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It’s not always easy knowing where to start in the search for a quality home care agency for yourself or a loved one – the sheer number of options can be overwhelming, and finding the right agency is crucial to future happiness and well-being.

Read what other families in Lewisburg, PA have to say about Home Instead!

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We used Home Instead services for over 2 years for both my 86 yr old dad and mom. My dad required physical assistance and my mom has memory impairment. Their service was excellent. The care providers were kind, patient, thoughtful and they never missed a shift. The agency was extremely responsive to our needs, whether we needed to add additional shifts, change a shift, add services etc. I highly recommend them for the care needs of older individuals, especially if you are trying to extend the time they can stay in their home.


We used home instead for over a year and a half to assist my mother (now 86) in her independent living apartment. At times, after a fall, she had 24 hour care. At others, the caregivers were there for 4 hours a day.

The caregivers were almost all wonderful and some were exceptional--a difficult feat given the difficulty hiring during the pandemic. This says something about the people the company attracts and retains.

Communication from home instead was excellent. I could always count on an update or reach someone when needed.

I highly recommend them.

The quest for quality homecare is a daunting one. We found our solution at Home Instead. Our parents are able to remain living independently with the kind support of a daily caregiver. At this time, Home Instead is our perfect alternative to assisted living. Everyone at Home Instead has been accommodating to our needs and preferences to make each day at home the best it can be. Thank you, for all you do, Home Instead!


We hired Home Instead to provide some in home services and companionship for my disabled brother and it's been a life saver for us all. They are helping him with chores around the house and have become a grounding support system for him throughout his week. All of the staff are excellent and tailored the services to his unique needs. It also provides me the comfort to know I can come and go and not worry about him taking his medication and being watched over. We plan to use this service for the rest of his life, God willing!
Home Instead offers caring, flexible and reliable care for my older parents. They have been wonderful about providing additional coverage with very short notice. The caregivers are kind and patient.
Everyone was very caring and professional to our loved one. They loved your staff and made it possible for us to keep them at home much longer than we thought possible. Thank you so much.
The caregivers were always on time, they were cheerful and competent. I recommend Home Instead Senior Care.


Very reliable service. Caregivers are well trained and attentive.
Timely, consistent caregiver, accessible - I appreciate the way that they have cared for my mother for several years now!
We were extremely lost when my mother in law started showing signs of dementia. The staff of Home Instead were great. The caregivers were kind & caring and she really enjoyed their company. They were also very helpful in assuring me that I wasn’t doing everything wrong. It’s such a hard and confusing time for not only the senior who needs the help but for their family and I could not have gotten through a lot of things with out the help and guidance from Home Instead. Thank you so much.


My wife suffers from dementia and can no longer care for herself. The staff of Home Instead treats her with great kindness and understanding. They get her clean and ready for bed, entertain her, and assist with feeding her. They also help me with house work as needed, such as vacuuming, laundry, and after dinner kitchen cleanup. They are always on time. I am quite happy with the services provided.
Over a period of ten years my Uncle received care from Home Instead. Being the closet relative 4.5 hours away it gave our entire family and my uncle the piece of mind that he would receive the care and support he needed. It was more than the basics it was the love and compassion the caregivers brought into his life. The entire organization cared for my uncle and were always on top of his care. Even when his body deteriorated that he required a nursing home they still were there. I highly recommend.


I was well served by all staff of the agency. They always arrived on time in the morning. They prepared breakfast and lunch four days per week and cleaned as well as did my weekly laundry. They also provided pleasant conversation.
Home Instead met the needs of the family that was requested. The care provided was on a very limited basis over weekends. But an employee was always available, and the persons who were being cared for seemed to be pleased with their service. We would recommend Home Instead for your family needs.
Home Instead was wonderful. They were extremely accommodating for my grandparents. I highly recommend!


The caregivers for my husband have been excellent, compassionate, caring and takes good care of my husband. They give him wonderful care. I feel good about leaving him with the caregivers of Home Instead.


I found the caregivers to be courteous, kind, friendly and happy to help in many ways. My wife has passed, but she looked forward to the arrival of "her girls." I happily recommend this service.


Caring people, well organized, flexible, good communicators!


We were very pleased with the services provided by Home Instead.


I literally do not know what I would do without Home Instead. It is not just to help ME function; it is about their love, care, and faithfulness re: the care of my mother. I am absolutely certain my mother's consumption of health care dollars would be FAR GREATER if it weren't for Home Instead and I honestly wonder how long it will take Medicare to understand the fact that we need their help to cover such services. Home Instead enables us to care for my mom in her home instead of a Long Term Care/Nursing Home Facility. Need I say more????? The dollars taken from my parent's retirement is over the top to enable to continue with Home Instead but we continue to try to find a way.


They are a God-send and a wealth of knowledge!! Our past 3 weeks have been a blur with my mom in and out of the hospital. Michelle is always so patient with me when I call in a panic. My mom's caregiver, Linda, is very knowledgeable and has been a terrific resource when it comes to helping us know what to do to make my mom comfortable. So much of this is new to us as until about 3 weeks ago, my mom was taking care of herself and was completely mobile whereas now she has a catheter, is on oxygen at night, and needs assistance to make it even the short distance to the bathroom. Joe even gave us a lead on a licensed construction company who could install a grab bar in the shower for when my mom is hopefully stronger again. They clearly have made it their mission to be as knowledgeable and helpful as possible for people who are suddenly thrust in to a whole new world.


Simply put, if I had to do everything over again, there is nobody I would call except Joe and the staff at Home Instead in Lewisburg.


All the caregivers are great with my Aunt. She always speaks positively about them. The staff in the office are so wonderful. They are very helpful with scheduling and making sure my requests of the caregivers are tended to. Many thanks to a great organization. This allows my Aunt to remain in her home!


Helpful and very nice knowledgeable service. I would highly recommend when you need someone to stay with a loved one. Comforting, always on time and showed great care in helping me with my father.


Folk searching for home care help naturally focus on the caregiver, but behind the caregiver stands an administration that is generally unseen but essential. Our experience with Home Instead was excellent. The caregiver was at our home for 30 hours a week, allowing me to shop and continue some contacts important to me. When it became necessary to move to custodial care, the caregiver stayed with us and was an essential part of the difficult, but necessary, relocation. Behind the caregiver was an administration that reacted to emergencies with wisdom, efficiency, and promptness. When selecting help, consider the quality of the administration for they do what no single helper can accomplish.


We have worked with Home Instead for my mothers care at her onset of Alzheimers. They work with you, a very good experience for us in a somewhat bad situation. Their staff is very polite, very kind, very giving and very knowledgeable of peoples needs and desires. They put us at ease very quickly and we would recommend them to anyone for home care with total respect given to you and your loved one. Thank you for all your help.


My father’s caregiver was trustworthy, kind, and very helpful. She took him shopping, cooked meals, did the laundry, and cleaned the house for him weekly. They provided substitute caregivers when she was not available. The caregivers from Home Instead were much better and more trustworthy than the live-in one we used from At Home Quality Care.


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