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Nurse Directed Home Services in Madison, WI

Many families feel overwhelmed by care responsibilities when a loved one becomes unable to perform routine tasks. Managing this level of care requires time and specialized training – exactly what our Care Professionals offer.

Please contact your local Home Instead® franchise office to review which services are permitted and available in your area.

Home Instead Caregiver checks blood pressure of senior woman at home

More Than Home Care

Essential tasks of daily living don't exclude your loved one's critical health needs. We get that.

With Nurse Directed Services, families have access to a broader range of services through one trusted partner.

A greater scope of care means we can support even more activities of daily living, including specific health needs, so that aging adults can remain at home instead of transition to a nursing home or a higher level of care.

It also means families can get much-needed respite to recharge and peace of mind knowing that everything is in good hands.

Our Care Professionals provide highly specialized services in the comfort of your loved one's home. They undergo extensive specialized training so that your family receives the highest, safest level of care — complete with oversight from a registered nurse who also visits every 60 days (minimum) to ensure quality standards are upheld:

Medication Management

  • Crush/split medications.
  • Draw dosage for oral liquid medications, as prescribed.
  • Add or mix medications with food and/or feed the client with medications in the food.
  • Place the medications in the client’s mouth if client is unable to do so.
  • Administer medications through subcutaneous injections (i.e., insulin).
  • Assist the client with inhalers or inhalation treatments.
  • Measure medication into a nebulizer cup that is not pre-dosed.
  • Administer over-the-counter or prescribed suppositories (rectal and vaginal).
  • Apply, remove and/or replace prescribed or over-the-counter patches, including narcotic patches.

Diabetes/Glucose Testing Management

  • Monitor glucose (i.e., Accuchecks) to determine blood-sugar reading, including poking a client's finger.
  • Interpret outcomes, and respond to thresholds according to specific written instructions provided by a licensed professional.
  • Administer insulin via insulin syringe or client’s insulin pen subcutaneously (as ordered).
  • Verify what type of insulin and how much (if sliding scale), as well as record and document findings and what is being administered.

Oxygen Therapy

  • Turn the flowmeter dial/knob to the setting prescribed on the Medication Administration Record (MAR), or per doctor's orders.
  • Change the nasal cannula or face mask tubing (if dirty) over time or, at minimum, every four weeks.
  • Monitor the client's oxygen-saturation levels with a portable O2 reading.
  • Change oxygen between the standard oxygen concentrator and the portable concentrator.
  • Fill the oxygen portable tanks per the instructions for the unit.

Home Care Made Just For You

We know families looking for care have many things to consider and want to make the right decision. Our free no-obligation Care Consultation can help you decide the best senior care option for your family.
Home Instead Caregiver and senior review client care journal