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Home Care Benefit 

Personalized in-home care can help people age in place safely with dignity and independence. We provide our person-centered “home care” no matter where “home” is. From the family home to senior communities to rehab facilities and beyond, we are able to bring the care aging loved ones need to wherever they call home.
Home Instead Caregiver helps senior woman unload groceries from vehicle

Proudly Serving Aging Adults & Their Families

Our Promise

As a locally owned business, our team offers friendly, responsive service right in your neighborhood. Families love our team because we:
  • Do what we say we’re going to do – each and every time
  • Solve care problems using compassionate, person-centered solutions
  • Engage in thoughtful relationships with the families we serve
  • Give back to our community

About Us

Meet Our Home Care Team

Jeanne McCusker, Owner

Jeanne McCusker, Owner

In 1996, Jeanne McCusker and her family had a life-altering experience. Six months after moving to the Charlottesville area, Jeanne’s Mom was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease at the age of 51.

The next four years the family rallied around caring for her Mom at home and making sure she had the quality of life that we all would want for our loved ones. Initially the process started with being support for her Mom as her physical capabilities started to change.

First, her Mom lost her ability to speak which was ironic since her Mom was a speech pathologist and audiologist. The challenge of the disease continued and slowly she started losing other abilities; typing on her communication device, feeding herself through her feeding tube and eventually she started falling.

“After a few scary trips to the hospital we knew things had to change. The worst was when we found my mom laying on the driveway with her head split open-- it was dark, 40 degrees and my Mom couldn’t get up. She had to get staples in the cut on her head. The next day we made a change.”

As Jeanne often tells the families she works with, it is best to try to avoid crisis whenever possible, but if it does happen it is time to swiftly make a change. She hired a caregiver immediately to help with her Mom.

The next year or so her family had this wonderful person in the house during the day helping the family and making sure her Mom was safe. As the disease came to the end stages they had to split the shifts: her Dad took the overnight shift, the private caregiver helped during the day, her sister in the evenings, and Jeanne did the weekends since she traveled for work all week. But without their steady and competent caregiver, the family alone would be overwhelmed to provide the excellent care that her mother needed and deserved.

This whole life-changing journey inspired Jeanne as she considered the invaluable service that caregivers contribute to our society. It became her personal mission to provide our community with the most qualified and reliable caregivers available. In 2003, Jeanne opened the doors of Home Instead Senior Care of Charlottesville which has served individuals and families for over 15 years.

Carolyn Richardson, MBA, Operations Manager

Carolyn Richardson, MBA, Operations Manager

Carolyn joined Home Instead Senior Care as a Staff Coordinator in, 2010. In 2013 she was promoted to Operations Manager. As Operations Manager she is responsible for client billing and CAREGiver payroll. Carolyn is a lifelong resident of Central Virginia, and enjoys landscape painting, classic movies, reading, science, and learning new things. A self-proclaimed “education junkie” and nontraditional college student, Carolyn received a Master of Business Administration in May 2010.

Crystal 3

Crystal Frazier, Client Care Consultant

Crystal was an outstanding Home Instead CAREGiver for nearly 3 years before moving into the role of Client Care Consultant. She is the point of contact for those inquiring about our services for themselves or their loved ones. In her spare time Crystal loves being outdoors, and especially being in her flower gardens.
Demetrice Wynn, Staffing Manager

Demetrice Wynn, Staffing Manager

After over 10 years of experience in healthcare, Demetrice "Dee" joined Home Instead Senior Care in November of 2017. Before becoming Staffing Manager, Dee worked as a Staffing Coordinator -- matching qualified CAREGivers with Clients and scheduling shift assignments. Her winning personality, tremendous work ethic and unquestionable integrity afforded her the opportunity to move into her new role. Now as Staffing Manager, There she is able to express her passion for promoting the highest quality of service to those under our care. In her free time she creates amazing wedding cakes and acts as a special events coordinator. She also enjoys spending time with her family.

Anne Sweazey, BSN, RN

Anne Sweazey, BSN, RN

Anne joined Home Instead Senior Care in May 2015 after more than a decade working with hospice patients and their families. Anne is responsible for admitting new clients, developing individualized care plans, and monitoring clients for new or changing needs. Anne earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1999, and a Master of Acupuncture in 2008. Anne is inspired by the wisdom, humor and history seniors have to share and believes providing care in a client’s home creates a special kind of trust and connection. Anne loves backpacking and camping and considers herself a “hobby farmer” with a small flock of chickens, adopted pit bull named Lucy, and plans for a goat or two. Two of her favorite pastimes are brewing beer and organizing events for a ladies-only, craft beer enthusiast group.


Liz Dahmus, MSN, RN

Liz is responsible for caregiver orientation to personal care and ongoing training, as well as admitting new clients, developing individualized care plans, and monitoring clients for new and changing needs. Liz earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and a Master of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Virginia. Since the beginning of her career as an RN, Liz has had a passion for working in the community, supporting people living in their homes. This passion has followed her through her various work settings including public health, home health, school, outpatient clinics, home based care coordination, and homes for individuals with developmental disabilities. Liz especially enjoys nature and spends time outdoors as often as possible. She provides a habitat corridor for wildlife with her native plant garden and supports the songbirds with a backyard bird feeding station.
Kecia Hemby, Recruiting Specialist

Kecia Hembry, Recruiting Specialist

Lakecia "Kecia" Hembry joined Home Instead Senior Care as a Staffing Coordinator in April 2018. Now, as Recruiting Specialist, she is responsible for recruiting, screening, hiring and onboarding our CAREGiving work force that provides the highest quality service to our clients. She enjoys building confidence in our CAREGIvers that ensures a good fit from the beginning for a long-term relationship with Home Instead Senior Care. Kecia comes to Home Instead with a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration and a variety of experience in operations management. She is from Louisa, Virginia, and currently resides in Waynesboro, Virginia with her fiancee and their two children. In her spare time Kecia likes to spend time with family, travel with friends, read, and cook.

Susannah "Susie" Bickley, Retention Specialist

Susannah "Susie" Bickley, Retention Specialist

Susie graduated from Longwood College with a BS in Early Elementary Education. She taught first, second, and third graders for 33 years before hanging up the "teacher's hat". As her parents aged, she understood first-hand the challenges and blessings of being a caregiver. Since she's always had a passion for visiting elderly friends in her community and listening to their stories and wisdom, it seemed natural to transition into caregiving for the seniors among us at Home Instead Senior Care. After being a caregiver and a trainer, Susie moved into the Retention Specialist position, offering support and encouragement to all of our CAREGivers. Susie has lived in Louisa County for over 33 years. She married a local farmer 30 years ago. Her son and daughter live close by and help on the farm. She stays plenty busy tending a large garden, maintaining a large yard, caring for horses, chickens, cats, and dogs, canning/freezing garden produce, and playing with flowers around the yard.

Paul Mitchell, CAREGiver Ambassador

Paul Mitchell, CAREGiver Ambassador

Paul started with the Home Instead in February of 2016 as a CAREGiver. He finds that working with people with special needs is so rewarding and such a joy. Now, as the CAREGiver Ambassador, he gets the best of both worlds. He gets to see all of the wonderful clients, meet, and get to know the CAREGivers, who are the back bone of the company. In Paul's spare time, he likes to listen to classical music, sit in front of a roaring fire surrounded by lots of dogs, and garden.

Dorothy Slingluff, Trainer

Dorothy Slingluff, Trainer

Dorothy became a member of our training team in July, 2014. She previously worked as a part time CAREgiver for several years while also teaching young children with special needs in Louisa County. After retiring from her first career, she was excited to use her teaching skills to help train CAREgivers with Home Instead Senior Care. Dorothy was the primary caregiver for her brother who has early on-set Alzheimer's and feels very passionately about helping to maintain a high quality of service to those under our care. She lives in Fluvanna County with her partner and a number of very loving cats.


Sherrica Brooks, Administrative Assistant

Sherrica joined Home Instead in October of 2005 as a CAREGiver for the elderly. In 2009 she was promoted to our Recruiting and Retention Team. Sherrica left in 2019 to help her husband start his own business and has since returned as our Administrative Assistant. Sherrica’s upbeat personality and beautiful smile makes her the perfect person for greeting all our clients and CAREGivers. Sherrica enjoys spending time with her family and friends, being outdoors, cooking and watching the Discovery Channel.
Tweed, Office Dog

Tweed, Office Dog

Cowboy, Office Dog

Cowboy, Office Dog

Trainum Carroll3

Carroll Trainum, CAREGiver of the Month for April 2022

A Charlottesville native, the bulk of Carroll’s working life has been in the local Food and Beverage Industry. He has worked at numerous restaurants and food businesses, including 17 years at BreadWorks Bakery and Deli. Because both his mother and grandmother had succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease, he has a lot of experience and has learned skills like improvisation, redirection, and diversion. As a Caregiver he has learned a lot more about end-of-life struggles and developing more compassion and patience. During his leisure time, Carroll enjoys listening to a variety of music, watching both the Washington Nationals and the Boston Red Sox play baseball, and traveling with Barbara, his wife of twenty years. Vegetable gardening also brings him joy.
Sease Sykira 1

Sykira Sease, CAREGiver of the Month for March, 2022

Sykira was born and raised in Waynesboro, Va. While in high school, she quickly learned she had a knack for sciences, and then studied biology for a year at Virginia Union University. Now she is at Norfolk State University, studying for her nursing degree. It was there that she found her passion to really have an impact on people’s lives and obtained her Health Service Management Certificate & Board- Certified Autism Technician. Wanting to broaden the spectrum of people she worked with, Sykira came across Home Instead. Here, she has experienced such dedicated, loving, fun, and hardworking people. In the near future Sykira plans to pursue a career as an OBGYN. In her free time, she enjoys roller skating, playing volleyball, traveling, cooking, painting, hiking, and exercising.
Charlotte 1

Charlotte Smith, CAREGiver of the Month for February 2022

Charlotte grew up in Crozet. She worked in production making telephones for 18 years, and then assembled circuit boards for the dashboards of airplanes for a few years. Then when Charlotte’s mother became seriously ill, she was inspired get her CNA license. She spent some time working at the Cedars, Colonnades, and Martha Jefferson Infirmary. After this, Charlotte worked at UVA on the cancer floor for 19 years. Following this experience, she came to Home Instead, where she has been working for 7 ½ years. When she’s not working, she could be crocheting or knitting, playing games on her iPad, planting flowers in the spring, or spending time with her three grown children (1 daughter, 2 sons) and 7 grandchildren.
Clina 3

Cina Avery, CAREGiver of the Month for January 2022

Clina was born and raised in Louisa County and attended Virginia State College in Petersburg where she received a degree in political science. Then she got her Master’s Degree at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Back in VA, Clina worked for many years as a copy editor on the operations manuals for the periscopes that are used on submarines, and then editing manuals for space shuttles in Maryland, and finally proposals for government contractors. She also worked for 25 years at a marketing company as a field coordinator and moderator focusing on politicians in Washington D.C. After that, she decided she wasn’t interested in going back to the corporate world and found Home Instead. She loves working this job because she can set her own schedule, she meets so many interesting people, and the clients and co-workers are so pleasant. Clina has 2 sons and 5 grandchildren. Her favorite pastimes are: anything having to do with flowers, redecorating her house, and traveling However, her number one favorite hobby is reading!
Fortune Alease 1

Alease Fortune, CAREGiver of the Month for December 2021

Alease has been with us since 2010! And she grew up in Charlottesville. She has also lived in Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas and Pennsylvania. So, in 2010, Alease came to be a CAREGiver. after she was referred by a friend. As a CAREGiver, Alease and has proven to be a very gentle soul and companion. She has been an excellent caregiver to her clients and they really appreciate her. Alease’s son lives close by and she gets to see him occasionally, as well as her three grandchildren (2 boys and 1 girl). Home Instead has been a blessing to Alease because she loves helping people. Some of her hobbies are: watching the news on television, listening to different kinds of music, and reading.

Lesa Williams, November 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Lesa has been with Home Instead since February 2020. She graduated from Fluvanna County High School. After graduating, Lesa got a job working in a factory, where she worked for 6-7 years. She married and had 2 children. Lesa helped her husband for a few years with his catering company. When COVID hit, the company folded. Her sister-in-law suggested applying to Home Instead. Lesa loves seeing her clients smile. She flourishes in helping the clients through their struggles. As she shared some funny situations she has found herself in with her clients, she said having a sense of humor is a plus. There is much mental stimulation and problem-solving involved in caregiving. Listening to the clients share stories of their lives has been fascinating. Lesa is a powerhouse of strength, gentleness, and compassion.
Tatum Elma 2

October 2021 CAREGiver of the month, Elmamarie Tatum

Elma grew up in Brunswick, Maryland, near Harper’s Ferry. Her dream is to get a degree in Psychology, and she is taking classes one at a time. Also, one of her dreams is being realized as she and her mother are pooling their resources to build a home. Caregiving came early for Elma. When she was younger, she took care of her mother, who was experiencing depression. Then, she met a Home Instead CAREGiver that spoke so highly of caregiving and Home Instead, that Elma decided to apply. So, in February 2020, Elma joined our team. She is currently working with four clients, which is a busy schedule. She is very flexible and willing to take on new challenges. Elma is a kind-hearted, easy-going, conscientious caregiver. Her clients love her and bond with her easily. She said she’s come to realize that caregiving is just in her nature. From caring for pets as a vet assistant to caring for people, she loves feeling helpful. It amazes her how much she has learned from her clients.
Ruffner Robin 1

Robin Ruffner-Newman, August 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Robin was raised in Madison County, Virginia. In Charlottesville, after working for UVA Hospital for 8 years, she secured a job facilities management on the academic side. She has been doing this for 21 years. While working there, Robin started looking to make extra money. She knew she was good at taking care of people, like she did her parents. So, she surfed the internet and found Home Instead. She signed on with us in 2018. Caregiving is a joy for Robin. Taking care of people is her strength because she is a “people-person”. Robin is a hard-working lady who takes pride in her work. She says she is fun and loving and LOVES her grandkids.
Watkins Hal 1

Hal Watkins, July 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Hal Watkins is a very educated and fascinating man. He started out growing up on a dairy farm in Orange County Then, at the University of Richmond he earned a Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science. Following this, he earned a law degree from Washington and Lee and then practiced law and studied horticulture. At one point, he was a CAREGiver for the Home Instead in Culpeper but later signed on with our Charlottesville Home Instead. Hal says that our company is the best company he’s ever worked for. Reading, traveling, journaling, eating, meeting and helping people are all things he treasures doing.
Winans Bruce 1

Bruce WInans, June 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Bruce is originally from Oceanside, CA, but migrated to Maryland in his 30’s. He is an ordained minister for Four Square Church and came east to help struggling churches get back on their feet in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. About 10 years ago, while in NY, he got a job in an adult day care. There he discovered that he really enjoyed it and was good at it. Plus, he gained experience with dementia, Alzheimer’s and Hospice. Bruce is a happily married man of 35 years. He has 3 sons, all of whom still live in New York. He believes our clients deserve the upmost respect and likes to engage his clients in various activities. In his spare time he loves to draw and to study the Bible; as well, he has a great sense of humor.
Bell Mary 1

Mary Bell, May 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Mary chose to become a CNA because she has always enjoyed helping others smile, and she is a real people person. She also knows what it is like to need respite care as a family caregiver. Once when her mother was ill, Mary realized that it was more important to be in the daughter role at that time and to allow someone else to assist in providing care. Today she loves being a CNA and would not trade it for anything else. Mary loves to travel and loves just having fun and enjoying life in general. She is also the mother of an amazing daughter who is an inspiration to her in many ways.

Charlene Wood 1

Charlene Wood, April 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Charlene home-schooled her two daughters for 7 years. Following their enrollment in private school, she worked at landscaping and even started her own cleaning business. But since she has always loved the elderly, she decided to apply to Home Instead. That was 16 years ago. All these years later, she still loves all her clients. Their stories, wisdom, and humor are always special to her. She just genuinely likes to help and fosters beautiful relationships with her clients. In her spare time Charlene delights in her two great-grandchildren and really enjoys flower gardening and vegetable gardening.

Miller Pam 1

Pam Miller, March 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Pam has done many things in her life—from being a mechanic in the Air Force working on F-16s to being a school bus driver to driving a tractor trailer with her husband cross country. Through all these years though, Pam had always wanted to get a nursing degree. When she heard about Home Instead, she decided to work here because she is so passionate about the senior population. Pam loves engaging her clients, and she actually took part of her first stimulus check to buy a year of the Babbel app so she could learn French and communicate with her client better! She says she loves her job; it is her calling. She maintains that seniors deserve all the respect, honor, and care for all the years they’ve spent on Earth.
Conner Pecolia1

Pecolia Connor, January 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

As of this year, Pecolia has taught school for 32 years. She used to do private CAREGiving for seniors and a friend talked to her about Home Instead. She has been a CAREGiver with us for 2 years. She has a reputation for being reliable, hard-working, pleasant, observant, and compassionate. She really enjoys Home Instead; the company works at keeping morale up, communicating well, being flexible, being friendly, offering great training opportunities, and solving problems that pop up. Her own mother stayed at a facility for a while and was treated with great care and compassion; she hopes to pay it forward with her clients. Her friends call her the “Energizer Bunny” because she stays so active and busy. Pecolia also has a Canam motorcycle and rides with the Charlottesville Buffalo Soldier’s Motocycle Club!
Berry Carolyn1

Carolyn Berry, February 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Carolyn is celebrating her one- year anniversary with Home Instead this month, and she has really enjoyed meeting different people and taking care of them. She finds her clients to be so interesting and pleasant to be with. Carolyn mentioned that she also appreciates our staff, as they are quick to answer and able to help her out with her questions or needs. Carolyn came to Home Instead because she met Home Instead CAREGivers when she worked a the home care company. She also heard about Home Instead through word-of-mouth. We appreciate Carolyn because she has a calming presence about her; she is steady and reliable; she is great at problem solving and figuring out what works well with her clients early on. Carolyn is faithful to her clients and is unafraid of hard work, both very important attributes for a CAREGiver.
Kiser Emma 1

Emma Kiser, December 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Emma has been with Home Instead since August, 2018. After growing up in Nelson County, Emma moved to Charlottesville in the 1990s. After working at Old Navy for a while as an assistant manager, she changed direction professionally. Emma was friends with Sherrica Brooks, who recommended that she apply to Home Instead. So here she is today, being a wonderful CAREGiver. Emma said that she truly enjoys working with the elderly. She likes setting her own pace and having flexibility in her job. She enjoys the whole Home Instead organization and the classes as well. One of the highlights of her week is spending some FaceTime with her grandson. Dancing to R & B music and listening to the music are favorite past times. People who know Emma say she is loving, caring, selfless, and conscientious. As if 2020 wasn’t enough of a challenge, Emma has faced even more personal losses than most people face. Yet, she stays strong, positive, and even shares her good sense of humor. Home Instead appreciates her dedication to her client, her reliability, and the kindness she exhibits in all aspects of her life.
Ferguson Wayne 1

Wayne Ferguson, November 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Wayne has been with Home Instead since August of 2019. After attending Washington and Jefferson College with a pre-med degree and lots of extra science courses under his belt, he married his lovely bride, and then enrolled in New York’s Columbia University Medical School. It was there he received his medical degree. After graduation, UVA Medical Center in Charlottesville was his first choice for surgical residency. Then came the Vietnam War and he was drafted to be a ship’s surgeon in the U.S Navy on the USS Intrepid. After serving two years, he came back to Charlottesville and finished his residency. Later he worked in the UVA breast-care clinic and taught med students. When 2007 rolled around, Wayne decided to hang up his doctor’s coat and relax. In time, he discovered that he wanted to do something, not just sit around. He saw an ad in the C'ville News for Home Instead. Caring for others is second nature to him. He wanted to keep doing that. If any of you have ever had conversations with Wayne, you know he is very friendly, very observant, and has a great sense of humor. Wayne has 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren. He and his devoted wife, who is quite a musician, live in Charlottesville and have enjoyed singing in church choirs over the years. (although Wayne says he lip syncs)
Manning Beth

Beth Manning, October 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Beth began to develop a knack for taking care of others in her younger years when she helped out with elderly family members, friends, and neighbors. Later she worked with private clients after she got her CNA license. Then once she saw an advertisement for Home Instead on television. It appealed to her, so she applied, and the rest is history. Helping others, whether it be people or animals has always been her passion. In addition to caring for a wide range of clients with a wide range of needs, she rescues a wide range of animals. She has rescued, and nursed back to health, opossums, raccoons, cats (even feral ones), kittens, turtles, mice, rats, squirrels, and even skunks. Most of the animals she rescues are released back outside when they have healed. Beth stays busy, but she doesn’t mind because caring for others is second nature to her and it is something she truly loves doing!
Crystal Frazier, September 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Crystal Frazier, September 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Crystal says she loves doing this work and wouldn’t want to do anything else. “It doesn’t even feel like a job to me, I love it that much.” Backing up a few years, Crystal was born in California. Her father moved the family to Virginia Beach when she was an infant and she spent most of her youth there. Years later, after her husband was in a terrible car accident, Crystal became his caregiver in what was to become a long road to recovery. She discovered that she was good at caregiving and really liked being able to help people. Her clients can testify to her caregiving abilities with comments like: She has such a calming presence. She does special little things that make a big difference. Crystal is incredible at anticipating needs. She is an exceptional CAREGiver and person.

Debbie Wright, August 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Debbie Wright, August 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Debbie Wright has been with Home Instead for almost 3 years now. She's lived in Charlottesville most of her life and sees herself staying here. Being an RN has been a great asset to her skills as a CAREGiver. She has also worked as a paralegal. Debbie says she's a nurturing person by nature, and as for being a CAREGiver, she said it gives her a "yummy" feeling in her heart to care for others. It's been said that Debbie is so kind, calm, gentle, and thorough in her care of her clients. Debbie had one client with very challenging medical issues, yet took it as an opportunity to learn and grow. She agreed to call this client everyday during this pandemic to check on her and keep the relationship going. The client looked forward to this call each day. Thanks to Debbie checking in regularly, it was discovered that her client was sick and help was sent to her. Both the client and her family are so grateful for Debbie's tender, loving care and vigilance. Congratulations, Debbie for being CAREGiver of the Month for August.

Cheryl Chafee, July 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Cheryl Chafee, July 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Growing up in a military family planted a strong desire in Cheryl to settle someplace and put down roots. In 1985, she landed a job opportunity in Charlottesville to help start-up a new church. Once here, she fell in love with Charlottesville and then took time to stay at home and raise her three children. She even home-schooled them up through high school. Later while working at a daycare, Cheryl began to pay attention to Home Instead ads, and the idea of working with seniors seemed quite appealing. After all, she did help care for her own aging parents. Now, Cheryl loves caregiving and feels that she is in the right place. She enjoys the relationships she has with her clients and she loves knowing that they truly appreciate her tender, loving care of them.

Erline Berkley, June 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Erline Berkley, June 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Erline grew up in St. Mary’s County in Maryland. After earning her degree in Sociology from St. Paul’s College in Lawrenceville, VA, she moved to Charlottesville and settled there. Working for 34 years for Social Security Administration proved to be both challenging and fulfilling. Erline heard about Home Instead Senior Care from a CAREGiver who attends the same church she does. She decided to explore this new opportunity in 2012 and has been with us since. She loves helping people; it is second nature for her. Her clients become like family to her. One of her favorite things to do when she isn’t caregiving is to sing in her church choir. Another favorite is to spend time with her daughter and with her three grandchildren. Clients who’ve received Erline’s care say she’s amazing and the best. One client said Erline was her best friend. A family member mentioned that Erline is always coming up with new ways to be helpful and she couldn’t say enough good things about Erline.

Linda Balugo, May 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Linda Balugo, May 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Linda and her sister were born in the U.S., but her parents moved back to the Philippines shortly after she was born. Her father’s medical missionary clinic inspired Linda to want to be a doctor. She was able to secure a scholarship from an organization in the U.S. and earned her medical degree in the Philippines. As a family physician she helped her father and mother with the missions and eventually took care of them, especially as their health declined dramatically. She married and raised two children. Back in the U.S., Linda worked in Charlottesville as a private caregiver. Someone referred her to Home Instead. She was hired and now she’s been with us for almost 2 years. She says caregiving for the elderly is her passion. Caring for her parents revealed this to her. She continues as the international director for her father’s medical missions in the Philippines. In her free time, Linda enjoys cooking, watching the food channel, listening to music, and playing Candy Crush just for fun.

Azim Boghdeh, April 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Azim Boghdeh, April 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Azim has been with Home Instead since 2017. He came to us after years of living in Iran, Russia, then the USA. He has been a dentist, a translator (well-versed in Persian and Russian), a cook, a technician for UVA, and now a CAREGiver. Azim is very happy here in the USA and has raised a family here; he has two wonderful daughters. He enjoys working for Home Instead because he gets to meet really interesting people who inspire him, give him courage and sound advice about life. Azim works hard and is very willing to take on shifts whenever and wherever. He has been very dependable and caring with his clients. He is a great companion for male clients in particular, establishing a rapport with them early on.

Eulah "Marie" Shifflett, March 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Eulah "Marie" Shifflett, March 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Marie came to work at Home Instead because she heard it was a good company to work for. Before that she had experience caring for her grandmother with dementia and her handicapped uncle. Marie feels that caregiving is a blessing. Just to know that she is doing something to help a client to stay in their home means a lot to her, and her clients are deeply appreciative of her. Her cheerful attitude is contagious. Marie enjoys reading and sewing in her free time.

Darcella Stinnie, January 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Darcella Stinnie, January 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Darcella has been with Home Instead since 2006. She is very reliable, dedicated, and trusted by clients, fellow caregivers, and the office. She has been one of the most consistent caregivers we have had. She has such a warm, caring demeanor. She also has a calming effect. Whenever you are in her presence, she puts you at ease. We know she does that with her clients as well!

Lindsay McKillican, February 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Lindsay McKillican, February 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

After graduating from Penn State with an RN degree, Lindsay worked at variety of nursing positions at UVA, and she's been in Charlottesville ever since. Being a nurse, caregiving just seemed natural for her and so she joined Home Instead in 2017. She feels some of her gifts are helping others, anticipating their needs, and building relationships. She used to love horseback riding, and now she spends part of her free time traveling weekly to her family home in West Virginia to help care for her 95-year-old parents. Lindsay’s clients think she is wonderful and that they are lucky to have her.

Nicole Personnette, December 2019 CAREGiver of the Month

Nicole Personnette, December 2019 CAREGiver of the Month

Nicole works many hours in her caregiving role. She is very conscientious about calling the office with concerns about her clients. She believes in a holistic approach to giving care to others. Her clients say she is amazing. Nicole takes learning seriously! She signs up for classes on a regular basis and freely shares her wisdom and experiences with others in the class. She has been with us for a little over a year. She is a CNA and a published poet. She enjoys new experiences and is very task-oriented. Congratulations, Nicole!

Our Team

Your Home Instead team in Charlottesville, VA possesses a heartfelt desire to work with seniors in the community. It is our ultimate goal to forge extraordinary relationships between our clients and their CAREGivers.

When you or an elderly loved one is ready for help, our caring staff is on call to quickly answer your questions and accommodate your senior services needs.

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Latest review from our community

Charlotte Smith, CAREGiver of the Month for February 2022

Charlotte grew up in Crozet. She worked in production making telephones for 18 years, and then assembled circuit boards for the dashboards of airplanes for a few years. Then when Charlotte’s mother became seriously ill, she was inspired get her CNA license. She spent some time working at the Cedars, Colonnades, and Martha Jefferson Infirmary. After this, Charlotte worked at UVA on the cancer floor for 19 years. Following this experience, she came to Home Instead, where she has been working for 7 ½ years. When she’s not working, she could be crocheting or knitting, playing games on her iPad, planting flowers in the spring, or spending time with her three grown children (1 daughter, 2 sons) and 7 grandchildren.