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Care Professional Awards & Recognition

At Home Instead®, our success revolves around the work of our Care Professionals – and we make sure they know it! We celebrate Care Pros year-round through: notes of appreciation, recognition in our employee newsletter, flowers, extra time off, and even impromptu office parties.

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Do You Know Someone With A Caring Heart?

We all have that someone who is a natural born caregiver. If you know a friend or family member that would make an outstanding Care Pro, someone who would easily receive a standing ovation from Home Instead, please share the career opportunity - we’d love to meet them!

Invite your friend to text ‘CAREGIVER’ to 306.988.1030 to start an application.

Kim - July 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Kim CGoM July 2021

Congratulations to our Caregiver of the Month, Kim! Kim is an incredible advocate for her clients and their needs. She works to make Home the safest place for her clients to be and collaborates with the office to utilize community resources. Thank you, Kim, for your stand-out service!

Ruth - June 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Ruth CGoM June 2021
Our Caregiver of the Month this June was Ruth! Ruth's determination, passion, and skill make her a Caregiver capable of anything! Ruth can be sent to almost any client of any skill level and surpass any goals that they may have. Congratulations, Ruth! We feel so lucky to have you on our team. You give a new meaning to the word Selfless!

Deb - May 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Deb CGoM May 2021
We are happy to announce that Miss Deb is May's CAREGiver of the Month! Deb is full of great surprises and she gives those around her many things to be amazed by... like being a cook at a ranch! Deb's kind smile and the way that she goes the extra mile make her an excellent CAREGiver of the Month.
Deb's sweetness and companionship make her unforgettable to her clients! She is ready to help clients when the need arises and does so with a smile on her face! Thank you Deb!

Pam - April 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Pam CGoM April 2021
April's CAREGiver of the Month is Pam! Pam's growth as a CAREGiver has inspired and encouraged us. Her clients can rely on her and know that Pam will be there for them, despite any challenges that may occur along the way. We are thankful to have Pam on our team and appreciate all of her shining efforts over the previous month.
Pam's example is proof that CAREGivers constantly learn, grow, and develop. Although she has been amazing in her role for years, she continues to excel and improve. Her attention to detail and desire to serve others make her CAREGiver of the Month!

Marayah - March 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Marayah CGoM March 2021

Marayah is our CAREGiver of the Month for March 2021! It was so special to surprise Marayah with her award and gift at her client's home. Marayah and the client were busy working on crafts, and Marayah has even learned to knit from her client's great knowledge. The relationship they share, as well as the happiness Marayah brings all of her clients, make her an excellent candidate for CAREGiver of the Month.

Marayah is a consistent, full-time friend to her clients. She has received compliments from all the clients she has worked with. She is willing to drive the extra mile to help those who need it, and we cannot thank her enough for being a long-distance CAREGiver. Thank you, Marayah!

Pam - February 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Pam CGoM February 2021

Pam is our Weather Warrior! She consistently braves the winter storms to serve our clients. Pam goes out of her way to assist clients who are alone during winter weather. Not even a blizzard can stop Pam! She is a shining example of our motto: If it Snows, We Go!

During the last few snow-filled months, she has provided clients with a sense of security and confidence that she will arrive, despite the storm. She is, quite literally, a trail blazer! Pam, thank you for being courageous for our clients. Please join us in celebrating miss Pam!

Callie - January 2021 CAREGiver of the Month

Callie CGoM January 2021

January's CAREGiver of the Month is Callie! Callie has been an incredible, unstoppable, highly-skilled CAREGiver since she began her journey with us. She has built trust with her clients through being reliable, patient, and kind. Callie encourages her clients to do their very best and stay physically active. We are sad to see Callie go as she begins her career in Occupational Therapy, but we wish her the very best! Thank you, Callie, for choosing Home Instead as a stepping stone into your career in healthcare. Happy Graduation!!

Kathi - 2020 CAREGiver of the Year!!

And the CAREGiver of the Year is… Kathi! Kathi represents Home Instead Fremont by sharing her heart, taking the lead, and building trust with clients and CAREGivers. She is a mentor and sets a wonderful example for others with her positive attitude and attention to detail. Kathi graciously shares education and information with others to put client safety first. She goes the extra mile to ensure that others feel included and special. Thank you, Kathi. It is truly an honor to serve with you. ๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŽ‰

Evelyn - December 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Evelyn CGoM December 2020

Please join us in celebrating our CAREGiver of the Month, Evelyn! Evelyn has an incredible gift: empathy. Evelyn can see through the eyes of others and understand their point of view. She collaborates with clients to determine solutions. Most of all, she treats others the way she would want to be treated.

โ€‹Evelyn was chosen to represent Home Instead Fremont for the month of December because of her patient heart, open mind, and natural ability to form connections with others. She loves to bake with her clients, and we hope she enjoys her gift of yummy baking supplies! Thank you, Evelyn, for your patient heart!

Debbie - November 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Debbie CGoM November 2020

Debbie's caring heart makes her November's CAREGiver of the Month. Clients can depend on Debbie to be consistent and reliable, while also being flexible to meet their needs. Thank you, Debbie, for being such a thoughtful, compassionate representative of Home Instead.

November is also Debbie's birth month! Clients can always count on her to share a warm smile and encouraging conversation. Please join us in celebrating miss Debbie!

Tammy - October 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Tammy CGoM October 2020

October's CAREGiver of the Month is Tammy. Tammy's heart is bigger than this world! Her calming presence and willingness to serve makes her a rare individual. There are not many out there like Tammy.

Tammy's superpower is caregiving. She saved the day countless times with her presence and her patience. Her determination and drive to help others is truly admirable. Tammy is one of a kind, and we are so glad to have her on Team Home Instead. Please join us in celebrating Miss Tammy!

Kathie - September 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Kathie CGoM September 2020

We are proud to announce September's CAREGiver of the month. Kathie is a newer member of our team, but has taken the CAREGiving world by storm!

Kathie is a genuine soul who is willing and eager to adjust her personal schedule in order to better serve our clients. During her time with us, she has displayed selfless acts of service and made continuous efforts to spend time with clients when they need her. Please join us in praising Kathie for all the ways she goes the extra mile for clients.

Julia - August 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Julia CGoM August 2020

Congratulations, Julia! Julia is a reliable CAREGiver with a can-do attitude. She provides clients with consistency, stability, and genuine care. She puts great effort into maintaining client/family relationships. Thank you, Julia, for putting your heart into your work.

CoCo - July 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

CoCo CGoM July 2020

Congratulations to CoCo! She has proven to be a great faith-based mentor to other CAREGivers. Her experience in hospice care helps clients and their families feel comfortable and cared for. We are so thankful to have CoCo on our team here at Home Instead Fremont. She continually goes above and beyond to provide the best care possible. Thanks for being you, CoCo!

Sunny - June 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Sunny CGoM June 2020

Sunny has a shining personality and works extremely hard to ensure her clients are safe, comfortable, and happy. You are truly a blessing to many. Thank you for representing Home Instead!

Celine - May 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Celine CGoM May 2020

Congratulations, Celine! We are so proud of you and the work you do each day. You represent each of our core values by:

Sharing your heart: Her clients say Celine has a heart of gold. That is the truth!

Taking the lead: Celine helped a client get set up with online grocery delivery so they could limit grocery outings at this time.

Building Trust: By arriving each day with a smile and positive attitude, Celine has built trust with her clients. They know she will be there for them.

We are proud of you!

Alyssa - April 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Alyssa CGoM April 2020

Congrats to Alyssa, who is our CAREGiver of the month for April! Alyssa has been with us since July 2019. She is consistently reliable and her positive attitude makes her a joy to work with. She is a ray of sunshine. We are so blessed to have her working with our clients. You are amazing!

Mary - March 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Mary CGoM March 2020

Mary started her CAREGiving journey in May of 2019. Mary is blessed with the ability to connect with people. She lives out our core values by sharing her heart with every client she meets. In her spare time, Mary is involved with her local church. We are very thankful Mary is on our team, and caring for our clients. Thank you, Mary for helping us change the face of aging!

Kathi - February 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Kathi CGoM February 2020

Kathi has been with Home Instead since May of 2019. She has created life long relationships with her clients and their families. Kathi has a shining personality that can make a room feel at peace. She not only is an excellent CAREGiver, but she was called an angel by one of her clients. We are very thankful she chose to be on our Home Instead team. Kathi, you have a heart of pure gold. Thank you for sharing your heart with our clients and staff.

Malia - January 2020 CAREGiver of the Month

Malia CGoM January 2020

Malia has been at Home Instead for 6 months, and in that time has touched the lives of many. “Malia is a blessing to us,” says her clients. She has a CAN DO attitude and we are very proud to have her on our team. Thank you, Malia for your dedication and heart. You are amazing! Congratulations!

Julie - June 2019 CAREGiver of the Month

Julie CGoM June 2019

We would like to introduce you to May's CAREGiver of the Month, Julie Johnson! Julie has such a big heart and treats all of her clients like family. Recently, Julie has helped out a client in a difficult situation. She never gave up and worked very hard to provide the best care as possible. Julie has amazing strength and we are very blessed to have her with us at Home Instead Senior Care. Congratulations Julie!

Mikala - May 2019 CAREGiver of the Month

Mikala CGoM May 2019

We would like to introduce you to our CAREGiver of the Month, Mikala Chrastil! Mikala knows her clients very well as she cares for her them as if they are her own family. We always see Mikala with a smile on her face and you can tell she certainly loves her job. Thank you Mikala for proudly representing our Home Instead Senior Care family. Congratulations!

Melissa - April 2019 CAREGiver of the Month

Melissa CGoM April 2019

We would like to introduce to you our April CAREGiver of the Month, Melissa Kluck! Melissa has been with us for almost a year and we are overwhelmed with all the wonderful things our clients say about her. We are so happy she is part of the Home Instead Family. Words cannot express how much we appreciate Melissa and her lovely spirit! Thank you Melissa for proudly representing Home Instead Senior Care. Congratulations!

Debby - March 2019 CAREGiver of the Month

Debby CGoM March 2019

We would like to introduce to you our March CAREGiver of the Month. Debby Hovendick! Debby has worked for Home Instead Senior Care for 8 wonderful years! Debby shows compassion towards all of her clients and puts her whole heart into her job. We are so happy to have Debby as part of the Home Instead Family and can't wait for many more years with Debby! Thank you for all that you do Debby, Congratulations!

Kathy - February 2019 CAREGiver of the Month

Kathy CGoM February 2019

Kathy is genuine, kind and caring. Her interactions with clients make it seem as if she has been friends with them for years. Kathy is truly one of a kind! The seniors she has worked with are always quick to request for her return. They feel at home with her due largely in part to her gentle, compassionate nature. Thank you, Kathy, for helping us change the face of aging.

Rosalinda - January 2019 CAREGiver of the Month

Rosalinda CGoM January 2019

Rosalinda is our January 2019 CAREGiver of the month. Rosalinda exerts a high level of professionalism, is hands-on and hard working. Her strong work ethic and thoughtful nature are praised by many of our seniors and their families. Rosalinda has a range of experience and a true gift for the Caregiving profession. She has been a wonderful addition to our team. Thank you, Rosalinda, for helping us change the face of aging!