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Jan 12, 2024

Home Instead Timeless Tales: Richard

Written By: Home Instead of Canton, MA
Home Instead Timeless Tales Richard

One of the best things about working in home care is meeting so many amazing seniors and enabling them to stay safely in their homes. Looking at old wedding photos and hearing stories about childhoods and years gone by is something that will never get old to us. That gave us the idea to begin a client spotlight series called, Timeless Tales, which acknowledges these individuals by sharing some of their stories.

This month we are featuring our friend Richard.

Richard’s father was a construction worker, also named Richard, and built their family home in 1925 on a plot of land that was adjacent to his grandparents’ home in Canton, MA. As if building a house wasn't enough, they welcomed Richard that same year. Richard was born in the living room of the house, as it neared completion. Richard had one sister he was close to, and both remained lifelong residents of Canton. The family name is well known in Canton, with many relatives taking on jobs in the public service area.

His mother was a fabulous cook who could make a meal out of anything. While Richard says the depression was very hard on everyone, including his parents, they always ate well. His father, a very hard worker, also loved to cook but did not have much time for it. Richard reminisced about his father, a skilled and industrious man, who would spend hours meticulously working on the blueprints for their dream home.

He also remembers having a party line and says that is how everyone stayed up to date on what was happening in town. With a smile and a chuckle, he shared that his mother knew so much about what was going on in town she could have been the town manager.

Richard attended the Eliot School for grades 1-8, before heading to high school. He shared memories of walking to the reservoir every Saturday in the winter to spend the whole day ice skating, often going alone because his friends didn’t want to go that far. Other childhood memories include sledding in the cemetery, him and his friends riding their wagons down the hills, and the Gibbons and Martin families who lived nearby, sharing the wealth of their garden with his family and many others. He also recalls watching many parades march past his house.

After looking at Richards's high school picture, he talked about having a girlfriend throughout high school by the name of Evelyn. He could not remember why they stopped dating - proof that young hearts do heal!

Richard enjoys nature, watching the birds at the bird feeder and seeing the occasional group of turkeys walking through his yard. He also enjoys talk shows and a good conversation with his visitors.

Talking with Richard and our other senior clients is always a blessing. Their lives are filled with incredible stories and experiences. As we strive to provide the best home care in Canton, MA, we will continue to share their stories on our website. Be sure to check back in to read through our next Timeless Tale!

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