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CAREGiver Testimonials

Latest CAREGiver Reviews & Testimonials

"Rewarding work. It feels like I make a difference!"

- Posted by Meghan

"Flexible hours. The understanding of CAREGivers needs and client demands. The friendly environment. Great communication by the office staff."

- Posted by Dung (pronounced Young)

"Home Instead has supported me every step of the way. The clients I have helped give me a sense of pride and I'm so grateful to be part of the team."

- Posted by Nancy P.

"Support from the office staff; no matter what the need, someone is able to help!! Thank you!"

- Posted by Lindel B.

"How rewarding to help the aging. To help them feel comfortable not only in their homes, but in their own skin! What a blessing!"

- Posted by Cherie S.

"Home Instead is very organized. They help us and they listen to our concerns.

I like working as a CAREGiver. I can't heal the client, but I make sure I make them comfy and happy for the rest of their time left in this world!"

- Posted by Bing R.

"I joined the Home Instead team of caregivers at the urging of my daughter who was already working for them. I hesitated because, frankly, I was burned out from caring for my in-laws all the while raising my large family. But I gave it a chance and I am so glad I did. Transitioning from being a family caregiver to a Home Care Aid was better than I could have imagined. Even though I was burned out from caring for my in-laws, the support and training I received from the office made all the difference and were there when a particularly difficult situation came up."

"Now after almost 5 years in the field, I was offered the position of Training and Engagement Mentor which has turned out to be the closest thing to a calling for me. I get to meet all the folks we care for and get to work with our super CAREGivers as well. I am just so glad I took the chance so many years ago!"

- Posted by Cheryl H.

"I started with Home Instead 5 years ago as a CAREGiver. I had not ever been in the field prior to moving to Sequim but it didn't take me long to decide I absolutely loved it! The flexibility of the job, which was new to me, made all the difference in my life. Prior to coming to work at Home Instead I was working the typical 9 to 5 office job. The best part of my new career was all the people I got to meet. Great stories, great company, just an all around awesome experience.  Are there bad days, sure, but the good days far out way those.  

When I was offered a position in the office I decided to take it so I could continue to learn more and grow in this industry. I still get to help the CAREGivers who in turn are helping our seniors. Honestly, this is the first time in my life I not only like the company I work for, but I also LOVE what I do!"

- Posted by Kim C.

"Having been in the caring industry for over 30 years, the transition to becoming a CAREGiver for Home Instead was a natural step. It is a good feeling to be among peers who have the understanding of expecting GREAT, looking for solutions, empathetic and caring/understanding the issues of CAREGivers and Seniors. I believe that Home Instead strives to offer GREAT!!"

- Posted by Traci B.

"I loved being a CAREGiver as it gave me a sense of happiness knowing that I was there to help and care for someone during a time when they needed it most.  It has always given me great joy to help others and being there for someone to make their day/life better has always been something I have enjoyed. Working for PNW Kupuna Care has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have never worked somewhere that has made me feel so supported and heard. The owners Kathleen and Isaac make sure to let us know that they are here for us no matter what. The whole staff here makes you feel included and supported and I enjoy coming into work every day. I am grateful to be part of the PNW Kupuna Care team.

I continue to work with Home Instead because I love the mission we are here to accomplish. And knowing that we are here for our clients as well as their families during some of the most difficult and vulnerable times in their lives brings me great joy and a sense of accomplishment when I can help make those times better for them."

- Posted by Andrea G.