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Care Professional Awards & Recognition

At Home Instead®, our success revolves around the work of our Care Professionals – and we make sure they know it! We celebrate Care Pros year-round through: notes of appreciation, recognition in our employee newsletter, flowers, extra time off, and even impromptu office parties.

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Do You Know Someone With A Caring Heart?

We all have that someone who is a natural born caregiver. If you know a friend or family member that would make an outstanding Care Pro, someone who would easily receive a standing ovation from Home Instead, please share the career opportunity - we’d love to meet them!

Invite your friend to text ‘CAREGIVER’ to 306.988.1030 to start an application.

Teresa - March 2024 Care Professional of the Month

Teresa CGoM March 2024

Teresa is a highly skilled Care Pro. She is kind, caring and dependable. She also happens to be a stickler for following protocol and policy—which we love! Her communication with office staff is top notch to boot. Teresa truly enjoys working one-on-one with our clients and it shows. We are very fortunate to have her on our team!

Anita - February 2024 Care Professional of the Month

Anita CGoM February 2024

Anita has been with Home Instead-La Mesa since 2015. She just had her 9-year anniversary with us! Over the years, Anita has proven to be rock-steady and ready to jump in at a moment's notice to help clients and administrative staff alike. She has had some challenging assignments and has always been able to rise to the occasion without hesitation. She has a fantastic sense of humor, a caring heart, and genuinely gives of herself to the seniors she serves. 

Theresa - January 2024 Care Professional of the Month

Theresa CGoM January 2024

Theresa is one of our most reliable Care Professionals. She is consistently on time and on point! Her professionalism and caring nature make her a standout member of our team. We can always count on Theresa to be there for us, and our clients. Thank you, Theresa! 

Jill - December 2023 Care Professional of the Month

Jill CGoM December 2023

Jill is a great Care Professional, always going above and beyond. Our clients love her. She is so skilled at creating different activities for clients, engaging them, and making it fun for them. She is especially skilled at caring for clients with dementia and building trusting relationships. She has a huge heart, a strong commitment to her work, and a genuine love of caring for aging adults.

Camryn - November 2023 Care Professional of the Month

Camryn CGoM November 2023

Camryn is a very sweet, warm, caring, compassionate and understanding Care Professional. She has excellent attention to detail and follow-through, provides thorough notes on client needs and changes, and shows great integrity in the work that she does with our clients. She is a very welcome new addition to the Home Instead Team. We and our clients are lucky to have her.  

Catherine - October 2023 Care Professional of the Month

Catherine CGoM October 2023

Catherine has a strong sense of commitment to clients. She is genuinely concerned about client health and keeps us abreast of any changes in client condition. Her updates are timely and valuable. Whenever family is in the home, she interacts well with them and does not hesitate to share what she has observed, and this is always appreciated by the family. Catherine is a wonderful Care Pro.

Deborah - September 2023 Care Professional of the Month

Deborah CGoM September 2023

Deborah is so gracious about her work and so conscientious about her responsibilities. There is never a doubt regarding her commitment. She has the heart to serve. It shows every day in the way she gets to know clients, and in the patience she has to meet clients where they are to best serve their needs, always with their best interest at heart.

Jamie - August 2023 Care Professional of the Month

Jamie CGoM August 2023

Jamie has definitely made an impact here at Home Instead. We get a phone call at least once a week from clients’ families to say what a wonderful job she is doing and how she has made a difference. She is very hands on, a great communicator and has exceptional attention to detail. She has taken her role and made it her own. A true professional.

Thalia - July 2023 Care Professional of the Month

Thalia CGoM July 2023

Thalia is a wonderful Care Pro. She is very patient and works well with our dementia clients. She is sweet, caring, and ever so helpful. Thalia also provides assistance in our recruitment office. She has proven to be very smart, detail-oriented, and committed to helping us find excellent candidates to care for our clients. She jumps in where and when she can. She is a true team player.

Adriano - June 2023 Care Professional of the Month

Adriano CGoM June 2023

Adriano is a fantastic cook. Clients love his food. He has such a sunny personality that you cannot help but be in a great mood when around him. The clients adore him and request him. He communicates well with the office staff, too. Adriano loves what he is doing with Home Instead. And it shows! We love having him on our team!

Erin - May 2023 Care Professional of the Month

Erin CGoM May 2023

Erin can care for any client no matter their needs, personality, situation or skill level required. She can manage any situation with calmness and humor. Clients love her laugh, and she makes them feel safe and right at home knowing that she will care for them likes she cares for her own loved ones. Erin is always quick to provide the office with updates and help her co-workers. She is a long-time, loyal Care Pro and we couldn’t be more grateful to have her on our team.

Della - April 2023 Care Professional of the Month

Della, caregiver of the month for april 2023

Della’s dedication to helping our clients and looking out for their well-being is amazing. She has a “whatever it takes” attitude in making sure our clients receive the very best in home care. She rises to the occasion during challenges. She exhibits compassion and tenderness. She is a strong and passionate advocate for seniors. Della is an exceptional Care Pro and member of the Home Instead team.

Jennifer - March 2023 Care Professional of the Month

Jennifer CGoM March 2023

Jennifer displays a caring and attentive nature with our clients. She is also quick to pick up shifts and provide client updates to the office. She presents an overall professionalism admired by all, and receives compliments and requests for her return from our clients. Jennifer is an exceptional member of our team.

Brianna - February 2023 Care Professional of the Month

Brianna CGoM February 2023

Briana is very reliable and professional. She helps out with fill-in shifts, communicates well with the office, and is outgoing and proactive. She has the ability to overcome challenges and provide continuity of care for our clients. Brianna brightens the day with her big smile anytime she walks into a room. We are sure clients feel the same way! They just adore her!

Maria - January 2023 Care Professional of the Month

Maria CGoM January 2023

Maria is passionate about giving our clients the highest level of respect and the very best of care. She is great with communications, and contacting the office with client updates and concerns. Maria is very sweet and a wonderful addition to the Home Instead Care Pro Team.

Ana - December 2022 Care Professional of the Month

Ana CGoM December 2022

Ana is very personable and caring. She just loves her job and the clients she serves. She has expressed that she has other job skills outside of this industry, but she is doing what she loves here with Home Instead. Her heart is with the clients she cares for.

Kathryn - November 2022 Care Professional of the Month

Kathryn CGoM November 2022

Kathryn is new to our team and has excelled beyond expectations. Her care and concern for clients is evident in all she does. She persists through challenges and works to a develop meaningful and fruitful client relationships. Kathryn is a true gem of a human being and care professional.

Sara - October 2022 Care Professional of the Month

Sara CGoM October 2022

Sara is kind, patient, gracious and generous. She has a heart of gold. She is an effective communicator working with the office staff and clients alike. She is conscientious and always willing to help. Sara does amazing work with our clients. She is a true professional.

Deanna - September 2022 Care Professional of the Month

Deanna CGoM September 2022

Deanna is a highly skilled Care Pro who has worked with clients in hospice and end-of-life care. She is extremely reliable and conscientious, and has a lively personality that clients love. She has been with Home Instead for many years and we consider her one of our best.

Alex - August 2022 Care Professional of the Month

Alex CGoM August 2022

Alex is one of our overnight Care Pros. She is steady, reliable, dependable, and absolutely loves our client. Alex has worked for Home Instead for years, returning to us after some time away. She loves the outdoors and hiking. Alex has the best smile.

Jessica - July 2022 Care Professional of the Month

Jessica CGoM July 2022

Jessica has been a very special addition to our team. As a care professional, she just has a way with seniors. She’s “a natural.” So much so, that she has started coaching other care pros to be the best they can be in their work with seniors. Jessica has a positive, easy-going nature, and is quick to share client success stories.

Erika - June 2022 Care Professional of the Month

Erika CGoM June 2022

Erika is a seasoned care professional with years of experience in the field. She clearly loves her work; her dedication and commitment to providing high quality care is always evident. Erika currently serves as an overnight care professional helping clients to feel at ease at night and sleep well.

Ariana - May 2022 Care Professional of the Month

Ariana CGoM May 2022

Ariana is a kind-hearted, soft-spoken care professional. She has proven to be a quick learner, taking on challenges and growing by leaps and bounds in her role. Her work ethic and ability to manage complex situations makes her a standout member of our team.

Cathleen - April 2022 Care Professional of the Month

Cathleen CGoM April 2022

Cathleen has a wonderful ability to make connections with clients and develop impactful relationships. Clients love being under Cathleen’s care and having her as a companion in their homes. She is truly committed to the mission of Home Instead.

Kayoko - March 2022 Care Professional of the Month

Kayoko CGoM March 2022

Kayoko is a highly focused, detail-oriented care professional. She is an excellent communicator in working with our office staff to ensure client needs are being met. She is quick to step up and work extra hours on the weekends and has a terrific sense of humor.

Shelby - February 2022 Care Professional of the Month

Shelby CGoM February 2022

Shelby is one of our veteran care professionals. She is highly skilled, goes the “extra mile” and is an excellent communicator. Perhaps the best thing about Shelby is her big heart. We are very lucky to have Shelby on our team. Our clients love her, as do we.

Ely - January 2022 Care Professional of the Month

Ely CGoM January 2022

Ely is a smiling and bubbly care professional with a great ability to adapt to client needs. She has shown herself to be one of our most reliable and dependable care professionals. Our clients overwhelmingly love Ely.