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5-star review

What I like most about the company is the integrity and honestly to both clients as well as caretakers, Thank You Home Instead. What I like most about being Home Instead as a caregiver: I love to work with people who need me and show it, and most clients makes me feel as good as they do, so the end of the day is a great smile. Also, as a caregiver at Home Instead in Lakeland I can go to anyone in the office and they can help me with any question I have. I do not regret working as a caregiver because of the management. 

~ By Alice W.

5-star review

I have worked for Home Instead for almost 7 years. The staff is great, friendly, and understanding. If you need help while on shift, they are there to help you. I feel that care giving is my calling. I enjoy helping people and getting to know them. There are some sad times but there are funny and happy times as well. You may be the only person they see that day, and they are counting on you.

~ By Dawn G.

5-star review

As a retiree from working full time for over 40 years, but not yet ready to sit at home, I enjoy the flexibility of my working hours at Home Instead.

As a Care Giver, one of my favorite moments is seeing the twinkle in the eyes, and the big smile on the face of my client when she retells stories of her escapades as a 22-year-old touring the mid-west with her girlfriends in the 1940’s in her first car.

~ By Rosa E.

5-star review

I enjoy working for Home Instead because we have a boss that genuinely cares about her employees and that's rare!! 

~ By Brenda A.

5-star review

Working for Home Instead is all about helping and reassuring to those clients to maintain their Independence in the comfort of their own home. For me, from Start to Finish of every shift, that I have with a client, it is always that good feeling “Client is happy and safe makes I am happy equals to 'Well Done!!'

~ By Brenda Z.

5-star review

I love the office staff as they are very helpful and pleasant to work with.  I like the fact that I can work the hours that I want to work.

~ By Carol R.

5-star review

We are a family; you can call anytime if you have a question. It is just a joy to work.

~ By Joyce P.

5-star review

Working at Home Instead is a joyful organization. It makes me feel good inside that I can help someone, and it helps me. To me this is my ministry. Ministry from God.

~ Orpah H.

5-star review

Flexible schedule, enjoyable shifts, opportunities to learn about caring for the elderly, good office team and respectful way we are treated by them.

~ By Mary H.

5-star review

I love the family like attitude of all the staff. I like the flexibility of our hours and how we can easily increase or decrease our hours of working. My clients are wonderful and very appreciated to what we can do to make their lives better.

~ By Marquita R.

5-star review

My favorite thing about working for Home Instead it is my boss staffing and the office team.  Everyone has been so kind and helpful to me. My clients every one of them has touched me in a certain way it makes me feel good at the end of day when I go home.  Just knowing this is such a rewarding job, just knowing I can bring something special to someone's life just being there talking and listening to them and their family members when they need someone to talk to when they are going through something tough, I really am grateful that you and everyone gave me the opportunity to work for Home Instead

~ By Claudette M.

5-star review

I don’t know about other Home Instead franchises, but I know the one in Lakeland, FL is awesome great places to work.  The company cares about their employees and their clients.  I needed extra money to supplement my income and my friend referred me to Home Instead and have worked with me and my schedule.  It is great.

~ By Shakira M.