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We believe every family in the area deserves tailor made in-home senior care with a compassionate touch. That's why we established Home Instead® of Magnolia, TX.

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Proudly Serving Aging Adults & Their Families

Our Promise

As a locally owned business, our team offers friendly, responsive service right in your neighborhood. Families love our team because we:
  • Do what we say we’re going to do – each and every time
  • Solve care problems using compassionate, person-centered solutions
  • Engage in thoughtful relationships with the families we serve
  • Give back to our community
About Us
Meet Our Team

Judy Salcido, Franchise Owner/Operator

My name is Judy Salcido and I’m so happy to be working in Montgomery County, TX to serve our senior population. My journey started five years ago when my father started having great difficulties with his health  He was living alone after my precious mother died of Alzheimer’s two years prior and I knew he needed help. Our family had many discussions about moving him to Houston, but he always said he would rather be in his home “Home Instead”.  So, I packed my things and went to be with him in Georgetown, TX. This was truly a gift. Being his caregiver for the last year of his life was the most precious thing I have ever done, and I knew I wanted to continue helping others. God knew my heart and allowed me the tremendous opportunity with Home Instead.   

Most of us will want to continue living at home for as long as we are able. Our homes are not just a place but a feeling, a refuge, a place of beautiful memories and comfort. If our team can assist you in keeping your loved one home, we would love to meet you.

Erin below is my daughter and my business partner. Justine, also my daughter, is our Home Care Consultant. The entire team is like family, and we work hard to help you. Each one of us, in some capacity, have been caregivers which helps us understand your needs.    


Erin Cuthbertson, Franchise Owner/Operator

My name is Erin Cuthbertson and am delighted to serve the Montgomery County senior community. I have always had a heart to serve in whatever capacity needed. I graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY where I met my husband, David. After graduation we served eight years in Army together and decided to start a family. We have been blessed with 5 beautiful children, Audrey, Jack, Adam, Beth and Ian, who love to be outdoors and are always up for an adventure. We have thousands of miles of road trips under our belt and cannot wait for the next thousand!

Our senior care journey began with my grandparents and assisting my mother while she cared for them. My grandfather, especially, was most happy when he was home in an environment that felt safe and familiar. As family, we were able to spend a lot more time with him as well. He spent many hours just watching his great grandchildren play tag in his yard and challenged them to countless games of chess. They were moments that were worth more than words can express. Seeing how much that meant to him and knowing that he was happy, is part of what inspired our journey in senior care.

I have found that I am the best version of myself when I am making difference in my local community. I am incredibly grateful to be a part of Home Instead Senior Care and its mission to provide quality care to our Seniors.

Roberto Arroyo 2023

Roberto Arroyo, General Manager

Hi, my name is Roberto Arroyo. I have always been inspired by the way our previous generations paved the way for us to have a better life. I believe it is our duty to pay them back and treat them with honor, respect, and dignity. I will always do my best to honor the memory of my grandfather who fought for this country in the Korean War and my grandmother who dedicated her life to educating future generations. I have been blessed with my beautiful wife Jessica and daughter Eva.

I am excited to be a part of the Home Instead family where we will treat you and your loved ones like our own. I am honored to be able to serve the Montgomery County community and I’m looking forward to getting to know you and providing the quality care that you deserve.

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Justine Stone, Home Care Consultant

Hello! My name is Justine Stone, my husband Scott and I have lived here in this community for 20 years. We have enjoyed raising our children here. My passion has always been to teach and serve. The Lord has been filling my cup for years. I have been blessed to stay at home taking care of my kiddos and homeschooling them for the past eleven years. I have a sixteen-year-old daughter who will be driving soon, an 11-year-old son who loves baseball, the most girly 10-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old daughter that really came into this world with a bang! We love to go places as a family and do all the things, but we also love to stay home poolside and just be together. It has been such a joy to learn about all their different personalities and to have served them, our church and our co-op all these years. Now I will be adding serving our community to the list!

I’m looking forward to this new opportunity and am thankful for all the wonderful office staff that have already been so valuable! They make it such a joy to come to work!

My family and I have been in a position where we needed care for loved ones, and we know it is not a decision to be taken lightly. As the Home Care Consultant for Home Instead I will be working alongside my mother (Judy) and sister (Erin) to get the word out about Home Instead. I am excited about the opportunity to help families in our area find the best care for their loved ones. I can personally tell you that I have got to see the office staff in motion when they are looking at hiring Care Pros and finding the right match for your loved one. The intentionality is incredible.   

christy 2023 final

Christy Kinnaird, RN, Care Pro Trainer and Quality Assurance

I have been a Registered Nurse for over 40 years.  Being married to a career Air Force member, we moved around a lot.  I have probably had a more varied work experience background than most nurses, who tend to “specialize” in certain fields of health care.  I started out my career as a nurse in the Air Force, working Labor and Delivery, Postpartum and Newborn Nursery.  My favorite areas of nursing are Community Health and Quality Assurance.  As a nurse, I have been frustrated throughout my career because I have wanted to give better care but never have been able to due to staffing shortages, bare minimum schedules, management not training properly and definitely not caring whether quality care is given or not.  As a result, I earned my Master’s Degree of Human Relations, in hopes to affect the health care field towards quality care. Unfortunately, little has changed over the time I have been a nurse, and few employers care to change how health care has been done for many, many years.   I have also managed a small, free clinic for the homeless/recovering addicts in downtown Conroe for approximately 5 years. 

Being at Home Instead has been a career-dream for me because I can finally, on a small but nonetheless significant scale, help our Care Pros provide probably the best personal care I have ever seen in the home.  It is so rewarding to be part of a team that cares to strive for and give the best care possible! 

Levy Pena 2023

Levy Pena, Recruitment & Engagement Coordinator

Hello, my name is Levy Pena. I am happy to be part of this unique team at Home Instead that's offers our elderly clients a loving and caring atmosphere in the comfort of their homes. I moved from Omaha Nebraska to Texas about three years ago. In Nebraska I started caring for clients in the Med Center including oncology care, and knowing on how to work in high intensity environments like the E.R. I am currently attending college at Lone Star to acquire a degree in Medical Administration. Which at this time brings me the opportunity of being a Recruitment and Engagement Coordinator at Home Instead. I am happy to meet new people that want to serve our elderly community by hiring the best Care Pro’s so that they can be trained to assist your loved ones as they enter their golden years!  

team member Karla

Karla Knightstep, Service Coordinator

My name is Karla Knightstep and I feel very blessed to be a part of this wonderful team that gives back to my community.  I was born on the East Coast but grew up on the West Coast.  I went to High School in Hollister, CA, which is more farm life than the clothing brand portrays.  It is very similar to The Woodlands in many ways I feel like.  Prior to moving to Texas, I was a on the front lines as a first responder as a 9-1-1 Dispatcher for 20 years where I experienced a variety type of calls in the police, fire and medical fields. 

I met my husband while working as a dispatcher and we are blessed with a son and daughter who are working hard to become elite athletes.  Unfortunately, my husband suffered an on-duty traffic accident as a police officer and had to be medically retired out.  I’ve learned a lot about caregiving by needing to care for him after his may surgeries. I enjoy being able to take care of others and look forward to my role as the Service Coordinator and caring for both my CarePros and clients!

Our Team

Your Home Instead team in Magnolia, TX possesses a heartfelt desire to work with seniors in the community. It is our ultimate goal to forge extraordinary relationships between our clients and their Care Professionals.

When you are ready for help, our caring staff is on call to quickly answer your questions and accommodate your senior services needs.

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