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Sep 01, 2021

CAREGiver Spotlight - Aperil B.

Written By: Brian Lahm for Home Instead of Ocala
Aperil Bradley CGOTM September 2021 COMP

Aperil Is Lauded for Her Help for Others

Welcome to Home Instead® of Ocala’s CAREGiver Spotlight. Each month, one of our amazing CAREGivers will be randomly selected to share their story with their peers — YOU. We know you will enjoy reading and learning more about  Aperil.

It is evident CAREGiver Aperil’s service to others is held in high esteem at Home Instead of Ocala and in the other quarters where she has touched many lives, both young and old.

A member of franchise owner Carolyn Quintanilla’s Home Instead staff, Home Care Consultant Anthoni Simonelli, said, “Aperil may very well be the sweetest person on Earth, and both ‘grace’ and ‘kindness’ go to her when they need advice. She leads a life of generosity, whether that be here with our clients, or in her other life as a charitable leader. Incredibly fortunate are those to which she directs her attention, including us.”

For a 90-year-old Home Instead client, Aperil is a companion of the highest order, an optimistic influence who generates a positive atmosphere for a widow who lost her husband just two years ago after a marriage that lasted 70 years. She mourns his passing each day, and his photo sits prominently on the client’s television. “I get myself mentally prepared each day for helping the client. It is as if I have a lesson plan for this delightful soul. While I have empathy, I don’t want her to stare all day at her husband’s picture,” Aperil said.

“I keep her talking. I get the coloring books out for her and ask if she saw the TV news so we can have a ‘current events’ time. When I take care of her, I think of my mom, who died at age 61 in 2018. With Mom in mind, I tell my client how blessed she is, having lived a good, long life. I praise her for having the strength and staying power to live through the COVID-19 pandemic. She is originally from Guyana, and I play her native music for her to lift her spirits and stimulate her mind. I keep her mentally active.”

At her client’s request, Aperil occasionally takes her to visit her husband’s grave and sometimes they get something to eat. “She talks about her husband a lot. She will say, ‘He loved me.’ And I say, ‘Yes, he did.’ I tell her that it is time now to take care of herself. Her daughter lives in Canada, and she needs to know how her mother is doing. Communication is key, and I make that a priority with her daughter.”

Along with her Home Instead job, Aperil has the solo responsibility of raising a family of four children, ranging from a college freshman to a 6-year-old. Aperil also runs a nonprofit organization that benefits at-risk youths. Three years ago, she helped serve as a family caregiver for her late mother. While Aperil appreciates Home Instead staff member Anthoni’s kind words, she describes her busy life this way: “It is like walking a tight rope above razorblades.” Asked about her multitasking skills, Aperil said, “It feels sometimes as if I take life hour by hour. My weekdays start at 5:30 a.m., getting the kids up, fed and out to school. It’s on to caregiving.”

When Aperil joined Home Instead in October 2020, her life was a crossroads. “I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I was at a career source center and was ready to apply for unemployment. A counselor said, “This might be a good job for you,’ referring to Home Instead. I said, ‘Oh, that’s easy. I have done that,’ ” Aperil said.

“It has been a tumultuous time because I have four children to raise on my own after a relationship ended. While I started a nonprofit company to benefit at-risk youths in 2015, I was funding a lot of it with my own money. I had to figure out my next move for my nonprofit, so this was a good job to take for several reasons, including employer flexibility. Home Instead is extremely understanding. Their communication with their employees is unparalleled among employers I’ve seen.”

Aperil’s nonprofit organization is an unusual youth activity in which Aperil has been involved since her high school days. She teaches indoor color guard sport and performance art, which is derived from military ceremonies. It is a competitive, performance-based activity. It incorporates choreographed staging, dance and equipment that can include flags, batons, prop rifles and sabres. Basically, I introduce baton twirling to the newcomers. My daughter is naturally talented who is a good example for other kids. She is a good leader,” Aperil said.

“Being in a color guard equips the kids with a fun skill and occupies their time fruitfully. The problem is, there are a lot of kids running the street. We don’t want them chasing boys. I tell the parents, ‘Help me get these girls out of negative situations.’ I want to break down generational curses. In the past, I have taken the girls to competitions. It’s worth the smile on the faces. COVID-19 slowed us, but the nonprofit has never stopped. My daughter still competes. I want to eventually leave the nonprofit to her,” said Aperil, who was asked to coach the West Port High School color guard.

Home Instead is a bright spot in Aperil’s life. “First, my client is delightful. I love helping her.

I like to visit with the Home Instead staff when I come to the office The whole office lights up and laughs. I keep the mood light,” Aperil said. Musing about the future, Aperil’s thoughts turned to other ways to help people. “Maybe there could be two nonprofits – building back the one I have now, and maybe starting a nonprofit for seniors at some point and providing adult daycare. There are so many levels of need. There are so many things I want to do.”

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