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Find fulfillment through a career as a Care Professional

We highly value our Care Professionals, and that’s why we ask them to tell you what it can be like to work with Home Instead®.
the home instead team provides compassionate care around the globe

"The staff at all levels are always patient when I have a question, and understanding and supportive when I have a slip up. They also are generous to praise good work."

- Posted by Janet H. 

"I like how helpful and caring everyone is and the way to your treated like family."

- Posted by Antonette M. 

"The employers are always friendly and encouraging. They go the extra mile in making accommodations that matches you with your client’s personality. They are exceptional with providing quality care to the employees and keeping updated information per caregivers responsibilities and safety."

- Posted by Geneva V. 

"My location keeps me busy, I am treated wonderfully, and I work for a business that truly cares about how people are treated."

- Posted by Tracy D. 

"Flexible hours. Meeting very nice people on work assignments."

- Posted by Anne V. 

"I enjoy working with Home Instead. Very grateful for my client."

- Posted by Traci G. 

"I like the people I work for and so far all the people I have worked with."

- Posted by Nita D. 

"The affirming, supportive and encouraging supervisory staff who wonderfully advocate both the excellence of client care, as well as their field staff’s well-being"

- Posted by Trey M. 

"They are working as a team."

- Posted by Lola O. 

"The office staff communicate very well and often regarding matters pertaining to our clients, shifts available and even weather conditions. The portals are very informative and easy to use."

- Posted by Alaina B. 

"I like the fact that they seem to care about there employees and they really try to hire people who have a caring heart as well."

- Posted by Sheila S. 

"The staff is so friendly and caring. Everyone is always willing to listen and help in any situation."

- Posted by Charwynne S. 

"They are understanding. They are kind. They like truth. They give you the benefit of doubt."

- Posted by Mary C. 

"Being able to help seniors stay in their homes so that they are surrounded by their personal belongings. Being able to help people."

- Posted by Teresa Y. 

"The staff are always helping us. They care about us."

- Posted by Doraine B. 

"All of the staff members were friendly and nice all of the clients are very nice and I really like working for this company."

- Posted by Valisa W. 

"Home instead senior care is the best because they care about they're workers and clients."

- Posted by Rasidat A. 

"They try to pair us up with the right client, consider our preferences in scheduling hours and days worked encouraged to strive for excellence in our work treated with respect and individual consideration. They are very polite on the phone and in person. They show gratitude and appreciation for a job well done, provide continuing education and understand if we have a family or medical/dental issue that comes up. They provide gas cards for long distance travel very professional office staff"

- Posted by Bonnie Jean B. 

"The people and organization are very kind."

- Posted by Isaac N. 

"I have been with HISC for over 5 years now, They have been great about working around my schedule so that it benefits me as well as them. They are a good company to work for."

- Posted by Dini T. 

"I love that your company listens to it's employees"

- Posted by Sharon G.