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Latest Reviews & Testimonials

It’s not always easy knowing where to start in the search for a quality home care agency for yourself or a loved one – the sheer number of options can be overwhelming, and finding the right agency is crucial to future happiness and well-being.

Read what other families in North Olmsted, OH have to say about Home Instead!

I had to find a caregiver/companion for my aunt. Not only did Home Instead find someone quickly (practically overnight), but they found a lovely, kind and compassionate person to help my aunt. My aunt was defiant about having someone come in to her home to help her. Now she looks forward to Bonne's visits and brags about how wonderful Bonne is. One particular day, my aunt wanted to be alone because my mother, her sister, was quite sick. Bonne came, sat with my aunt and talked about my aunt and mother's childhood. At the end of the day, my aunt admitted she was so happy that Bonne was there after all. They've become quick friends. Thank you to everyone, especially Bonne, for being there when I cannot.

The Home Instead office staff is always very kind and helpful. They really care about their clients, and will always do their best to accommodate them.

The Home Instead team has been professional, attentive, knowledgeable, and consistent. I did a lot of research to get to the point to find Home Instead and my parents, and our family, are pleased and fully endorse and recommended them to others. I rarely post public reviews and am happy to share our positive experience with you and others. The entire team, and Kate, my father’s caregiver, is top notch. She pays attention to details, is caring, proactive, empathetic and professional. Her communication skills are excellent.

Thanks to Rose for taking such good care of our mother. We appreciate the time, patience and support she provided as we navigated a seemingly ever-changing transition with our mom's memory care. Thank you Rose!

They were amazing from start to finish. So glad my mom received services from Home Instead. They created an individualized plan and really listened to the family. Moni and Dajna were the sweetest!

Over the last 5-6 months the care I have received it has been improved. With one of my caregiver knowledge has helped me with setting every payment online, witch makes life more enjoyable than I don’t have to worry about paying it over checks, the pas months they have been helping me with shopping and it’s been a great help. My other caregiver has been with me for the last 1 1/2 year she is been a blessing as she is been taking me to appointments, staying with me for more than 3 hours after her shift ended as I had to go to the urgent care and took me to get my medication and make sure I was back at home safe and sound. She also brings me food and takes me to different places and helps with house chores. Both of them are always concerned about my health and wellbeing, I’m so pleased to have them both here helping me. T.H.

At first I was very apprehensive about getting someone to come into my house and help me with my wife but Charlotte had changed all that. She is outstanding in that she is very caring, compassionate and willing to help in any way she can, including personal care, household chores and even walking our dog Molly. She truly is a blessing for me and my wife!

We are very pleased with our Home Instead caregiver, Melody. She comes 2 days a week and sits with my mother, who has dementia. She’s very attentive and helpful and cares about my mother and wants to do as much as she can for her (and us) Thank you for this wonderful service.

This is the first time I’ve had to deal with caregivers for my dad so I had no idea what to expect. Home Instead stays on top of our needs and our caregiver is amazing. He interacts with my dad really well. He helps my dad with his daily activities and has taken my dad for walks which he needs to be doing. I have been able to come up for air when our caregiver is here which I needed badly.

My mom’s caretaker Bonne is a kind and compassionate person. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Words cannot fully express our appreciation for my aunt's caregiver, Heidi. Heidi has been with her for several years now, and she has always so appreciated all that Heidi brings to her home, visiting with her several days a week and assisting her with navigating life as an octogenarian. We are so grateful for Heidi and for the wonderful support of the Home Instead team as well, knowing that without them our aunt's prospects for independent living would be greatly diminished. Thank you for all that you do!

My mom needed 24/7 home healthcare, and Home Instead was right there with professional, friendly, and thoroughly dedicated caregivers. Karen, Marcela, Katia, Raven, and all the rest were there when we needed them, and we couldn't be more grateful. and THANK YOU to Shannon and Christina and everyone behind the scenes who kept it all moving.

We have used Home Instead for the past two plus months and have been very satisfied with our caregiver, Rittany. Our family has been extremely happy with her professionalism and care of my husband. Rittany is very reliable, patient and understanding of his needs. He has come a long way in being able to get back his independence. We are happy to still have her with us. Get job, Rittany!

I've been a client of Home Instead for 13 years now. They come once a week. It's excellent. We get along very well with the person that comes here, and she bonded with my wife. Everything's perfect. They take care of my wife when I go out and run errands once a week. The caretaker that comes here, Polly, is excellent.

I've been a client of Home Instead for about eight months now. They're dependable. Lisa is real nice, and she's good at what she does. She's very helpful. I use them once a week for three hours. They help with light housework, meal prepping, they can go shopping for me if I need it, and general home care. She's very personable, caring, and understanding.

My father has been a client of Home Instead for five years now. Their service is great. I've never had any issue or problem with any caregiver. They just do it right because they make sure the client and the caregiver mesh. I use them three days a week. I think that they're very intuitive on tasks that they have to perform. My father is in a situation where he can't do household chores. He can't vacuum, he cannot bend over, and he can't flip his mattress or change his bed linens. He can do some of the laundry, but he can't do all of it. These are the things that they assist him with. They adhere to a schedule that he likes and he's flexible, but it just seems to work because they can get all the tests done that he needs in a week completed. They help with food preparation, shopping, medication management, making sure that his pills are picked up, and that he's taking his pills. They're not administering them, but they're making sure that he's taking them. I looked at all the homecare agencies and I looked at their reviews and I chose them because they were ranked very high.

I've been using Home Instead for about six to eight months now. I like it very much. I'm very well pleased with the gal that I was given to help me out. Her name is Ruth. I use them two or three days a week. She helps me in the house, straightens up, gets me ready for meals, and gets me ready to get out of my bathrobe and into some clothes. I'm very happy to have her. It's usually morning, so that works out very good for me. She's super. I had a couple other agencies, but this one surpasses that other ones I had. We really all appreciate Ruth being here. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. If I find anybody else that needs somebody good, I'm going to refer Ruth to them as well.

I've been using Home Instead for about four years now, once a week. The aides are very nice and helpful. They do the cleaning of my apartment and if I need stuff from the store, they go to the store for me. When my groceries come, they help put it all away. The aide I have is very good. She keeps everything clean and that's what I need done.

My caregiver from Home Instead is definitely a five. I've been with them for at least two years now. I was using them once a week, and then earlier this year until now, I see her twice a week for two-and-a-half hours each day. I receive household services, laundry, dishes, helping me to organize my apartment, cleaning, and cooking. No personal hands-on care yet. She goes to the grocery for me.

We have turned to home instead for care of both of our parents. The team has been caring and responsive and the caregivers have been outstanding, particularly Val. Blessed!

My father is currently a client with Home Instead and his Caregiver is outstanding. Our family members have peace of mind and feel confident all his needs are met. ROSEMARY l. is a life saver and truly a dedicated employee.

Finding elder care is very challenging. We interviewed several companies then found Home Instead. Our care provider, Pamela is a gem and we greatly appreciate her!! She is reliable, genuinely cares about/for my mom and fits right in with our family. Thank you Home Instead and Pamela, don’t know what we would do without you!

Best decision we made. A terrific care pro who was able to competently assess the environment, and then anticipate needs and provide kindness and care to a loved one I never thought would go along with this idea. Everyone in this company has been kind, helpful, and responsive.

It is through Home Instead that we have been getting our private care for my mom. They have been very helpful. When we started out, it was kind of a struggle to get us the service that we needed. We kept adding on. Originally, we had only wanted somebody for three evenings a week from 4:00 to 8:00, and then my sister and I were going to spend overnight with her, but that got to be too much for my sister and I, and then we ordered some overnight help. This girl has become like a family member. We call her my mother's third daughter. She's wonderful. So, we're very pleased. They've been very helpful; they have offered assistance. They have a nurse on staff who has reached out, and they offer other services than what we're using that we haven't needed to use, but it's there if we do need it, so we're very pleased with them. They help my mom with meals when they're here. They help her with medicine. We have to put it out for them. We have it monitored, and we just tell them when she takes it. They assist her to the bathroom, and they help her when she gets up at night. Right now, we have a female catheter system where she doesn't have to get out of bed at night, but she wakes up frequently wanting a drink of water or some lip balm on her lips because her mouth gets dry, so they do that. They'll give her Tylenol when she needs it. Like her knees bother her, and we have Aspercreme for her knees, and they will do that. They clean up, they make the bed, and they'll do dishes. Basically, when they're here, they do whatever my sister and I would do if we were here. At the beginning, we had three or four different people, and it was confusing to my mother with her dementia and everything. Now that we have two steady people who are here all the time, and maybe they'll be once or twice where they're not able to and they'll send somebody else, but we've had good experience with all but a couple of the aides. They know who we liked and who we weren't that fond of. Overall, we're very impressed. Anytime we have an issue, like a special occasion where we need help, we call, and they jump through hoops for us to get somebody for us.

They really care about people. That is the primary focus here and that makes all of the difference in the world.

Home Instead was a wonderful group of care givers for my parents final years. They truly cared that my parents were happy and treated them like their own family. They made sure they knew what TV shows and music they enjoyed. My father was not the easiest person sometimes but they handled him with loving care and expertise to redirect him when needed. I could not have been happier with the team that worked with my parents for the last 2 years. The Home Instead care team is well trained and communication is wonderful with the family.

The Home Instead team has been professional, attentive, knowledgeable and consistent. I did a lot of research to get to the point to find Home Instead and my parents, and our family, are pleased and fully endorse and recommended them to others. I rarely post public reviews and am happy to share our positive experience with you and others.

Home Instead Parma always sends the nicest caregivers to help my mother. We use the transportation services. A caregiver helps my mother with grocery shopping and going out to lunch and walks in the park. My mother always says has the best time and enjoys the company.

Good communication. Reasonable cost. Nice caregiver. Perfect for my mom's current situation

Home Instead is a top drawer organization with caring people. They were engaged to help my parents at home and worked interactively with us to have an individualized care plan. Daily checklists and strict adherence to meeting every goal was a high priority. They are well trained and very sensitive to meeting the needs of each individual. My parents were very happy with the quality of care. I highly recommend our caregiver, Sam. She was outstanding in every way. There are many organizations to choose from, but Home Instead will always be on top of my list.

I highly recommend this provider. Very professional, courteous, and most of all Caring

Home Instead has been very accommodating with my changing work schedules.They have helped keep my loved one in her home,where she wants to be,and haved worked with our long term care insurance to make our billing less stressful.

I've been getting help from, Home Instead Senior Care, for more than 2 & 1/2 yrs. In that time, I've had multiple surgeries and health issues, and still do. And since COVID-19 has in many cases crippled the world, Home Instead Senior Care has been a Godsend. I thank everyone involved at Home Instead, Shanon, Erin and my current Aid, Marcus. Also including my Cuyahoga County Social worker, Alicia Lewis. who set me up with them.

Our family utilized Home Instead for our mom to assure her safety while family members worked. We had two very good home care assistants who kelp up with my mom while giving us relief during the week. Often they texted me with questions and brought things to my attention to initiate a care plan to promptly address the issues on hand. I found both primary caregivers to be exceptional. One in particular had a great sense of humor and knew just how to handle mom when she became obstinate and kept her dignity as well. I couldn’t be more pleased with these two caregivers.

Thanks to Home Instead, our parents were able enjoy the comfort of home for their final years. Mom and dad at different times had health issues that required a lot of management. The Home Instead caregivers addressed these concerns with compassion and diligence, while doing their utmost to protect our parents’ dignity.

For a home-help agency, it’s not easy: They have to find, train and manage caregivers. They need to determine the right fit for different personalities. They have to understand customers’ needs, preferences, and home situations. And of course, they have to provide care to their best ability.

Home Instead did all of this and more for my family. My parents became close to their caregivers, who brightened their days and went out of their way at times to help them. Home Instead gave us a sense of calm, a listening ear – and especially for me – a shoulder to cry on. There are several staff members to whom I’ll always be grateful. They are good people who try hard. I highly recommend them.

Trying to manage my mother's care from out of state could have been extremely stressful and difficult if not for the care and support from Kathy Appleby at Home Instead. She customized a home care services plan that fit what my mother needed. No doubt this plan improved the quality of life for her and our family. Kathy's plan was a well thought out that included contingencies and constant & consistent communication with me. She created a plan that connected hospitals, nursing home , doctors, pharmacies and eventually hospice so that everyone was on the same page. Her knowledge in home health, along with her dedication and compassion for my mothers care, alleviated all of the uncertainties and worries that I had. This also included follow ups to the appropriate individuals in our health care circle to confirm and assure that any and all items that needed to be carried out were in fact done. That was very reassuring. Kathy took care of my mother and our family as if we were the only ones she needed to support. Kathy defines home health care. She clearly became an extension of our family. Based on the quality of care we received from Kathy, I highly recommend Home Instead for anyone's home healthcare needs...!

My mother (age 95) can usually wash up and dress herself each morning, but when she has difficulty, the home health aide helps her. The home aide makes sure my mother has her breakfast, takes her medicine and vitamins when it is time, and prepares lunch. Instead of my mother sleeping all day in her chair, the home aide has my mother do her physical therapy prescribed leg and arm exercises, has her walk around inside the house, and engages my mother in conversation. They also watch TV together. The aide will also wash and set my mother's hair, and occasionally she will cook a meal that both my mother and I can enjoy for supper. Home Instead Senior Care has allowed me to go to work each day (even if my work sometimes takes place at home due to COVID-19 pandemic) and feel confident that my mother is safe and being taken care of. I am very pleased with the care provided by the aide and I have already recommended Home Instead Senior Care to others.

Our parents have been receiving 24/7 care from Home Instead since fall 2019. Because of their services, we have been able to keep Mom and Dad in an assisted living setting. Caregivers are always on-time; we never have a concern that someone won't show up for their shift. As Mom and Dad's health and memory decline, caregivers have adapted to their needs. Communication has been stellar! We never feel uninformed. We get updates directly from caregivers during their shift if a situation should require it and the Home Instead administration connects with us regularly as well. They have worked with the staff at the assisted-living community to make sure coordination between assisted-living staff and Home Instead caregivers runs smoothly. Over time, we have developed a fairly regular rotation of caregivers; Mom and Dad know them and they know Mom and Dad. It is clear to us that, in addition to helping with dressing, hygiene, walking, etc., Home Instead caregivers really care about our parents. Home Instead has my highest recommendation! We feel especially fortunate to have them in place during the covid 19 pandemic.

My parents have been receiving excellent care from their home instead caregiver. Our caregiver assists where there is a need. In our situation we want to make want to honor our parents wishes to stay in their home especially during the pandemic. They are very pleased with their care. Many thanks.

The staff of Home Instead is outstanding and always reliable and responsive to their clients needs. Peace if mind for family members knowing my father is receiving all the care required to keep him safe in his home.

Very good service. Good, professional, and knowledgeable about my needs. Probably the best.

We had terrific service from Home Instead, all the caregivers were compassionate and helpful. They went above the call of duty to adjust schedules and activities when we needed them, it made all the difference for my mom.

Home Instead was an invaluable gift for my mother and our family. The women we had in our home were truly care-givers full of love and compassion. We felt so blessed to have settled in with this company and these women. It was incredibly painful and heart-breaking to make the decision my mother needed to be placed from our home into a facility. It happened rather suddenly and Home Instead was understanding and kind about our loss. I hope our women know how much we love and miss them.

Very good service. Good, professional, and knowledgeable about my needs. Probably the best.

Home Instead has been very on top of everything. They work very hard to make sure their client is well cared for.

My parents have been receiving caregiver services through Home Instead North Olmsted since summer 2018. Services originally focused on my father’s needs following a hospitalization (he is 93 yrs. old). The services expanded to assist both parents with dressing, use of compression socks, meal preparation, daily clean-up, etc. Following my mother’s hospitalization (she is 90 yrs. old) in early November, we requested that Home Instead increase the number of daily caregiver hours to meet my parents’ increasing needs. Home Instead responded immediately and created a schedule that included 18 hrs. per day. Home Instead listened to my parents’ strong desire to schedule familiar caregivers in a consistent manner (as much as possible) and my parents are very comfortable with the arrangement. The care coordinator and long-term care insurance manager recently met with me to review my parents’ Plan of Care. We discussed helpful strategies to ensure that my parents’ long-term care insurance will be utilized most effectively. Home Instead North Olmsted can be reached 24 hours a day. The night-time contact is most helpful, always available and arranges changes or makes necessary contacts promptly. In conclusion, Home Instead North Olmsted meets my parents’ needs in an outstanding manner. My mother comments that “I’ve become friends with the caregivers” and my father comments that “the caregivers give me peace of mind.” Our family would recommend Home Onstead North Olmsted without reservation!

Home Instead has been a wonderful organization to work with in caring for my mom. Our caregiver is extremely observant and is always one step ahead of my mom when she needs assistance (but doesn't want to admit it!). The office is on top of things -- always! I highly recommend Home Instead.

HISC North Olmsted has provided conscientious and loving care for my mom for over two years. The caregivers are responsive, insightful, and compassionate, and the same is true for the office staff. Highly recommend.

Services is 24 hours a day Always on time The caregivers are sensitive to whether or not the patient is in need of interaction. In our case, the patient doesn't need social interaction Agency has been great with respect to our requests

I was grateful and impressed for how quickly the agency responded to my urgent request. I was in a bind and they reacted quickly. The caregivers arrived on time, were very kind and caring. They sat bedside and kept excellent notes, which they shared with the hospice nurses. The caregivers didn't wait to be told what to do, they were proactive. The caregivers took their job seriously - truly - it's their calling not just a job. Rhonda and Josie were especially wonderful - showing such respect and care. The staff was also excellent - keeping in touch with me as well. I highly recommend this agency for true peace of mind.

HomeInstead provided expert care for my parents. My father has many health issues and my mom has dementia. My sisters and I work full time so we are unable to care for them in the day. Our caregiver came five days a week to prepare meals help with laundry and light housework and care for the needs of my mom. She helped with bathing and dressing. She also drove her to adult daycare. She took my father to doctor appointments. She was very reliable and always arrived on time. On the few occasions she was not able to come we always had advance notice. She treated both of my parents with respect, kindness and compassion. If she had a concern she would contact me immediately. Anytime I contacted the agency I had an immediate response regardless of the time of day. On the occasions when my father was hospitalized-a staff member visited him. Their entire staff was professional and caring. I would highly recommend their agency.

HISC provides outstanding service. The representative made herself available on short notice and spent the time needed to assess care needs and provided startup docs within a day. Highly recommended as the care for our 91 year old father is allowing him to stay in his home.

Home Instead has been a wonderful resource for my family. They have provided very conscientious and nurturing care for my father after his surgery, and they have been very helpful for suggesting needed care for my sister. Everyone that I have dealt with at Home Instead approach their services as if they were caring for their own family, and treat their patients that way as well.

Home Instead Sr. Care is great choice if you are honoring your parents wish of living in their home as long as possible. For 6 years I saw how well they helped our dear neighbors, Rod and Louann Hunt of Hillsboro, Oregon. After that experience, I knew they would be the perfect resource to help my mother and father in Strongsville, Ohio. My sister had been exhausting herself trying to do everything and work. You owe it to yourself and your parents to explore this option and see how well and flexible the assistants schedules can be. Thank you for being there!

Home Instead has an excellent program that matches the client with the caregiver. Our caregiver Vicki is so kind , caring and helpful with my father who can be very challenging. She keeps hm in good spirits with her conversations, cooks meals for him, keeps his room and laundry clean and tidy which is no small task. I am so grateful to Vicki and home Instead for providing such a high quality of care. Vicki has become like family to us and we think she is the best!

My dad’s caregiver...Debbie T is wonderful. She not only helps to take care of my dad but she has also become his friend. He enjoys her company. She is also very compassionate and caring. She also is very helpful for me around the house. Thanks for the great job! It is truly appreciated!

The caregiver assigned to our Dad was kind, caring, compassionate and helped our Dad with bathing, grooming, dressing. She also prepared meals when asked and did light housekeeping. He enjoyed her company and care. Would definitely recommend.

The care givers we have had have all been experienced, gentle and caring. Outstanding people that I feel I can really trust.

Tiesha helps me remember everything I need to. She's my memory! We have fun together too.

Miranda is incredible - so dependable and kind. I rely on her for everything. I only have to tell her something once and it's done and done right. I don't know what to do without her.

Excellent ladies - very friendly and reliable. They do everything needed to help me stay right here at home where I want to be. I'm very pleased with them and look forward to their daily visits.

Home Instead was really a life saver during a challenging recovery for a relative. They were prompt, professional, and caring. They were our "eyes and ears" about any concerns with the relative and with the medical staff. The aides also became wonderful friends, which paid dividends in the recovery process. Our relative made particularly close friendships with Essie and Nancy, who were just extraordinary about doing extra things or bringing little treats in for the relative. Just a huge relief and tremendous care that helped bring about a full recovery. Thank you to Joan for being a wonderful administrator of this branch.

I am using Home Instead for my father to supplement the care at an Assisted Living Facility. The aides are excellent, and my father has thrived with the one-on-one care. Service is very responsive. They arranged 24x7 care within 6 hours of my first call.

Kathy and Damita are great. I liked Terriann, she's very businesslike and has the best smile. I feel like I've known her a long time.

Home Instead North Olmsted Ohio has been amazing in the help they provided my parents! They care for my mom, especially my 92-year old dad.

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