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Care Professional Awards & Recognition

At Home Instead®, our success revolves around the work of our Care Professionals – and we make sure they know it! We celebrate Care Pros year-round through: notes of appreciation, recognition in our employee newsletter, flowers, extra time off, and even impromptu office parties.

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Do You Know Someone With A Caring Heart?

We all have that someone who is a natural born caregiver. If you know a friend or family member that would make an outstanding Care Pro, someone who would easily receive a standing ovation from Home Instead, please share the career opportunity - we’d love to meet them!

Invite your friend to text ‘CAREGIVER’ to 306.988.1030 to start an application.

March 2024 Care Pro of the Month: Gaylene

Gaylene CPOM March 2024 - Gastonia, NC

CONGRATULATIONS! Gaylene has been chosen as our March Care Pro of the Month! Gaylene exemplifies our March Core Value which is Hungry. Thank you for all you do!

February 2024 Care Pro of the Month: Sandra C.

Sandra CPO February 2024 - Gastonia, NC

February’s Care Pro of the month is Sandra C. for her love and dedication to her client. During our Client Care Coordinator Dawn’s visit it was shared that Care Pro Sandra received favorable reviews. The client and his wife stated that Sandra is the very best Care Pro they have ever had. She is so attentive to all of her client’s needs, and she has a very loving heart. Sandra paces herself to ensure that she gets to connect with her Senior as well as gets her tasks completed. Sandra truly embodies our monthly Core Value of Humility as she always puts others first. Congratulations Sandra we are so grateful.

January 2024 Care Pro of the Month: Gloria L.

Gloria CPOM January 2024 - Gastonia, NC

We are thrilled to announce that Gloria L. is our January’s Care Pro of the month. Gloria is no stranger to health care as she has been in this field for many years. She cares greatly for her client making sure that his needs are met, and he is happy. She has a sweet disposition and an award winning smile that makes her client feel loved. She goes the extra mile to ensure he has care coverage, staying late or going in early in some cases. Thank you Gloria for embodying our Core Values of Integrity, Humble, Hungry, People Smart and a Positive Attitude.

October 2023 Care Pro of the Month: Chad R.

Chad CPOM October 2023 - Gastonia, NC

Shout out to Chad, Care Pro of the month for October!! Chad has fostered trust and strength among clients through proactive care, and he is such a joy to have on the team. Chad we truly appreciate all that you. Congratulations and well deserved!!

September 2023 Care Pro of the Month: Sherry W.

September 2023 Care Pro of the Month - Sherry W.

Congratulations to Sherry W. our October's CARE PRO of the month. Sherry has been a dedicated Care Pro for many families and especially those in their final days and hours. She has helped may families through their most difficult time of need by providing excellent care, suggestions and comfort. These families are grateful and so are we to be Blessed by Sherry's understanding and kindness. Thank you for all you do!

June 2023 Care Pro of the Month: Chad R.

June 2023 Care Pro of the Month - Chad R.

Chad is an amazing Care Pro! He has wowed his clients and their families by being warm, soft spoken, attentive and above all compassionate. He has been a Creative Thinker since his first shifts with his clients. Both families were skeptical about accepting a male CP at first, but Chad overcame that obstacle quickly by being knowledgeable about his clients and their needs. He has built relationships by being proactive in helping both clients build strength back and trust him and his care for them. Outstanding! Chad we truly appreciate all that you are doing to change the face of aging and living out our mission statement. Congrats!

May 2023 Care Pro of the Month: Maya A.

May 2023 Care Pro of the Month - Maya A.

Maya started with Home Instead last year with her client. Their relationship has truly blossomed into something so special. She cares so much for both her client and his wife. She goes out of her way to show them love and respect. Her client's wife says she does not know what she would do without Maya. Maya has organized the home and developed a daily routine that not only checks off all the boxes, but makes the client feel comforted, cared for and loved by providing personalized care with love. Congratulations Maya, you are changing the face of aging through the care you provide! Thank you for being a Home Instead Ambassador.

April 2023 Care Pro of the Month: Crystal S.

April 2023 Care Pro of the Month - Crystal S.

April's Care Pro of the month is Crystal Simmons. Crystal is truly one of the sweetest, most loving, kind-hearted, humble, calm and dedicated Care Pros that we are fortunate to work with. Crystal has served many families over the years and has gone above and beyond continuously. She has always remained calm, cool and collected which always gives the clients and their families peace of mind. We have received phone calls and letters of recognition over the years as well as had some clients request only Crystal. She is a natural born Care Pro and we are all blessed by her kindness. Thank you Crystal for living out our mission statement! Congratulations on this award you are so deserving!

March 2023 Care Pro of the Month: Jessica C.

March 2023 Care Pro of the Month - Jessica

A round of applause goes to Jessica C. - Our March Care Pro of the Month. She demonstrates all of our core values. Jessica has worked with many clients over the past 6 months and some have certainly been challenging, but she has maintained her professionalism and tried her best to make the best of the situation. Jessica has stayed with her client for extended shifts and she has recently accepted more hours with her client to ensure that her client has consistent care with as few Care Pros as pssible.

Thank you Jessica for your wonderful devotion to your client! You are an outstanding Ambassador for Home Instead. Congrats!

February 2023 Care Pro Standing Ovation: Debra B.

Feb 2023 Care Pro of the Month - Debra

The month of February is all about Love, Caring, Kindness, Compassion, and Giving. Well, our Care Pro, Debra is blessed to possess all of these gifts and to bestow them onto everyone she meets and cares for. As a Care Pro/CNA, Debra, is not only experienced and knowledgeable, but kindhearted, sensitive and understanding. She is able to relate to her clients in a calm and respectful manner which gives them and their families peace of mind. We are honored to recognize Debra and want to Thank her for Sharing her Heart every day!

January 2023 Care Pro Standing Ovation: Angela W.

Jan 2023 Care Pro Standing Ovation - Angela

As I think about this month's theme of being an attentive listener, I can think of so many situations where Angela exemplifies amazing trait. She not only is an active, attentive listener with her clients and their families, but with the office staff as well. She has worked in every county that we serve, has worked all shifts and served more than 60 families. Angela is a calm, caring and compassionate Care Pro and is always putting her Client's wants and needs at the first. For this reason and many others, we want to thank Angela for sharing her heart!

December 2022 Care Pro Standing Ovation: Lisa L.

Nov 2022 Care Pro Standing Ovation - Lisa

Lisa has shown so much love and care for her clients and their families. She is always willing to help with her regular clients as well as helping with fill in shifts when other Care Pros are out. She is soft spoken, caring and most of all humble. Lisa communicates with the office, the Client Care team and staffing to ensure that her clients get the best care possible. Lisa has been a part of our Home Instead family for about a year and we are ALL so blessed by her:)

Lisa has cared for some of our most difficult clients and done so with grace and kindness. She has served clients that are bed bound and require heavy Personal Care, end of life care, advanced Alzheimer's/Dementia care, as well as served clients whose family members have been difficult, in denial, or critical and she has handled all of these scenarios professionally-all the while providing the best care to her clients.

October 2022 Care Pro Standing Ovation: Bessie M.

Oct 2022 Care Pro Standing Ovation - Bessie

We celebrate one of our most tenured and dedicated CARE PROS Bessie M.

She has cared for so many of our clients over these 15 years. She is loyal, dedicated and loving to all of her Seniors. She earned her "snow angel wings" many times over the years. Recently, when Bessie's client tested positive for Covid, she didn't think twice and packed her bags and moved in to ensure her client had constant care! Hard working, Bessie has worked all of her life as a CNA and CARE Professional, but also as a dedicated Mother, Grandmother and active volunteer in her church. Bessie is always giving herself and her time for the benefit of others. She strives to meet the client's needs and wants by taking the time to listen, care and pay close attention to every detail. She understands that it truly is the "little things" that makes a difference. And I quote "my client and I get along so well, because we speak the same language"!

August 2022 Rookie of the Month: Julia D.

August 2022 Rookie of the Month - Julie

A huge shout out to CARE PRO Julia D. who spent her summer home from college working for us and going to CNA school! Even though Julia was working and going to school full time she never was late to a client's home nor did she call out not even once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is someone who truly understands the assignment.

Julia knocked it way out of the park with her professionalism, strong work ethic and warm personality. Client and Staffing Coordinators raved about Julia's work performance and willingness to take on additional shifts to help teammates out. The feedback received from all of her clients was that they enjoyed Julia and they were all pleased with the care she provided them.

We wish her all the best as she heads back to the University of South Carolina! Go Gamecocks and Julia! Your future is so bright!

May 2022 Rookie of the Month: Marie A.

May 2022 Rookie of the Month - Marie

Care Coordinator Dawn would like to recognize Marie A. as May's Rookie of the Month!

"Marie works every single day and always answers her phone when we call," says Dawn. "Marie always has a positive attitude and a big smile on her face! Marie is a CNA, very smart, skilled and pays attention to detail to ensure that her clients are receiving the best care. One of her clients shared that Marie exceeded their exceptions on the first shift and has continued to do so ever since. She is a hard worker and always looks for things to do. And on top of all that, she is always smiling! We are blessed--as well as her clients--to have her a part of the Home Instead Team!"

January 2022 Care Pro Standing Ovation: Angie

Jan 2022 Care Pro Standing Ovation - Angie

We would like to take a moment and recognize, spotlight, congratulate and sincerely THANK our January Caregiver of the month, Angie. Angie has been such a trusted, loving and faithful Care Professional to one of our very precious families for the last 6 months. Angie has become a part of their family and has Exceeded Expectations of Everyone she Encounters. She has filled in on her days off, stayed late, gone in early and been a rock steady part of her client's life. She understands the importance of consistency especially when your client has dementia. She continually goes above and beyond by providing nutritious meals and hands on personal care as well as peace of mind for the family members and by giving loving attention to her client. Angie exemplifies all of the amazing qualities that it takes to be a true Home Instead Caregiver at Heart and we cannot thank her enough. Wishing you and your family a blessed New Year!