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Personalized in-home care can help people age in place safely with dignity and independence. We provide our person-centered “home care” no matter where “home” is. From the family home to senior communities to rehab facilities and beyond, we are able to bring the care aging loved ones need to wherever they call home.
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Proudly Serving Aging Adults & Their Families

Our Promise

As a locally owned business, our team offers friendly, responsive service right in your neighborhood. Families love our team because we:
  • Do what we say we’re going to do – each and every time
  • Solve care problems using compassionate, person-centered solutions
  • Engage in thoughtful relationships with the families we serve
  • Give back to our community

About Us

Meet Our Home Care Team

Dona & Roy Goforth, Franchise Owners since March 2005

Dona & Roy Goforth, Franchise Owners since March 2005

As we embark on our 15th year in the Senior Care Business we have seen this industry explode. For us to be an option for Seniors to live at home as long as possible has always been our desire. We want to be a resource for Seniors and Families as they seek out options. Our Mission Statement is To Honor God by Exceeding, Expectations of Everyone we Encounter through the Care we provide. Let us know how we can help.

You can email Roy at roy.goforth@homeinstead.com

You can email Dona at dona.goforth@homeinstead.com

Lee McPherson, RN Director of Client Care

Lee McPherson, RN Director of Client Care

Lee plays an important role in the success of our Client Care Team in that she oversees the care of our Clients and Training of our CAREGivers. She is a Registered Nurse who cares deeply for Seniors. "I am passionate about assisting clients live their best lives at home. Also empowering CAREGiver's with the tools they need to be the very best provider of CARE."

Sundae Dowdle, Client Care Manager

Sundae Dowdle, Client Care Manager

Sundae has filled many roles at Home Instead over the past 13 years with the focus always on providing excellent service to our families. Sundae's current role is overseeing the CARE Team. Sundae makes sure that the team has the resources they need to ensure quality care for our clients. Sundae enjoys meeting with families to discuss options that their Senior loved one has. Sundae is an expert in navigating thru the Senior Care Journey. As a Care Manager, Sundae Dowdle oversees the daily operations of Home Instead Senior Care ensuring that the Home Instead Senior Care Team continually exceeds the expectations of everyone we encounter.

“I am overjoyed when I see our Caregivers honor and love our Veterans and their families in the Community”. One such person dear to Sundae’s heart is her husband’s grandmother who is 94 years old and a surviving spouse of a WW 2 Veteran. Sundae reached out to the VA and assisted the family in gathering the needed information to help her husband’s grandmother qualify for the Aid and Attendance benefit program which helps pay for non-medical home care. Sundae will go the extra mile in gathering information and contacting the VA, to assist a Veteran or surviving spouse in obtaining benefits to remain at home.

For Sundae, reaching as many local Veterans and their family members to inform them of how to obtain home care benefits remains very personal to her. This passion and love for Veterans stems from being an Army Employee in her early career years. “I understand the need and desire Veterans have to age in place, at home. Since my husband recently retired from the Air Force, I know that my husband and I will be in a situation where we will need home care one day also.”

To Sundae, it really is personal.

You can email her at sundae@homeinstead.com

Dawn Linden, Client Care Coordinator

Dawn Linden, Client Care Coordinator

​Dawn followed the Career Path at HISC. She started her experience as a CG then a CNA and now is a Client Care Coordinator. Dawn has a keen attention for detail. "It's the little things that mean the most to our clients. I try to find out what they are and help CG's exceed their client's expectations". Dawn is a huge champion for our VA Clients, "They deserve the best because they sacrificed so much". Dawn can be reached at dawn.linden@homeinstead.com

Melissa Wallace, Client Care Coordinator

​Melissa "Wallace" we call her started her career with HISC as a CAREGiver then she joined the career path as a Lead CG, Client Ambassador to her current role as a Client Care Coordinator.

Melissa has the best attitude; she likes to jump right in and help out whereever she is needed. "It's a great feeling being needed and appreciated". Melissa has cared for various clients from companionship to bedside care. She enjoys introducing new CG's and assisting them with their clients.

Recently we had a client to call that requested that Melissa be her CAREGiver. The client went on to say that Melissa made her feel special and that she knew what she needed and when she needed. That is Melissa's goal to impart to all of the CG's she trains.

Melissa can be reached at Melissa.Wallace@homeinstead.com

Sue Ashley, Robin Cudd and Teena Leonard Registered Nurses

We have 3 outstanding Registered Nurses that oversee the care of our Clients. Each of these ladies understands the kind of compassion that is needed especially during times of transition. Our RN's visit the clients in their homes and develop a Care Plan. They conduct quarterly visits to ensure that the Care Plan is accurate and up to date. The RN's also conduct the initial CAREGiver training and Supervisory visits.

Kelly Womack,  CAREGiver Recruitment Coordinator and HR

Kelly Womack, CAREGiver Recruitment Coordinator and HR

​Kelly followed the Career Path at Home Instead first as a CG and currently in her new role assisting our HR build an exceptional team of CAREGivers. Kelly knows what it takes to be an CG and she is searching to find those that embrace our mission!

" I first started in November of 2017 with an elderly lady named Ms. C. She was such a sweet lady with loads of knowledge about life. I enjoyed sitting and talking with her during our 4 hour shifts twice a week. We would go to Midtown Sundries, Wal-Mart, and Rite-Aid. She passed in March and it was an honor to care for her and I thank Home Instead for placing me with her. I really thought of her like family and really looked forward to spending time with her. She will truly be missed."

You can email her at kelly.womack@homeinstead.com

Melissa Montreuil,  CAREGiver Recruitment and Engagement Coordinator

Melissa Montreuil, CAREGiver Recruitment and Engagement Coordinator

My personal experience as a Care Giver started when I was 11 years old. My Grandmother was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and then had a massive stroke. Not long after her death, my Grandfather needed care and would subsequently have open heart surgery, which he did not survive. Within a few years, my other set of Grandparents took sick with Liver Cancer and Dementia. We also cared for two great Aunts that suffered from ALZ/ Dementia and stomach Cancer. As a family, we all played a role in caring for all of them, whether it was the hands on care, providing transportation, cleaning the house, preparing meals, or mowing the lawn. As the only daughter, I became her primary CareGiver. I completely cared for her until the last few months of her life, when my Brother and I realized that we needed some help. At that point, we were introduced to HomeInstead. We had the most AMAZING Home Instead CareGivers for my Mother over the last few months of her life. They were like family to us. The CareGivers stayed with us until the very end and were so loving and supportive to not only my Mother to me and my Brother. I don't know what we would have done without them.When the time came for me to return to the workforce, I saw an ad for a PT administrative position with Home Instead - it just seemed like the perfect opportunity for me. I have now been working with the Home Instead Family for just over 3 years and I can honestly say that my greatest pleasure comes when I help hire loving CareGivers that have a true passion for their work and when I hear about the amazing differences they make in the lives of the Clients and their families. I personally can relate to the feelings of comfort and relief that the Home Instead CareGivers provided.

You can email her at melissa.montreuil@homeinstead.com

Lisa Medlin, CAREGiver Administrator/Recruiter

​Lisa Medlin is part of the dynamic trio that recruits and hires our wonderful CAREGiver's. Lisa brings 19 years of Administration and Training to our Team. Lisa helped care for her ill mother so she hires with the intentionality of a daughter looking for the best fit for her mom.

Lisa can be reached at lisa.medlin@homeinstead.com

Sharee Coren,  Staffing Coordinator

Sharee Coren, Staffing Coordinator

​Sharee also started her career at HISC as a CAREGiver before she became a member of our Staff. She works closely with our Staffing Coordinator to ensure the Clients and CAREGivers are matched well. Sharee is committed to both CG's and Clients to ensure everyone is happy. I get alot of time sensitive and urgent calls that lead to wonderful relationships with both our seniors and caregivers. I cherish every single bond grown within my Homeinstead Family. More than anything, I absolutely love watching relationships blossom between our caregivers and seniors. Loyalty plays such an important part in caring for someone in need. A great example of loyalty is caregiver Mrs. O and her strong friendship with senior Mrs. S. This caregiver adapts to her dear friends needs and does such a great job caring for her. Most importantly she is a true friend giving the love, patience, and understanding that all seniors need as they age. I'm grateful to have so many caregivers like Mrs. O in my Homeinstead family."

​You can email her at sharee.coren@homeinstead.com

Donna Barbee, Staffing Director

Donna Barbee, Staffing Director

Barbee oversees the efforts of our Staffing Department. Her goal is exceeding expectations of both the clients and the CG's. Barbee has 9 years of staffing experience and 10 years of Senior Care experience with her own mother who lived to be 94 years old. She manages the communication between clients and CAREGivers by coordinating their care schedules. Her goal is to find a wonderful match to create a positive atmosphere and cultivate lasting relationships. "I enjoy helping connect our wonderful Caregivers and Clients. I love when a great match occurs and all are pleased. Our CG Lisa just called to say thank you for allowing her to be apart of HISC. Deb is one of my go to CG's; she will make herself available to help especially in a pinch."

​You can email her at donna.barbee@homeinstead.com

Hannah Simmons,  Staffing Coordinator

Hannah Simmons, Staffing Coordinator

Hannah started her career at Home Instead as a CAREGiver. She had a college degree in Psychology and later became a CNA. Later Hannah became a Client Care Coordinator which she enjoyed assisting CAREGiver's in the homes of their clients. Hannah is now in the role of Staffing Coordinator.

Hannah uses her previous experience as a CG, CNA and Client Care Coordinator to great use in matching Client's to CAREGivers! Hannah enjoys the solving "opportunities" to get the best results!

Hannah can be reached at HannahSimmons@homeinstead.com

Lisa Hope,  Business Manager

Lisa Hope, Business Manager

Lisa plays an intergral role in ensuring that the administrative and financial aspects of our business run smoothly. Lisa has the pleasure of assisting families with their Long Term Insurance policies. Lisa is the most popular Team member to our Staff and CG's especially on the 8th and the 23rd of each month... Pay Day! "A client called me frequently about his bill. He had a hard time understanding the bill and thought that he had already paid some of the bills. He stated that he was received so little from social security and financially it was so hard. I told him that I understood because my mother was on a fixed income as well and had many medical problems as did he. Each time he called, I took time with him to explain the billing and how the payments that he had made had been applied. He would often apologize for calling and being difficult. I assured him that he was not difficult and should call anytime. During one of his calls to me, we once again discussed the bill and his financial situation. At the end of our conversation as we were hanging up he said, “I love you”."

You can email her at lisa.hope@homeinstead.com

Lou Armstrong, Office Administrator

Lou Armstrong, Office Administrator

Lou also started her career with us as a CAREGiver. Lou's role now is the Home Instead Ambassador. She is the first person that answers your call and greets you when you come into the office. She has spoken to many of family members calling about care for their Senior Loved One. She enjoys being able to assist people and help find solutions. She also supports our Team with the materials needed to carry out our mission.

“Working at the front desk of Home Instead Senior Care I come in contact with a lot of caregivers and clients. I am very blessed for the opportunity to offer each one of them encouragement and support. One incident in particular, I remember, a caregiver had a lot of unfortunate circumstances happen in her family, so when she came in I was able to encourage and love on her to help lift her spirits. She left with a smile on her face. I am very blessed to be a part of an organization who encourages us to take a moment when a caregiver or client walks through our doors and encourage them! "

You can email her at lou.armstrong@homeinstead.com

Holden The Golden

Holden The Golden

Holden came to Home Instead the Christmas of 2016. He is a graduate of The Dog Knowledge Pet Training School in Charlotte. Holden enjoys greeting everyone that comes into the office, as well as spending time with seniors in the community. In Holden's free time, you will find him looking out the window for cats and new CAREGivers.

Our Team

Your Home Instead team in Gastonia, NC possesses a heartfelt desire to work with seniors in the community. It is our ultimate goal to forge extraordinary relationships between our clients and their CAREGivers.

When you or an elderly loved one is ready for help, our caring staff is on call to quickly answer your questions and accommodate your senior services needs.

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