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Find fulfillment through a career as a Care Professional

We highly value our Care Professionals, and that’s why we ask them to tell you what it can be like to work with Home Instead®.
the home instead team provides compassionate care around the globe

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"Robin and Mary! They are my angels and very professional and really care about clients and employees. Bravo lady’s I really appreciate you. Thank you"

- Posted by Victoria A. 

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"It is a great community of people committed to give great care to the aging populated of our society."

- Posted by Sylvia D. 

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"The ladies in the office are the sweetest ladies I've ever worked with. They are very understanding they work with you no matter what's going on in your life or out. You can take days off whenever you need to with no questions asked. You get to pick your own hours and where your going to work how far you want to drive. I love my job."

- Posted by Lisa M.

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"Home Instead not only works to provide the best client care, but also the best staff care. I have never worked with another healthcare agency that ensured my well-being as well, and Home Instead has always done that for me. I highly recommend to both caregivers and consumers."

- Posted by Crystal N. 

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"I love that I feel useful and that I’m helping someone. I also appreciate that I am able to take time off when I need it."

- Posted by Melonnie J. 

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"I have been working for this company for almost 3 years now and wouldn't change anything about it. They are always so nice to me and the clients the select for me."

- Posted by Kristi A. 

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"The care and support and encouragement we receive and the fact that you all have prayer for everyone"

- Posted by Barbara C. 

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"Home Instead cares about the clients and also the employees. During Covid, they made sure I had the proper equipment and training."

- Posted by Martha O. 

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"Excellent company and people!!! Very professional and friendly. I truly enjoyed working with these folks!! Loved all my clients as well."

- Posted by Susan S.

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"With each situation I have witness the concern they have for both the employees and client’s health and safety. They make certain to listen to concerns and assist in any way to help handle new clients. They understand any health concerns and consider best actions required."

- Posted by Carol C. 

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"Home Instead has a listening ear to her caregivers and also respond nicely to their requests.

Home Instead cares more about the safety of their caregivers especially at this time that world has the highest hit."

- Posted by Evodia A. 

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"Home Instead staff are always understanding, and attempt to place caregivers with the clients that match the caregiver's skill set."

- Posted by Gemma H. 

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"I can work part-time and around my husband’s schedule. We can travel and when we get back I can serve. I get to meet some really great people - sometimes I’m on mission and sometimes I am the one being encouraged. I love that I can meet the needs of the client and provide assistance to the client’s family as well."

- Posted by Tracey H. 

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"They’re very understanding and it’s very easy to pick up more hours as needed!"

- Posted by Hannah L. 

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"What I like most about Home Instead as my employer is their faith in God. Weekly prayer request are sent out to their employees and we are able to state our concerns, whether they are personal or have to do with work, and they will lift our concerns up in prayer."

- Posted by Evetta E. 

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"Home Instead is a great place to work. The office staff are professional, polite, caring, efficient and care about each employee as an individual. They show true empathy to their workers. Home Instead trains their employees to become better at assignments. Yes this Company is a great place to work."

- Posted by Tina K. 

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"I like the fact that our office workers try an match us with clients that match who we are. I have had the amazing pleasure of meeting a lot of different people but some are just like my own family."

- Posted by Stephanie R.

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"Easy going nice company to work for they have been by my side through a lot of health issues and make sure I am ok"

- Posted by Debra H. 

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"Office staff is friendly and helpful. Hours can be flexible."

- Posted by Christina H. 

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"I like the clients that they have perfectly matched me with and that they will work with me if for some reason there isn't a good fit. I love the Christian focused atmosphere."

- Posted by Maurie Ann B. 

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"I like many things about Home Instead Senior Care. One of them is their excellent personal service and use of people skills."

- Posted by Jumoke O.