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Care Professional Awards & Recognition

At Home Instead®, our success revolves around the work of our Care Professionals – and we make sure they know it! We celebrate Care Pros year-round through: notes of appreciation, recognition in our employee newsletter, flowers, extra time off, and even impromptu office parties.

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Do You Know Someone With A Caring Heart?

We all have that someone who is a natural born caregiver. If you know a friend or family member that would make an outstanding Care Pro, someone who would easily receive a standing ovation from Home Instead, please share the career opportunity - we’d love to meet them!

Invite your friend to text ‘CAREGIVER’ to 306.988.1030 to start an application.

Home Instead 2023 Care Pro of the Year, Dawnlynn

Home Instead of Lakeland, FL is so happy to announce our 2023 Caregiver of the Year: Dawnlynn! She is an exemplary caregiver who has garnered so much praise from our office staff and clients. Here is just a sampling:

Dawnlynn, You are truly a person that gives her heart to everyone you meet. Your Clients, Coworkers and Key Players are better for knowing you! Thank you for always leading with your HEART!! ~ Kari Ann

You Put the CARE in "Caregiving" ~ Stephanie

Your dedication is the spark that lights up our team success ~ Jackie

Dawnlynn goes above and beyond what is expected, she understands how dementia works and is not quick to take things personal from client's struggling with it. She is great at communicating with the office, one the care needs of her clients. I appreciate her. ~ Angela

Dawnlynn is an exceptional Care Professional and person. She has such a giving heart and shares her talent and gifts with everyone she comes in contact with. Dawnlynn goes above and beyond to make sure clients are receiving the best care possible. Dawnlynn is an extraordinary caregiver, leader and teammate. She brings joy and comfort to everyone and is an integral part of our team. ~ Meredith

Dawnlynn 2023 CPoY

May 2024 Caregiver of the Month: Sarah B.

Sarah B - CPOM May 2024

Sarah has such a kind heart and shows empathy for her clients when they are in difficult situations. Recently her client was in rehab ( and not happy about it) we were blessed that her family chose to have us come and still have her shifts. Sarah found away to help the client enjoy that time and NOT feel like she was away from home. Helped her Smile and have a good time. When her client got discharged from the rehab she realized how much stronger she got and it wasn't that bad after all!

April 2024 Caregiver of the Month: Pamela J.

Pamela J - CPOM April 2024

You know that song that goes, "All you have to do is call my name and I will be there....." from the Gilmore Girls theme song. Well that is Pamela over and over. I am not sure she knows the word no and I am not able to. Even recently she had a pot of soup on the stove and she said, "I just need a few moments to put the soup away and get changed and I will be there! Just like a true Dependable Friend to every client!

March 2024 Caregiver of the Month: Stephani K.

Stephani K - CPOM March 2024

We are lucky to have Stephani as part of the team. She steps right in and goes above and beyond to make sure the clients are receiving the best care. Stephani is natural caregiver. She is dependable, compassionate, and dedicated. Stephani continues to learn and grow with each person she assists.

February 2024 Caregiver of the Month: Latissa F.

February 2024 CGoM - Latissa F.

Latissa steps to the plate every chance she gets. Latissa continues to learn and strengthen her skills to better help clients. Latissa goes above and beyond for her clients to make sure they can stay safely in their homes. She is patient, attentive, kind and flexible. We are blessed to have Latissa as part of our team.

January 2024 Caregiver of the Month: Mariella

January 2024 CGoM - Mariella

Mariella has a kindness about her that brightens every room she enters. Mariella is willing to help wherever she can. She is professional, compassionate, dedicated, and respectful. Mariella is up to any challenge and brings her light every step of the way. Mariella truly has a care giver’s heart. She consistently proves what a phenomenal asset she is to our team.

December 2023 Caregiver of the Month: Mercy

December 2023 CGoM - Mercy

Congrats to Mercy on being Care Pro of the month for December 2023.  Mercy is one of our amazing Overnight Care Pros.  Even though Mercy's clients are sleeping most of the time while she is on shift, she makes time at the beginning and end to connect with them Something special about being with them at the end and start of their day!  Mercy's quite disposition is perfect for this shift!  We are grateful for Mercy keeping her clients safe and cared for.

November 2023 Caregiver of the Month: Kitty

November 2023 CGoM - Kitty

Kitty has been a Care Pro with Home Instead Lakeland since 2017. Over the years we have Kitty's dedication to her clients is unwavering. Even through difficult times you can find a smile on her face. If you ask Kitty's clients, they don't see her as a caregiver, they see her as part of the family. We are grateful for Kitty's dedication to her clients and Home Instead Lakeland.

October 2023 Caregiver of the Month: Katie

October 2023 CGoM - Kathleen

Katie is like a ray of sunshine when she walks in the room. The clients Katie work with often call and let us know how much they appreciate what a hard worker she is, how sweet she is, and how they make their days easier.  Katie is willing to learn new skills to make sure she is able to work with any client's needs. We are grateful for the light Katie brings to the team.

September 2023 Caregiver of the Month: Dawnlynn

September 2023 CGoM - Dawnlynn

Congrats Dawnlynn. If we had to pick 2 words that would describe Dawnlynn it would be Flexible and Caring! Dawnlynn is always willing to help out in a time of need. While her clients always come first she understands sometimes a change in schedule is needed and with her skill set, caring personality and willingness to help it is a blessing to have her on the team. These are amazing qualities to have in a Care Pro in the sometimes-unpredictable world of health care. Thank you Dawnlynn for all that you do for the Home Instead Lakeland Family!

August 2023 Caregiver of the Month: Katelynn

August 2023 CGoM - Katelynn

Congrats Katelynn on being named Care Pro of the month for August. Katelynn your smile and energy are contagious. Clients have shared with us about how your energy makes them what to get up and move and be active, which is so encouraging and exactly what we all need! It has been a joy to watch you go as a care professional and as part of the Home Instead Family!

July 2023 Caregiver of the Month: Genesis

July 2023 CGoM - Genesis

Congrats Genesis on being named Care Pro of the month for July! We are so impressed by your willingness to help out and jump onto shifts when needed. Your dedication for caring for seniors' shines through your actions and your smiles. Family members constantly share with us how amazed they are at the impact Genesis makes on her clients!

June 2023 Caregiver of the Month: Christina


Congratulations Christina for being named CarePro of the month for June 2023! Your dedication and passion for caring for our clients is amazing! We are so blessed for you to be part of the Home Instead of Lakeland Family!

May 2023 Caregiver of the Month: Edith R.

May 2023 CGoM - Edith R.

Edith works hard to assist our clients with their daily activities to help them stay independent, in their homes, to make sure they are safe and cared for in their environment. Edith works well with other Care Pros to meet the needs of the clients. Edith has shown dedication, consistency and willingness to lend a helping hand.

April 2023 Caregiver of the Month: Jane M.

April 2023 CGoM - Jane M.

Jane has stepped out of her comfort zone this year to meet the needs of clients. Jane brings a level of experience and understanding to the team. She connects with clients and helps them regain independence. We are grateful to have Jane as one of our tenure care professionals and watch her change lives while assisting others.

March 2023 Caregiver of the Month: Alma R.

March 2023 CGoM - Alma R.

Alma, to watch her jump in and work with others is a gift. Alma is definitely a team player, she is willing to help where needed, she does not hesitate to assist other care professionals. Alma is consistent and committed to the clients she works with. Alma makes others’ day brighter by bringing her optimistic spirit and smile to everyone she meets.

February 2023 Caregiver of the Month: Thrica M.

February 2023 CGoM - Thrica M.

Queenie has been with Home Instead for almost 8 years, she has been dedicated to both Home Instead and our clients. She is skilled in understanding the unique needs of every person she assists with. Queenie has challenged herself this year and has helped better the lives of multiple clients and families. Queenie can always find a way to brighten your day, with a story, a listening ear and a kind heart. These attributes and more make Queenie our CarePro of the Month for February!

January 2023 Caregiver of the Month: Juanita S.

CGoM Juanita

Juanita is such a caring soul. She is creative and loves to find ways she can connect with clients. Juanita is interested in learning more and takes the initiative to increase her skills so that she may be ready for anything.

2022 Caregiver of the Year: Maria R.

CGoY Maria

When in the room with Maria, you find a smile upon your face. Her positive and compassionate nature are seen and felt by everyone around her. Maria is the first person to call and ask, where can I be of help. Maria shows devotion to her family, faith and to the care of seniors. She is humble, kind, and respectful of the clients she helps. If there is a song playing, Maria is ready to dance and make it a party. This past year during Hurricane Ian she stepped right in to help a client and their husband through the storm, loss of power and impact without missing a beat or losing her smile in her voice. Maria’s loving and generous spirit has made a positive impact on so many others and that is why we are honored to celebrate her as our Care Pro of the Year.

December 2022 Caregiver of the Month: Nazarine W.

CGoM Nazarine

Nazarine’s experience helps her understand and be proactive for clients. She strives to make sure clients' well-being and comfort are both being met. Nazarine truly steps up and goes beyond for the clients. Nazarine has demonstrated consistency, dedication, and a truly caring nature. She builds a strong connection with the clients. It is a privilege to have Nazarine on our team! 

November 2022 Caregiver of the Month: Sylvia S.

CGoM Sylvia

Sylvia is so loving, gracious, compassionate and a genuinely kind soul. Sylvia is an extremely hard worker. Sylvia gets to know the clients, routines, likes and dislikes. She is willing to go above and beyond and make sure the client’s needs are met and they are not only comfortable but happy. Sylvia is flexible, dependable and in high demand with any clients she has helped. We are blessed to have her on our team!

October 2022 Caregiver of the Month: Naomi F.

CGoM Naomi

Naomi, she is dependable, consistent and a hard worker! Naomi helps clients stay independent and will advocate for them as best she can. Naomi is creative and skillful in gardening and cooking. Naomi has a laugh that is contagious. We are grateful for Naomi's dedication to others.

September 2022 Caregiver of the Month: Jennifer B.

September 2022 CGoM Jennifer

Jennifer has stepped in when clients needed her most. She is calm, dedicated, compassionate, professional and has the most generous spirit. Jennifer was born to care for others. She has a way about her that just connects with others, making sure their needs are met, they are comfortable, and they know they are cared about. Jennifer has a gift of making others smile and feel special even on the hard days. She has proven to be an excellent team member and is flexible to make sure the clients are taken care of. Jennifer is a joy to be around, and the clients Jennifer works with are grateful to know she will be with them.

August 2022 Caregiver of the Month: Maria R.

CGoM Maria R.

When your Caregiver of the Month sees her picture on the Caregiver of the Month Wall before you tell her! We love her genuine reaction! Sums up our Maria! Thank you so much for all you do! It's a privilege to have you in our Home Instead family!

July 2022 Caregiver of the Month: Francesca

CGoM Francesca

Francesca has proven to be Dependable and Passionate. She goes the extra mile to make sure she is prepared and ready to meet her clients needs. She communicates well with the office, to make sure everyone is on the same page with what is new with her clients. She is happy and upbeat when helping her clients and they look forward to her being with them.

June 2022 Caregiver of the Month: Linda

CGoM Linda

Words that come to mind when thinking of Linda are Strong and Devoted. She is very dependable and does not shy away from her clients when their care needs take a downward turn, she steps up to the plate and makes sure they are comfortable and cared for. Her clients are comforted knowing she will be there for them. She does a great job with helping her clients continue to do what they enjoy, like reading the Bible to them, rolling their hair in curlers and preparing a shopping list with something extra she knows they like. Her clients families are very happy with her and appreciate all she does for their loved one.

May 2022 Caregiver of the Month: Ledora

CGoM Ledora

Words that describe her are Patient and Caring. Ledora goes above and beyond to make sure her client’s needs are met, rather that is playing games with them or making sure they are “dolled up” for their appointments. Ledora makes sure the client’s spouse is also able to care for their loved one properly, she gives ideas on easier ways to provide care needed, that will benefit the client as well as the spouse. Ledora is consistent and builds great relationships with her clients, they are always happy to see her.

April 2022 Caregiver of the Month: Subrina

CGoM Subrina

Subrina has been a Caregiver with us for over 5 years and words that describes her is commitment & connection . Over her career with us Subrina seems to just settle in with her clients. Learning quickly what they needs are, how to ensure that the care & companionship that she provides is personalized for her clients. Making the time during the shift all about the client. Subrina's clients family members always share about how her connection to the clients are so special and reassures them that having Home Instead is the right decision.

March 2022 Caregiver of the Month: Alice

CGoM Alice

Alice has been a Caregiver with us for over 2 years and to say she knows her clients and their needs is an understatement. One of Alice's client's family members credits Alice with saving her mom's life. Alice diligently makes sure she reviews her clients care plan and is aware of her needs. When she heard that her doctor prescribed a medication, she knew something wasn't right. Alice was able to check acknowledging and inform those involved that her client was allergic to the newly prescribed medication. We are so grateful for Alice as she would say, "Just doing my job" but for this family it truly was lifesaving!

February 2022 Caregiver of the Month: Brad

CGoM Brad

Brad has been a Caregiver with us for just over a year. What is neat about Brad is that he decided in 2021 that he wanted to get his CNA license and make a difference in others' lives.  One special trait about Brad is how quickly he bonds with his clients and makes sure that each shift he has with them it makes a difference to them.  From going out for Breakfast, talking about sports, ensuring that they have a relaxing shower.  Brad is commonly asked for by name by his clients and family members.

January 2022 Caregiver of the Month: Michelle

CGoM Michelle

Michelle or as her clients like to call her "Shelly" has been a Caregiver for over 3 years. As an overnight caregiver Shelly has the unique pleasure of making sure our clients are well cared for as well as well rested. Over the years Shelly has shown consistency, dedication, and compassion for her clients. Flexibility is also a trait that Shelly demonstrated when asked to work a unique schedule for her clients and as their needs changed Shelly changed her availability to ensure they had consistency with their care. This is just a little of the traits and reasons why Shelly was named Caregiver of the month for January.