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Apr 22, 2024

Client’s Daughter: ‘This Isn’t Just a Job for Yolie; It’s a Calling’

Caregiver Yolonda D with her client and client's daughter

Tracy L. did far more than put in an unsolicited good word for Home Instead®  Care Professional of the Month Yolanda “Yolie” Davis. Tracy L., the daughter of a Home Instead client, said: “Working as a Home Instead Care Pro is not just a job to Yolie. This is a calling for her. What a blessing it is to have Yolie care for my mom.”

Tracy L. was specific in her praises for Yolie, who joined the award-winning Home Instead franchise that serves Collin County, Texas, in May 2023. “Yolie is a true professional every day as she takes care of Mom. I really don’t know what I’d do without Yolie. She is kind, caring, gentle in spirit and confident. Yolie also is a problem-solver and loves my mother as if she were her own mother. Yolie goes above and beyond the call of duty,” Tracy L. said.

Home Instead Care Pro Advocate Amanda Ross said, “We are so happy that Yolie has been with our Plano office for almost a year. Yolie has been assisting her current client for most of that time, and Yolie has such love for the client and the family. Yolie is like part of their family. She gives such great care to all of them, and Yolie is very dedicated.”

On behalf of franchise owner Todd Felker and the Plano office staff, Amanda announced Yolie’s Care Pro of the Month honor. Repeating Tracy L.’s compliment for Yolie, Amanda said: “Yolie truly has gone above and beyond. Empathy and compassion are taken into account for the award, as well as skill and wisdom for dealing with challenging situations. Yolie embodies Home Instead’s guiding principles of ‘Build Trust, Take the Lead and Share Your Heart.’

For Yolie, touching lives impacts her soul, whether she is providing physical help such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders or personal care or if she is offering emotional support in a companionship role. “I love the people I serve, and I love their families. I also love learning about who they are and where they came from. Their lives’ journeys are intriguing to me. I feel honored to be able to serve others. I am truly blessed and grateful for this job. It is personal to me and an extension of who I am when I care for someone,” Yolie said.

Yolie’s abrupt journey to professional senior care was a complete surprise, but she was ready for the challenges when she made the pivot. “I came from the investigative criminal history background industry, where I had worked for more than 25 years. Then my job was outsourced. God closed one door and opened another when I found this job with Home Instead,” Yolie said.

Out of necessity, Yolie willingly accumulated senior-care experience as a family caregiver. “My mom lived with me when she got cancer, and I became her caregiver. I think that situation gave me the tools to do this job. I understand having to have the care and patience, along with love to give of myself, to take care of another person. My faith is a big part of who I am,” Yolie said.

As a family caregiver and an award-winning Care Pro, Yolie stands out. She demonstrates the franchise’s core values: “We honor God in all we do; Treat each other with dignity and respect; Encourage growth in ourselves and others; Build value in our service to others.”

Yolie loves being a part of the Care Pro team for the Collin County franchise, a member of a network comprised of Home Instead, Inc. and its parent company, Honor. With the world’s largest home-care network and the most advanced care platform, Honor and Home Instead are revolutionizing care for older adults, their families and Care Pros. Combined, the network has more than 100,000 Care Pros across 13 countries, meeting the growing needs of millions of older adults and their families worldwide.

All Home Instead Care Professionals are screened, trained and insured. For inquiries about employment, please call (972) 744-9898 or apply online.  For further information about Home Instead, visit our website at


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