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I Love My Job! Vancouver, Clark County

Home Instead of Vancouver, Clark County, WA hires only the best, most warm-hearted CAREGivers to our home care team. These devoted folks share a deep passion for delivering top-notch home care to your loved ones. We will not send anyone into your home that we wouldn't invite into our own. It's that simple.

Below are just a handful of testimonials about why being a CAREGiver for Home Instead is a wonderful job!

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I Love My Job: " It has enriched my life tremendously"

Home Instead Caregiver Jenny

Our Home Instead is a close knit, community oriented company that wants to serve our clients with professionalism, courtesy and integrity. In working for Home Instead, it has afforded me the opportunity to grow and develop skills in entering into the care process with clients of different cultures and backgrounds. It has enriched my life tremendously. I look forward to each day knowing our clients will get the outstanding care they deserve with our teams and knowing our company is there to assist us in every particular.
CAREGiver Jenny

I Love My Job: "I Am Supported as a Whole Person"!

Home Instead Caregiver Kathryn

I appreciate working for Home Instead for reasons that are ultimately rooted in the respect and concern for both myself and my clients. I am supported as a whole person, with sensitivity to my needs both within and outside my role as a Caregiver. To Home Instead, you are valued as much more than a job title. I have consistently been supported in training and continued education and have felt that our safety and that of our clients has continually been a priority through timely and ongoing communication from our Office. Working for Home Instead allows me to give our clients time and quality over and above their initial care needs. I have the time to learn about them and from them, finding ways to add enrichment to their lives which is wholeheartedly and enthusiastically supported by Home Instead. Home Instead puts words into action - valuing both the Caregiver and the Client....
CAREGiver Kathryn

I Love My Job: "I Am Able to Help Others to the Fullest Potential..."!

Home Instead Caregiver Viktoryia

I've always been inspired to work in healthcare and be part of the change in helping others achieve their goals and meet their needs while working alongside direct patient care. Being a part of the team at Home Instead has provided me an opportunity to fulfill my goal of providing direct care to all client's while addressing each person's individual needs by cultivating client centered care. Working at Home Instead is very fulfilling because it grants me an opportunity to work in a setting where I am able to help others to the fullest potential, and for that, I will forever be grateful.
CAREGiver Viktoryia

I Love My Job: "I Could Never Work for Anyone Else!"

Home Instead A Valued Caregiver

I love working for Home Instead because of Julie, and the Staff, the support we get from them. We caregivers know they have our backs and are always ready to listen to us personally or if we have a problem with a Client. Also they make sure the Client and caregiver are a good match. Julie is a wonderful boss, I could never work for anyone else, a top of the line Company!
A Valued CAREGiver

I Love My Job: "I Could Give a Million Reasons Why..."!

Home Instead Caregiver Eva

I could give a million reasons why, however I’ll just put a few in for now. I actually love working for Home Instead because they are flexible with your schedule, you are able to work with your client/clients, one on one and give them the undivided attention they need. You get to know about what they did for a living, and get to be hands on with them. You spend quality time with your clients and when I say quality time I mean you are able to go on walks look at picture books they have or just sit with them and have a conversation. Everyday you spend with them you build a relationship with them. You learn a lot of interesting things about their lives.

I just want to say I love working for Home Instead because I get to actually take the time to do the things with my client/clients at their pace and not rush them. Like I said before it’s one on one and they care we care about our clients best interest.
CAREGiver Eva

I Love My Job: "They Truly Care About Their Employees"!

Home Instead Caregiver Dustie

I love working for Home Instead. They truly care about their employees and their clients. Always there to offer help and resources when needed.
CAREGiver Dustie

I Love My Job: Working for Home Instead is "Life Changing"!

Home Instead Caregiver Patty

My personal experience with Home Instead has been truly life changing. They start with a heart to help. I am proud of Home Instead and what they do for the community. Truly blessed to be part of something bigger.
CAREGiver Patty