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It’s not always easy knowing where to start in the search for a quality home care agency for yourself or a loved one – the sheer number of options can be overwhelming, and finding the right agency is crucial to future happiness and well-being.

Read what other families in Pipersville, PA have to say about Home Instead!

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It’s not often I write reviews, but it’s not often I witness the level of kindness and compassion that Home Instead caregivers gave to my neighbor and very dear friend, Vera. She generally doesn’t like strangers in her house (and often lets them know it!), but I noticed V was happy when her Home Instead caregiver arrived. She welcomed their help with daily activities because they did it in a respectful way, rather than just coming in and “taking over” by dictating what needed to be done.

I’ve worked tangentially with several adult day care centers that operate much like child care centers, offering very little 1v1 attention, where employees spoke to seniors (esp with dementia) in a patronizing way, as if talking to a child. That’s why I’m particularly impressed with Home Instead’s “patient-centered” approach to dementia care. I noticed the Home Instead caregiver looked V in the eyes with a smile on her face - even when V asked the same question for the 3rd time. It’s really such a small gesture, but it makes all the difference in preserving dignity and building a genuine relationship.
If I need in-home care in order for my own parents to age in place, I know where to turn.. Home Instead.

My family is extremely grateful for this service, last year a member of the team helped my grandmother Vera and made her feel so comfortable. Would definitely recommend this service!

Incredible company and extremely trust worthy. An extremely nice and caring woman named Pam helped out my grandmother Vera and I couldn’t be more grateful. Truly a great business and one I know I can trust.

Pam was wonderful with my future MIL. At the time, she was in the early stages of dementia and needed cognitive support and companionship to keep her brain active more than day to day nursing services (which are also provided). Pam would come and do puzzles with her sit and tell stories and provide any additional assistance she needed. We couldn’t have been happier with this service as they provided the appropriate level of care, support and companionship that we needed.

Home Instead took wonderful care of our friend’s mom Vera. Pam treated her with kindness and dignity. It’s so hard to watch your parents lose their independence and Home Instead helped to ease some of the stress on the family.

Amazing service when visiting my grandmother. Always handling clients situations with care and respect!

My mom has early dementia and needed not so much a caregiver but more a person to spend good quality time with her. My mom is fiercely independent, so we knew the challenge to have anyone new in the house with her would be enormous. Home Instead sent Pam in to simply sit and spend time with her. Pam was an amazing person and a welcome addition to my mom’s day to day. Home Instead is a great service, very affordable, and employs kind, caring and empathetic people to help look after your loved ones. I recommend them to anyone in need of their services.

Home Instead was professional, incredibly flexible and made a very difficult time much more manageable. The whole team was incredible. They weren’t even deterred by an unexpected blizzard when one of the home health aides had to walk a 1/2 mile to get to the house because of snowy roads. 5 stars only because 6 wasn’t an option.

My Mom had a caregiver that was a wonderful companion. My Mom had a quiet personality and her caregiver was a perfect fit. I scheduled her for 3 days a week from noon to 8 p.m. so I could get a break as she was living with me full time. She prepared meals, played puzzles with her and had coffee and biscuits with Mom after meals. They shared pleasant conversations when my Mom wanted to talk. She also took care of her physical needs; showering her, and getting her ready for bed. When my Mom started to decline, she gave her sponge baths and soaked and cleaned her feet. My Mom loved the foot massages. She also washed my Mom's sheets and performed light housekeeping which helped me.

When my Mom fell and broke her hip, she needed immediate 24/7 care. She was in tremendous pain. Home Instead stepped up and provided amazing caregivers. They were competent, kind and empathetic. I swear some of them glowed they were so empathetic. I don't know what I would have done without their help.

My Mom was able to have dignity at the end of her life and stay in my home surrounded by family thanks to Home Instead. They saved me and my Mom. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for good quality care for themselves or a loved one.

My mother has dementia and thanks to Home Instead she does not have to go into a nursing home. All the caregivers give mom top notch care. She gets bathed daily and is shown the love and respect she deserves! As her son, it is hard to see my mother decline. The staff members are not only good to her but to my family as well. we feel like they are members of our family. they care with grace and with great detail. All the caregivers are amazing including Sherry, Tracy, Julie R, Julie F, and Mara. We would not know where we would be without them! Mom loves them all!

Home Instead has been instrumental in assisting me get my Dad up and out of bed in the morning. The caregivers are always on time and ready to jump in. They have been kind, warm, respectful, and hard working. The office support are so responsive with any questions I've had. I highly recommend them for anyone put in the role of caregiver to your loved ones.

Caregivers were knowledgable, friendly and compassionate! I highly recommend Home Instead!

If you are looking for devoted staff to care for yourself, or an older parent, this is the team for you. For three years Home Instead provided care for our father, Joe, who suffered from multiple complex comorbidities (COPD, congestive heart failure, chronic bone density loss). They provided care so my husband and I could work during the week, without fail showing up on time with smiles. Staff were well trained and adapted to Joe's changing needs. They prepared food, kept our home clean and tidy and respected our need for privacy. If asked again, would we have done anything different in our care planning, I can say 100%, with no reservation, we would chose Home Instead again.

The staff are dependable and always show up! My mother has not had a missed shift!

We hired Home Instead Senior Care Plumsteadville and they are great. Our experience has been great, and there's been no problems. They come out three mornings a week and help get my mom bathed, they get breakfast for her, throw out her trash, clean her room, and keep her company for a little bit. The caregivers are helpful, good, kind, and she enjoys having them take care of her. Their scheduling is fine, and we haven't had any problems. Their billing is automatic and we know what they're going to charge because they send it in the mail, so we know it's coming out.

Compassion, professionalism from start Caregivers pleasant, friendly, compassionate Agency was very responsive to any and all changes throughout my mother's care. I was so impressed with the qualifications required by the agency with regards to their caregivers. They gave us a sense of security and assurance we did not get from others. Our family would recommend Home Instead to other families that have found the need for assistance when caring for a loved one at home.

The care that my mother has received from Home Instead has been stellar. She gets great care and gets to stay in her home. In turn I get freedom and the knowledge that she is being taken care of. This is a wonderful service. The people care and the staff is well trained.

Caregiver always arrives on time.. even when there was snow no call outs for care that day and this was a great relief because care was needed whether it snowed or not.

The caregivers we have worked with so far have been personable and caring. The office staff are prompt, professional, and empathetic. At this point, I have felt confident leaving my elderly father with one of their caregivers. He enjoys sitting and talking with them - occasionally he will even go out to lunch with them! We have had a great experience with Home Instead and I have recommended them to others.

They work hard at matching the care giver to the patient. They are always prompt. They are some of the most caring people.

Home Instead provides prompt and personal attention to our needs and we value the care and professionalism of their employees.

Home Instead Senior Care was excellent and they knew what we needed. The caregiver was polite, did a good job, seemed well trained, and exceeded my expectations.

Both my Wife's Parent's, Robert and Irene D. passed recently after 2 months of 24/7 care from Home Instead Services. Cheryl and I were amazed at the compassion and caring that everyone in this organization shows. We had a very popular competitor for a week prior, and they were quite the opposite? I would recommend these people to anyone needing care for someone you truly love, because they are the BEST, and we mean that from the bottom of our hearts! Pam bends over backwards to accommodate the families involved !

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