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Ok, I'm "windy." I cannot believe my aunt has been with Home Instead for six years. Over the years everyone became family.

Sharon's - "Don't worry we got this" or "what can we do to help"

Ashley's - "Don't worry - it's ok"

Michelle's - Visits to my aunt were appreciated.

The staff worked as a Team to make sure my aunt was well taken care of.

Then there was the Caregivers.

Lauren - Our first. I hope she became a nurse. She had great qualities and I still remember her stories about my aunt. She never hesitated to call with updates.

Carol - She told us about her family to encourage Opal to talk about hers. Carol gave me great advice about Opal's skin care. 

Louise - Found Life magazine books and would reminisce with my aunt about growing up. Louise did her best to Opal's spirits.

Sandy - She treated my aunt like her mom. Always positive and encouraging. She made my aunt's afternoons special.

And then there's Mary Jane - I read my aunt's journal when her husband was ill. Little did she know then God rewarded her efforts by sending Mary Jane to us. Mary Jane wasn't a Caregiver. She became family and friend. I can never thank her enough for what she did for us. Mary Jane was God's blessing to us both.

I know I am missing names; Rachel, Savannah, Martha, Connor. They all impacted my aunt's life in a positive way. Everyone made a difference in my aunt's life. 

I will close for now. I'm running out of room. I am so glad I found a pamphlet in my aunt's doctor's office six years ago. That little pamphlet made a huge impact on both of our lives. I wish each of you the very best in life.

~Bev H.

I am so appreciative to Home Instead for the wonderful care and service to my sister and I in my time of great need.  The administrative staff was helpful and very gracious to me.

~ Terrance B.

Responsible and caring caregivers and administrative staff. First rate organization that we use for aging parents in two locations.

~ Anonymous Reviewer

Our experience with Home Instead has been wonderful. The caregiver (s) that have been sent were both very professional and loving toward our newly homebound father. The administrative staff was easy to communicate with and had a keen eye for our unique needs. Keeping a loved one at home with a chronic disease is the ultimate challenge. Thanks to agencies like Home Instead, it can be faced head on together.

~ Jen C

Great service! Compassionate and caring....everyone treats Mom with respect and genuinely cares for her.

~ Anonymous Reviewer

It is difficult when you realize a loved one is ill.  The realization that they will no longer be the same as they once were is frightening and confusing.  All the difficult questions that a person struggles not knowing where to find answers.  My wife was diagnosed with dementia. The choices were simple; place her in a memory care facility away from her loved ones and the few things that brought her comfort or hire someone that will care for her in my absence where she will remain in the familiar surroundings that are so important for those suffering from dementia.  When the decision was made to keep her at home, where she is safe and with the pets she loves so much, I contacted Home Instead.  Their team met with me answering all the questions that I had and included some questions I didn’t know to ask.  Once their professional nurse evaluated my wife it was the next day that Home Instead began their care giving with an individual that they felt would complement my wife and her needs.  It was a match made in heaven! The caregiver wasted no time in providing my wife the care she lacked in the hours she was alone during the day.  I saw a new attitude in my wife, a smile on her face and comfort knowing she would not be left alone to struggle through the day.  The Home Instead caregiver not only made her meals, bathed her and cared for light housework the caregiver also played games with my wife that helped use her cognitive powers as if the caregiver was a member of the family.  Home Instead team along with their wonderful, trained caregivers helped ease my concerns for my wife’s safety and wellbeing during the hours I was away from home.  I highly recommend Home Instead.

~ Tony B.
Indian Head Park, IL   

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