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Home Instead History & Mission

For nearly three decades, Home Instead has delivered compassionate, high-quality care to seniors around the globe.
Home Instead Caregiver and senior woman smile while sitting together on bed at home

Senior Home Care in Bryan & College Station, TX

In-home care through home care agencies has been available at one level or another for many years in the United States. Home Instead was introduced to the Brazos Valley in December of 2001 when Franchise Owner David Gest opened the first home care agency in the Bryan & College Station area.

Since that time a number of other providers of senior care have come into the market, giving seniors more choices than ever in selecting in-home care. While virtually all providers offer the same litany of services, the interested observer would notice that there truly is a "Home Instead Way" to deliver in-home care.

Trusted Care Provider Since 2001 

Here are a few of the components of the Home Instead Way:

- Our service is very individualized: No two Plans of Care are alike - just as no two seniors are alike. Each Plan of Care is carefully established by our Director of Client Care ensuring that the needs of the clients will be known to our CAREGivers and followed to the letter.

- Alzheimer's CARE Program: With an increased number of diagnosed or suspected cases of Alzheimer's disease each year, our Alzheimer's CARE program has become more important to more people. Selected Home Instead CAREGivers complete a detailed course of study to better prepare themselves to meet the needs of our clients afflicted with dementia. This training is so well-respected that we offer a version of it – at no charge – to members of the community who are responsible for the care of loved ones with dementia diagnoses.  Why? It’s because we genuinely care about seniors – those we are proud to call clients as well as those who rely on family caregivers for help.

- Our CAREGivers are difference makers:
And Home Instead diligently seeks only the best CAREGivers in the area.  We don’t select just anyone who applies to be a Home Instead CAREGiver.  They must meet our stringent requirements and must demonstrate a variety of skills if they want to be a member of the Home Instead Team. In the case of Home Instead, many are called but few are chosen. Roughly 1 out of 10 applicants is invited to join our team.

- If we can't help you, we'll tell you so:
In-home care isn’t for everyone.  There are seniors who are clearly suited to living in a more structured environment that offers a higher level of service -- one that is more medical in nature, for example. We know the role we fill in the continuum of care and we passionately embrace the opportunities our clients present to us. We are specialists in our area of expertise, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

- We are highly driven to produce positive outcomes:
For some people that means only a matter of days or weeks as a Home Instead client. For other clients, we will be there until their life’s work is done. Either way, Home Instead makes aging something that can largely be done on your own terms.

- We take a team approach to caring for your loved ones:
Our Team is made up of a variety of individuals with multiple skills and talents. As often as not, the stars of the team are our CAREGivers, but they are supported 24/7 by a team of local people, residents of Bryan, College Station, and the surrounding area. We care about one another just as neighbors care about neighbors.

- We provide the care you want, when and where you need it: While some providers require you to adapt to their schedule, we want to cater to our clients’ schedules. We’re flexible and we’re proud of it. We believe that we have a solution for everyone who falls within the scope of our care.

- Home is where the heart is: Wherever you call home, we’ll be there.  In a local hospital? No problem.  Do you live in an assisted living facility?  We can still help out. Are you in rehab? We’ll meet you there. Your home can be the house you’ve lived in for 50+ years or the Senior Community you recently moved into. If it's home to you, it's home to us!

- Our experience is second to none: Since 2001, we have provided almost 2,000,000 hours of service to seniors. In that period of time, we have been exposed to many, many of the challenges that seniors face.  It has given us a better understanding of how we need to prepare ourselves to continue to meet those challenges.  If you’re scheduling a surgical procedure, you will want an experienced surgeon. If you’re building a home, you will want an experienced builder.  If you need someone to provide care for you mother or father, you will want Home Instead and our experienced CAREGivers.

- We're part of a global network: But our focus is right here in the Brazos Valley. When you’ve successfully built a global brand, it is an indication that you’ve done many things very well. While we are proud of our global expansion, OUR focus is right here in our little corner of Texas.  We share ideas globally; we implement them locally. It’s really the best of both worlds!

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