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Why Home Instead is the Best Home Care Agency to Work for on The South Shore!

We may be biased, but we believe Home Instead is the best home care agency to work for on The South Shore!!

Here are 5 reasons why…


Home Instead is committed to employees and their success! We show our employees our commitment to them by spending time to get to know them and understanding their individual needs and goals so that we can help them reach those goals. We offer our employees ongoing free training and 24/7 access to supervisors in case of emergency. In addition, we also have a free 24/7 counseling line available to all employees should they ever need access to a mental health professional.


Employees are encouraged to share their ideas. Coworkers and clients feel like friends as we all work together. We value input and ask employees for feedback on a regular basis so that we can continually evolve as an organization.


The employee experience is critical to us at Home Instead. We want our staff to be happy! Care Professionals are scheduled within their availability and customize their benefits to meet their needs. Pay is competitive and continually under evaluation.


At Home Instead, safety is a priority. From having PPE available to staff to ensuring the environment is appropriate, our goal is to make sure everyone is secure, comfortable and safe.


Home Instead began in 1994 and is known in the community as being one of the most respected home care companies in the industry. The leadership in our Norwell, MA office is experienced, trustworthy, kind, socially responsible and works with integrity.


“Here’s what our caregivers have to say"

Work schedules allow for a great deal of autonomy. Caretakers can accept work assignments for many hours or minimal hours and they can select hours that fit their family or personal needs. Most important, caretakers are treated with a great deal of respect.
Elizabeth (April 2021)

They have my back. They care in so many ways. They are very obliging when I need time off, of course telling them in advance. Never have to worry about supplies you might need. Caring. Covers it all.
Judy (March 2021)

I absolutely love working for Home Instead. They are the best company to work for. Anytime I need any supplies they put them together for me to pick up at the office.
Patti (March 2021)
Nationally known. Great reputation. Training and education available. Great support staff.
Rhonda (March 2021)
I have found that any issues that have come up, have always been quickly and thoughtfully resolved. Home Instead is a great group of people with the common goal of helping others.
Paul (March 2021)

Office Staff is very professional, very responsive to our needs as caregivers and my specific limitations.
Susan (March 2021)

They listen. They enable, train and equip. They reward and acknowledge. They communicate.
Bernadette (March 2021)

Office communication is excellent. Feeling of satisfaction helping seniors. Shifts that suit my availability.
Linda (March 2021)

Very informative and always there to answer questions or concerns we may have.
Tracey (February 2021)

The staff is passionate about what they do and think of the client in everything they do.
Monique (February 2021)

Open door policy with communication, supplies, questions, concerns. Quarterly meetings to inform the staff of changes, new policies, etc., along with open forum for staff. Quarterly bonuses to support job morale.
Deb (February 2021)

The one thing that stands out to me is that there is always a friendly voice at the end of the phone when it is necessary to call. Everyone is very helpful. The company is vigilant in providing the opportunity for further education. Communication is excellent.
Marylin (February 2021)

My employer includes us in all facets of the business... this makes us willing to work harder and we solve problems together. We are proud to be working for the best agency in this area.
Judy (November 2020)

Very accommodating when I have to change my schedule (with notice, of course). Always describe client needs before assigning. Encourages suggestions from CareGivers. Provides and pays for optional training, as well as required. Shows appreciation for Caregivers and understands our needs.
Maureen (November 2020)

I feel that the company is respectful of caregivers, helpful to caregivers when they have concerns about clients, has high standards for the types of client care they want to give, and models quality standards to their caregivers.
Patty (September 2020)

Just the whole overall on how they run their business, they incorporate so many positive aspects and incentives for the care givers which not too many workplaces provide. Nothing is forced on you, you can work as many hours as you need or vice versa. Home Instead accommodates to you as an individual. I love the staff – they don’t get the credit they fully deserve cause each and every one of them is there to help you at any time of day or evening, and we know how hard they work as well. So hats off to all staff and to all caregivers to, for all that everyone does.
Liz (July 2020)

They really care about their employers and they always making sure you feel comfortable about your shift and always calling to say thank you. I just love this agency.
Ritza (May 2020)

This is a great company to work for. The staff are very caring and compassionate. They work well to meet your work hour needs, whether u need part time, full time or per diem hours. I have been working for them for 5 years and wouldn't want to work with any other company. Give them a try and you will realize why I feel the way I do about Home Instead!!!
Karen (October 2019)

Management is very supportive and willing to give up their time to listen to us.
Johanna (April 2019)