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Find fulfillment through a career as a Care Professional

We highly value our Care Professionals, and that’s why we ask them to tell you what it can be like to work with Home Instead®.

Why Work at Home Instead?

Our Care Professionals are making a difference in the lives of others every day!  Hear from one of Care Professionals, CNA Connie, about what makes Home Instead different than other employers.

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"Flexibility of hours and that they put in a lot of attention and detail to matching caregivers and clients with similar personalities and likes and dislikes.  This creates a bond where the seniors feel they are loved and cared by a great person"

- Posted by Vernice C. 

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"I have only been w/Home Instead for a couple of months but all employees seem very caring & professional. In the work force today it is difficult to get good customer /employee service & to date I have only encountered great people. Cudos to the hiring representative who knows how to pick good employees & hold them to a continuous higher standard.."

- Posted by Vicki C. (CNA) 

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"Everything! I love my career, my team and my clients and office staff. Home Instead is the best!!!"

- Posted by Beth D. 

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"They are supportive. Feed back from the office is efficient. All staff is pleasant and professional. I have recommend to other friends to seek employment with Home Instead."

- Posted by Diane B. 

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"I've been employed as a caregiver with Home instead for a month and I've had an amazing experience. The staff are very organized with their communications to both the clients and caregivers. The staff are always interested in getting feedback from employees and the apps that are used to schedule trainings and open shifts are very user friendly."

- Posted by Kendra M. 

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"They really care about their employees and go to any lengths too help them. Home instead is a wonderful place to work and I’m so proud to say so. Thank you home instead."

- Posted by Sue B. 

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"Great place to work. Staff is always available and helpful when problems arise."

- Posted by Wendy M. 

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"I find it to be a really nice place to work. Most of the people I work with and work for are a very caring group. Most all of the clients I have worked with have been wonderful and I have enjoyed working with them And caring for them."

- Posted by Gail S. 

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"I like working one-on-one with people and giving them the time and attention they deserve. I enjoy the creativity of meeting people’s needs uniquely in their own environment. I love hearing their stories. Everyone has a great story!"

- Posted by Nancy S. 

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"The flexible schedule is still the most appealing aspect. It allows me to work while taking care of family in a way that’s not burdensome...I hope on either end.

The continuing education/in services help me feel like I’m well trained, or well refreshed on a topic, making me even more equipped to face the challenges our aging community will undoubtedly bring to the table.

The office personnel are friendly, kind and helpful when I need to call. That goes a very long way in making someone feel valued."

- Posted by Veronica B. (CNA) 

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"Everyone in the office is super nice and accommodating. I'm petrified to drive in the snow, so I would call the office and ask someone for a ride. What a relief off my shoulders! I love my clients and I love my job. The pay is above what other home health care places offer. I'm very proud to say I work for Home Instead."

- Posted by Beth O. 

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"They are very hands on with their caregivers and cnas. We are treated very well as employees, they work with us never against us."

- Posted by Mary Beth S.