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Home Care Frequently Asked Questions for Home Instead Royersford, PA

When it comes to questions about home care services, you’re not alone! At Home Instead King of Prussia, PA, we offer personalized in-home care for seniors and aging adults. While our goal is to help provide you with general insight to some frequently asked questions, we also recognize that your individual situation is unique. For a customized service plan, give us a call at (610) 935-7900. We look forward to working with you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Home Care Services

Home Instead® offers customized senior home care services, from Alzheimer’s and Dementia care to help around the home, so older adults can maintain their independence and comfort in the home they love.

Whether you need someone a few hours per week or you’re looking for 24-hour care, Home Instead can assist.

Some additional services include:

  • Elder care
  • Chronic illness care
  • Home care assistance
  • In-home care
  • End-of-life care

Home Instead King of Prussia, PA is constantly searching for talented and compassionate Care Pros to enhance the lives of seniors and their families. We search for engaging, caring, empathetic individuals who would be a good fit for this role.

Care Pro candidates are required to complete an employment application along with a comprehensive background check and drug test.

As part of the hiring process, all King of Prussia, PA Care Pros undergo Care Professional Orientation to learn about caring for seniors and their families.

In addition to orientation, all staff receive training in, and must demonstrate mastery of, providing care for aging adults. Training topics include the aging process, safety of Care Pros and clients, and how to build relationships with clients.

Staff receive training for all aspects of their expected role including, how to be the eyes and ears for the families of our clients. Specialized care training, such as Alzheimer care, is taught to ensure a full understanding of the necessary aspects of providing exceptional care for these individuals.

Home care services let people flourish in the everyday life they already know and love – while getting a little help to stay independent and mobile. With services provided by Home Instead King of Prussia, PA, in-home care is personalized to the needs of the individual.

Home is familiar. Home is comfortable and provides a sense of security. As a senior ages, being in a place that’s familiar and continuing daily routines is very beneficial, especially for progressive memory conditions like Dementia.

Another benefit of home care is having a dedicated caregiver provide one-on-one care in a familiar environment. Care Pros promote independence and companionship while providing family with peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe.

Home Instead provides personalized care, support, and education to help enhance the lives of aging adults and their families. Home Instead strives to partner with each client and their family members to help meet that individual’s needs.

What sets us apart are our foundational values. This includes the value of Care Starts With Connection as well as our determination to provide superior quality service. Home Instead King of Prussia, PA is committed to keeping seniors and people with chronic conditions comfortable and as independent as possible in a familiar environment where they can live with dignity as they age.

Providing care to an aging adult is just as important as supporting the family. Home Instead King of Prussia, PA understands that caring for an aging adult is a team effort requiring communication with family as well as the actual caretaking of the individual.

Home Instead provides emotional support as well as respite support for family members. Our team provides families with peace of mind knowing that a loved one is well taken care of.
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The Importance of Aging from Home

As loves ones age, it's important to make sure they stay healthy, stay happy, and stay safe. Maintaining independence in a familiar environment for seniors is where Home Instead can help as a life well lived should continue at home. 

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