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It’s not always easy knowing where to start in the search for a quality home care agency for yourself or a loved one – the sheer number of options can be overwhelming, and finding the right agency is crucial to future happiness and well-being.

Read what other families in Sequim, WA have to say about Home Instead!

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November 17, 2021
5-star review - By MaryLou

Always available and on time

November 17, 2021
5-star review - By Michael C.

The high quality of the providers is what makes Home Instead so good!

October 4, 2021
5-star review - By Lee Anne C.

When caring for the elderly, consistency is key. Home Instead follows through on their commitments.

September 29, 2021
5-star review - By Marlene

I appreciate the dedication of the caregivers to provide top-notch care to the client. I appreciate how fast the support team contacts me if there is a cancellation from the caregiver. The support team go above and beyond to make sure that shift is covered. I appreciate how responsive the top management is if there is a question that the support team can't answer.

August 11, 2021
5-star review - By Diane

The caregivers are great to work with, and communication with them and the office has always been good. The scheduling has always been consistent so our family knows exactly what is going on.

August 2, 2021
5-star review - By Kathryn

We have had very kind, capable caregivers from Home Instead. I understand you treat your employees well. Keep it up; it pays off. You have some good quality caregivers that make a difference in the lives of those who depend on them. Your scheduling staff always try to find someone to help when our regular caregivers cannot be here. They really go the extra mile.

July 20, 2021
5-star review - By Kim

The team is caring and responsive to individual preferences. Since I work full time in another area it is extremely important to me that my mom has a dependable team of caring individuals on her team.

May 22, 2021
5-star review - By Marlene M.

I am very pleased and satisfied with how closely Home Instead, Sequim, WA works with us to provide the best care for my 92 yr old mother in law in her home. Every time I call there is always a cheerful staff member answering the call. If I need to be transferred to another person the response time is almost immediate. Our goal is to keep the mother in law provided for at home for as long as possible. Thank you Home Instead, Sequim, WA. 

Feeling Blessed 

It's so nice to know that my mom is being taken care of. I'm raising kids and working and unable to help as often as i would like. They fill in the gaps wonderfully well.

May 21, 2021
5-star review - By Diane O.

The staff is always striving to provide care for our loved one(s). I appreciate the follow up when an issue with coverage is needed. 
Thank you. 

By Jennifer H.
I am overwhelming grateful for your team. So appreciative that you were able to get the shifts covered so quickly. The caregivers were outstanding. The family is extremely grateful that we were able to bring mom home to spend her last days. The care and support you all provided was above and beyond the best. Thank you.

By Robert F.
Matthew has provided good care for my wife Sue and myself.  He applied thought to whatever task he undertook which instilled trust and in no small part lessened my stress.  Matthew welcomed any opportunity to help us with tasks not related to personal care.  He made Sue comfortable while performing that personal care where she has been uncomfortable in the past.  He was thoroughly professional.  He showed good judgement when presented with a situation which required it.  I would be more than happy to have him help out with any needs I may have in the future.

March 22, 2021
5-star review - By Diane B.

The caregivers are wonderful, and communication with the office is great. 

March 18, 2021
5-star review - By Dan S.

the people have been very easy to work with 

March 18, 2021
5-star review - By Norma C.

The caregivers are outstanding in their interaction with their customers, almost as though they have become part of the family! 

March 18, 2021
5-star review - By Dick M.

Our caregiver is very helpful in many ways including personal care, meal providing and cleaning. 

March 18, 2021
4.5-star review - By Marijane F.

Mostly kind, gentle, patient professionals 

March 18, 2021
5-star review - By Mary Lou B.

You always have a replacement if my regular care giver is not available. 

February 24, 2021
5-star review - By Anita C.

Well trained, competent, compassionate caregivers! 

November 19, 2020
5-star review - By Perla M.

I love the service, The care my Mom is receiving is exceptional and the way the office staff and team works together is so professional and appreciated by me since I am in another state and they are very good at keeping me informed.  In the time I have been dealing with Home Instead I have found very dedicated care givers, quick responses to my questions by the office staff and something very important for me since I am far from my parents, constant and open communication. 

November 19, 2020
5-star review - By Ralph H.

Showed up on time. Consistently sent the same people. Well matched. Quality caregivers. 

The Benefits of Home Care

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