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Home Instead CAREgivers make a difference for their Elderly Clients

Caregiver Jobs in Prince William and Fauquier Counties

Care Professionals are at the heart of what we do - providing the very best home care experience. That's why we call them Care Pros. You care for others, let Home Instead care for you.

Careers in Home Care in Prince William and Fauquier Counties

Available Jobs


We have wonderful clients in Prince William and Fauquier Counties that need even more wonderful caregivers. Are YOU the One?…

“Here’s what our caregivers have to say"

5-star review
Working for Home Instead was a blessing. I will always recommend them, everyone at this company is amazing.
Jessica K.

5-star review
During my years of employment here, I found plentiful opportunities for both work and personal growth. The employees exhibit a strong work ethic, and management's flexibility contributes to an excellent work environment. The St. Clairs were particularly kind to me during my tenure, further solidifying my recommendation for this workplace. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking employment here.
Cliff E.

5-star review
The recent Thanksgiving Holiday had me thinking about the many things I’m grateful for, and I realized that one of the things I’m very thankful for is my tenure as an employee of Home Instead. I’ve been employed at Home Instead for almost 14 years having begun my career as a caregiver, moved to the HR department after 2 years and have not looked back. We continue to grow in both quality and size as a Company, but just as importantly to me, is how we’ve grown as a team and family. Whether we were facing the challenges of COVID that included continuing to meet the needs of our clients under difficult circumstances, and at the same time, supporting our caregivers who had the courage to still serve them, we held steady together, and that made me proud then and now to be an employee of Home Instead.
Annemarie C.

5-star review
When I was first hired with Home Instead, I had no experience with caregiving but they were so helpful with getting me trained up and familiar with how to care for people in need. The admin team then recognized my potential and hired me to be apart of the admin team. I highly encourage any to apply!
Latisha M.

5-star review
Home Instead is a great place to work if you are compassionate caring and respectful to our seniors who need our services, as a caregiver I love working with seniors and give them dignity and quality care I really enjoy working with them, I been working with Home Instead for 16 years already the owner and the staff office are wonderful they help in any way and you can work in your liability hours mornings evenings and night shift ic you want it, thanks Home Instead
Angelica O.

5-star review
I have been working for this company for the past 6 months. The owners of the company are impeccably kind hearted. They are extremely organized. and go above and beyond for their clients and staff. The staff are so pleasant to work with as well. They are always available when needed. The work atmosphere is positive and motivating. Working for home instead has been a rewarding experience.
Tricia G.

5-star review
I have been working for the St. Clair's for a few years now, working a large variety of positions. The owners are one of the hardest working families I have ever known. They are truly dedicated and passionate about their work and thrive to bring genuine care to their clients!

5-star review
I have been working for the St. Clair's for years working various positions. The owners are kind, cooperative people who have a passion for making their clients their first priority. Their employees are very dedicated to their jobs.
Olivia G.

5-star review
Great work place! The owners and staff are passionate about the company and willing to go above and beyond to help their clients. They are flexible to work with and are there to assist whenever needed. I worked as an administrative assistant last summer and when I lost my internship this summer the owners were so kind to let me work for them again this summer.
Leah L.

Home Instead Values You

Caregiver Job Benefits

We know caregiving is essential work and a responsibility of love so we do things differently. Our Care Pros are employees, and we treat them with respect by training them and providing them with great support—so they can focus on delivering amazing care to aging adults and their families.

  • Flexible hours so you have greater control over your schedule
  • Person-centered training program that equips you to confidently step into an aging adult’s home
  • Opportunities to develop and expand your career and future
  • Offering opportunities to provide companionship and essential care for older adults aging at home, which is rewarding personally and professionally.
  • 24/7 call support
Home Instead Caregiver and senior woman with cane stand smiling together at home

Gain a Deep Sense of Purpose

Caregiving is Essential

Caregiving is one of the fastest growing professions with jobs readily available all around us. And there are few careers that provide such deep human connection. With Home Instead, Care Pros are setting the new standard for care to ensure people can age well at home are aging with their dignity and respect intact.