taking care of my wife, she's doing things around the house and fixes us lunch every day. Scheduling is fine. They met the timeframe that we needed. The caregiver is a very, very nice person.

Home Instead has been wonderful to work with. At a time when I didn't know what to do or where to turn they were there for me and my sister and have just been a God send. In particular our caregivers are so helpful. We don't usually need to tell any of them what to do because it's almost second nature to them. But if there is something out of the ordinary that needs to be done we know that all we need to do is ask and they are always willing to help. Our special thanks to Anelisse, Cynthia and Francesca.

We have nothing but praise for the ladies who help with our mom, Delores and Juanita. They are very dependable and really do care about Mom’s well being. I don’t have to worry about her when I knew they are with her.

The office staff is very professional and keep in contact with us, checking on Mom and how she’s doing. They are very easy to confer with and we are extremely glad we chose them to help us.

We have no regrets for choosing Home Instead and are very pleased with them.

Brenda Z has been my caregiver for almost 2 years. I have mobility issues and needed help with shopping, housekeeping and transportation. She has been a godsend for me and helped me get thru the pandemic. She is a very dedicated and caring person, and always puts the client's needs first. I really don't know how I'd survive without her compassionate care. She is an exceptional example of the Home Instead service.

Overall we are very happy with the care mom receives through Home Instead. Her main caregiver at this time is Lena. Her personality is a good fit for my mom. She does everything that we would like done and then some. She treats my mom with respect and dignity and we are lucky to have her.

Brad come every Monday and Wednesday. My husband is so glad to see Brad on those days. They have become such buddies. They are like two peas in a pod. Brad is such a caring and patient caregiver. We really appreciate this caring and giving man. Thank you for picking Brad for Mike it makes a world of difference to both of us.

Home Instead provides excellent services for me at home. I'd like to specifically recognize Rosa for all she has done for me and my family. She takes care of me and interacts with me personally. She makes me feel special in everything she does. She works so hard every day and always stays busy. I appreciate all she does.

My mom had a virtual meeting schedule. She has dementia. I was unable to be at her home to get her logged on. Her caregiver, Nazarine was on duty until 5:30. Moms appointment was at 6pm. Nazarine and I worked to get everything installed. This caused Nazarine to stay late. I asked her to stay and help mom. I asked her to stay until 5:55pm to get mom signed into meeting. That is going above and beyond. She followed instructions to download app thru staying until just before meeting began. A million thanks to this angel. Nazarine is always on time a dependable for moms appointments. The agency performs regular performance reviews with me and with mom. Just last week I had been unable to reach my mom on her cell phone by calling, texting or facetime. I called the agency to ask them to call caregiver to trouble shoot. Moms phone died and caregiver placed the phone on the charger. Yay. Also just last week caregiver Genesis surprised my mom with a special treat a bear claw from paneras. When I asked about it the caregiver, Genesis, said the client deserved a special treat after having a particularly bad evening the night before. This is why we contracted with Home Instead and their staff! Awesome group.

Home Instead and our caregiver, Dawn, are quick and detailed when anything of concern needs to be addressed. They are vigilant about service follow ups and care level needs assessments. We have faith and confidence that every week, a reliable set of eyes, Dawn’s, keep abreast of my parents many needs both physically and mentally. This info is always reported and shared.

I want to thank Home Instead for all their help. Everybody from the Caretaker’s to Management have been so helpful, and understanding. I was impressed that during COVID, even though we canceled services at that time, Home Instead continued to call and check on us. I would also like to thank Maxine, for all the time and energy she puts in making my Moms day better. Thank you all.

My Mother, Patricia, has been using Home Instead for about 2 months and has had a very favorable experience with her caregiver, Maxine. She is very attentive and makes every effort to meet her needs. Mom is very fond of Maxine.
Wonderful caregivers:
Gail, Alma, Christina and Sabrina

Karen is my mothers caregiver and she does a great job assisting her to the store, to doctors appointments, with her laundry, and cleaning up her room and bathroom. I couldn’t do it without her!

We are very pleased with all of our Home Instead care givers and also with the general level of care provided. Home Instead is always willing to provide extra care, sometimes on short notice. In addition to the Caregivers the Office crew stops by for check-ups on how things are going.
But to thank the Caregivers: first is our great core crew of Joyce, Kitty and Edith. Then when our mother was suddenly in Hospice after a stroke and need round the clock care we had Rachel, Janet Andrea, Elaine, Caitlin, Jerease, Alisha, Thandi, Ledoa, Claudette, Shelethia and Christine.
(Home Instead also arranged for Caregivers from another company to cover when things were really tight in the beginning.) And finally Brad, Naomi and Cheryl covered when our regulars were unavailable for whatever reason.
Thanks to all our Caregivers!
Love Pam! She really takes care of my Mom! Thanks, Pam!
My sister and I have both been clients for a couple of years. We have had the best caregivers who have helped us with cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, light housekeeping, personal care, transportation to doctors appointments and companionship just to name a few. We would like to thank Anelisse, Cynthia, Francesca, Kitty and Michelle for all of their hard work.

Home Instead has been great for my mom. The caregivers that regularly work with my mom, Delores and Alma are top notch. The house is totally transformed from where it was before they arrived both in organization and cleanliness. They are both dependable and caring. I couldn’t be happier!

When my mom needs extra care, Meredith in the office works to fill shifts and is so patient with me if things change. Recently, there were a couple weeks where we had lots of caregivers. Honestly my mom was happy with all of them. Nikki (Shumeeka) was one that stood out. My mom said she even read to her when the cable went out.

Lynda has been a caregiver for my mom for years and helps her in so many ways. Lynda continues to be a wonderful companion and keeps my mom's spirits positive. Thank you!

We are so thankful for Home Instead! Betty, Angie, and Dawn take such good care of Mom. They are such a blessing to our family.

Juanita and Brenda and Lindsay do a wonderful job taking care of my mom. They're good at keeping her busy so I can take a break!
I have 2 caretakers taking care of my husband. Christina is wonderful! She is compassionate and attentive. Whatever she does is done with care and attention. Her personality perfectly matches with us. Maxine is newer to us. We are still getting to know her and she us. She is a ball of energy and does whatever is asked of her. I feel very comfortable leaving my husband with either of these caregivers.
Dawn is a wonderful caregiver to our parents, James and Annie. We trust Dawn and appreciate the exceptional care she provides weekly.
Retaining Home Instead's services for my mother has been a godsend to me! I live out of state and Cathy, my mom's caregiver, has enabled my mom to remain in her home. Cathy has a pleasant, caring attitude and my mom adores her. Thank you and I would recommend.

We have nothing but praise for the ladies who help with our mom, Delores and Juanita. They are very dependable and really do care about Mom’s well being. I don’t have to worry about her when I knew they are with her.

The office staff is very professional and keep in contact with us, checking on Mom and how she’s doing. They are very easy to confer with and we are extremely glad we chose them to help us.

We have no regrets for choosing Home Instead and are very pleased with them.

Home Instead is a company that has supported our family with home care assistance for over 5 years. Our caregiver Christina is very caring and concerned for our needs. Thank you Home Instead for such great customer care and being more like family than a company.
My mother and my family greatly appreciate the care that Cathy has provided my mom. Since your team has started helping mom, her outlook and demeaner have greatly improved. Thank you all for working schedules out with my mom and making her feel more like herself again. PS your sister team in Valrico helped my dad in his last days earlier this year and everyone was so very sweet and caring right to the end. He really appreciated everyone and their care. Thank you again.
5-star review - By A Grateful Family Member
My husband and I want to thank Kari for being a top notch company!!! We have been very impressed with how things went with the planning and during the Hurricane Ian!!! We were so Happy with Sylvia that she came and stayed with my Mother during a very scary time!! We appreciate that she gave up caring for her family to be with my Mother... She gave outstanding care, was very caring and compassionate and fit right in and felt like a family member!! Thank you so much!

Thank you Home Instead Lakeland for being there every step of the way during mom's dementia decline and her husband's need for extra help and support in order to keep mom at home. Brenda was an amazing caregiver for both of them the last two years. We had an emergency situation recently when mom's husband went to the hospital. Home Instead covered every shift until my sister and I could get there to take care of mom. Each caregiver during this difficult time for mom was outstanding. Thank you Teresa for managing the caregivers and promptly answering my questions and schedule change requests. Thank you Kari (owner) for always just being a phone call away for us.

This team of healthcare professionals went above and beyond in their care for mom and her husband. While we no longer need their services, I would highly recommend them to others looking for dependable and compassionate care in their home.

Everyone has been very friendly and helpful. It's been a big help having some assistance with my mother a few days a week for tasks like bathing and just being here so I am free to run errands.
I have tried two other agencies before finding Home Instead in Lakeland. We have been with them for 3 years now, and we couldn't be happier. The girls they have sent out have done a wonderful job so far.
I currently use Home Instead. The caregivers they provide are all angels. Without them, I would not be able to live in my home. I just love them all!
From the very beginning they were very caring and professional. They matched my father-in-law with a caregiver that we have been with for 4 years and she's great! The office staff is very helpful and call on a regular basis to make sure everything is okay with the service that they are providing to us. They are very flexible with our schedule when it changes. I would definitely recommend them for care of your loved one.
They are easy to work with especially with the changes in our schedule. The office staff is very organized. The caregivers are efficient and always on time. They have a friendly and caring attitude towards their patients.
I contacted Home Instead in Lakeland when we were looking at options for my mom after she was discharged from rehab. Ultimately we determined that Mom needed assisted living. Even though home care didn’t work out, Temi was a wonderful resource. She gave me a lot of information and support. Of the many MANY people I talked to, she really was the most helpful to me personally. I am so grateful.
The scheduling staff works hard to meet Mom's scheduling and personal needs. The home health care aides who work with Mom are very attentive to her and very responsive to me about any issues that they may see or experience with Mom
Every staff member has been extremely helpful in dealing with weekly changes in my mother's ever increasing needs. Very accommodating, understanding, responsive and polite. Could not be more appreciative of the services provided.
Needed care for my 92 year old mother. The lady that comes to the house is wonderful. Helps mom with many things and also speaks Spanish which mom loves too. So far it has been a good experience.
My Mom and I have had an amazing experience with Home Instead. My Mom's caregiver is literally a life saver and enables her to continue to live at home and provides peace of mind to me as I live out of town. I don't know what we would do without her. Home Instead staff make the process easy and everyone is a joy to work with. I would highly recommend.
I would definitely recommend Home Instead. Love the owners as well as the staff. You will not find a better agency for your love one. They go above and beyond with hiring there caregivers and they hire only the best. The owners are the most wonderful caring people. To them it's not a job it's personal. So what are you waiting for give them a call you won't regret they are family!!
Home Instead Lakeland cares! They are always trying to help our family with changes, schedules and helping my mom through daily household tasks. We live out of state and they email us with updates and call us to make sure we know what's happening in moms life. Thank you to Monica, April and Temi that are always there for us.
Home Instead care team are lifesavers for the entire family. Don't wait too long to get the help you need with your loved one. The staff is trained to deal with all types of people and they care very much. I have peace of mind knowing I don't have to spend every moment with my husband because the caretakers know what to do. I'm grateful for their service and so happy I retained the best help available.
Home Instead provides a 5 star service! John and his wife have been very helpful in our need. The actual caregiver, Andrea, has been a godsend. We are pleased and thankful!
I first utilized Home Instead to help my mother and father with medication compliance and some light housekeeping. After my dad passed away, I have continued to utilize their services for my mom. It has been almost five years now and I cannot say enough about the staff at Home Instead. They are very responsive to all of our requests and work closely with me, my sister and private caregiver to meet the needs of my mother. They are very attentive to detail and hold each employee accountable for the care they provide. I recommend them to my friends who are trying to arrange care for their loves ones.
The ladies from Home Instead are the nicest and most professional people I have ever met. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help. They are not just my caregivers, they are my friends.
Love Home Instead, they are compassionate, experienced with patience and understanding. I have used them in 2 different cities and the consistency is there.
This was an amazing experience especially during such a stressful time. Everyone was great from the first visit to get information to the aides who came. My mom was very comfortable and she loved all the girls.
The Home Instead staff in Lakeland, FL were a Godsend when My husband & I needed assistance with my father-in-law. When we realized we couldn’t do it all on our own we couldn’t have asked for a more professional, personable & caring staff. Not only was their assistance invaluable to us but we learned a lot about how we could better take care of & understand what he was going through at the time. And when it became necessary for hospice care they were there too offering us a break in the evenings.
Home Instead has been a blessing to my family. The caretaker is always on time, personable, and gears conversation toward the client's most liked topics. During a time when extra time was needed for my husband's care, I called the agency and told them what I needed. They immediately confirmed my additional days and everything was taken care of promptly. The staff is caring, capable, and offers a big relief when you need respite care like we needed. They are professionals, and provide several levels of care, depending on your needs. Home Instead has been awesome, thank you.

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