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Nurse Directed Home Care

Many families feel overwhelmed by care responsibilities when a loved one becomes unable to perform routine tasks. Managing this level of care requires time and specialized training – exactly what our Care Professionals offer.

Please contact your local Home Instead® franchise office to review which services are permitted and available in your area.
Home Instead Caregiver checks blood pressure of senior woman at home

Confident Highly Personalized Care

Our specially trained Care Pros can make life easier by providing highly personalized care for common health conditions that affect families, such as dementia, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, heart failure, COPD, depression, arthritis and more. Nurse directed home care are services performed or delegated by a nurse and may include:

Medication management and administration

  • Manage medication by crushing or splitting medications as well as drawing dosage for oral liquid medications, as prescribed.
  • Administer medications by placing medication in a senior’s mouth if he or she is unable to do so.
  • Fill pill boxes
  • Document medication administration
  • Coordinate care with other providers
  • Perform  enhanced Quality Assurance visits to monitor Plan of Care
  • Delegate and train  Care Pros to perform tasks
  •  Provide client  and family education

Vital sign tracking and interpreting

  • Take a senior’s blood pressure and temperature.
  • Interpret vital sign outcomes and respond to thresholds.

Wound care support

  • Provide Stage 1 wound care with simple dressings.
  • Provide bathing assistance when a senior has a wound or dressing.

Diabetes/glucose testing management

  • Monitor glucose to determine blood sugar reading.

Foot and Nail Care

  • Apply cream to a senior’s feet.
  • Soak feet, file nails

Catheter care

  • Emptying a catheter drainage bag.
  • Remove or replace a pre-sized wafer around a stoma.

Oxygen therapy

  • Adjust a flowmeter to the prescribed setting.
  • Monitor the oxygen saturation levels.

Feeding tube

  • Turn on and off an enteral feeding pump.
  • Perform manual (bolus) tube feeding.
  • Flush feeding tubes.
  • Change dressing around the feeding tube.

Home Care Made Just For You

We know families looking for care have many things to consider and want to make the right decision. Our free no-obligation Care Consultation can help you decide the best senior care option for your family.
Home Instead Caregiver and senior review client care journal