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Wheelchair Whitetails, LLC

Home Instead® Green Bay believes that we have a responsibility to give back to the communities we serve. You can find us walking for Alzheimer’s and dementia awareness, attending events at nearby senior homes, sponsoring industry events, fundraising for key causes and participating in local public education programming. From time to time, we’ll even host events on a variety of thought-provoking topics relative to senior care.

Wheelchair-Whitetails_Apply_Steve_Kristi_Hunters_Property-COMP (2).jpgIn doing so, we have an opportunity to create awareness of issues facing older adults and caregivers as well as to enhance the quality of life within our hometowns. It also presents an amazing discipleship opportunity to “teach others about Love (v).” By going out into our communities and even to the ends of the earth with our message, we can witness to the power of God’s love and can serve as ambassadors so that more people are drawn to share Love (v).

Core Charitable Program

Early on, Franchise Owner Steve Nooyen embedded himself within his community and had been actively involved in charitable giving. For more than 20 years, Steve has volunteered to assist the young, elderly and disabled to have quality outdoor experiences.

In 1997, Steve founded our company on the basic principle of “love is a verb” aka “Love (v).” He believed that love is more than a feeling. It’s something that is meant to be put into action, just like God exemplified love in action when he sent his Son to die for all mankind.

Soon, the time was right to make giving back a full-time endeavor, so Steve made the difficult decision to step away from the day-to-day operations of our organization, leaving in place a company guided by God as its CEO and a culture firmly established on a Core Value of Love (v). In fact, each of his 15 franchises across Wisconsin, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama is still guided by this today. 

Trusting in God as his CEO, Steve also brought in a company president to help guide the company’s daily operations and long-term success. And that freed Steve’s time to further spread Love (v) in new ways.

Wheelchair_Whitetails_Alt-600x400-COMP.jpgHaving been extraordinarily blessed by God, Steve and his wife, Kristi, decided to steward their God-given resources for the benefit of wheelchair-bound individuals. Their Wheelchair Whitetails, LLC, offers guided, three-day deer hunts for up to 20 wheelchair-bound crossbow hunters per year — all at no cost to the hunters!

Hunters who apply for and are selected for the Wheelchair Whitetails program enjoy a host of additional benefits when they arrive at the site, nestled in the Northwoods in Florence County, Wisconsin. Key among those benefits are opportunities for fellowship — sharing stories, fun and laughter with fellow hunters facing hardship — and to be impacted by the powerfully moving message of Love (v).

In the spirit of Love (v), we invite you to learn more about Wheelchair Whitetails, including how you can get involved, by visiting