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5-star review

Providing care for seniors to help enrich their daily lives and allow them to remain in their homes is something I love to do. Home Instead provides training, encouragement and support for their employees so we are never alone in our work. When situations arise and we have questions, Home Instead is always there to help. 

One of the best things I like about Home Instead is that they work at providing a good fit between caregiver and client. It truly is personal to them. Great company!

~ By Leann W. on 8/17/2022

5-star review

I like  it [working as a Care Pro] simply because I like taking care of people to the best of my ability. It brings me comfort knowing people in my care are being treated right…. It means a lot to me, that I can help out clients when they need it most, and to just be a part of their life that helps them regain their confidence and self-worth back.

~ By Cassidy on 8/11/2022

5-star review

There is a great sense of  professional fulfillment while working under Home Instead management team. Their level of professionalism and support is reflected each and every day inspiring me to follow through and motivated to provide that same efficiency as a Care Professional. I genuinely consider a blessing to have the opportunity to be part of Home Instead team.

~ By Sara A. on 8/11/2022

5-star review

I like to work for home instead because I’m able to choose my own schedule and work somewhere that I enjoy working.

The best part of my job is helping someone with their day to day activities. I’ve always wanted to help someone and make their lives a bit easier.

Being a care professional for Home Instead means to me that I am able to work for a company that cares not only about me but about our clients. Home instead is like a second family, one that I can count on.

~ By Ana C. on 8/10/2022

5-star review

I like working as a caregiver for Home Instead because this company is very good in communicating with you and they work with you and your schedule. They make you feel like a family and the ladies in the office are the nicest and most understanding people you could meet...My favorite part of my job is knowing I helped someone in need and the way they appreciate it.

~ By Karla C.  on 8/9/2022

5-star review

I love being a Care Pro for Home Instead. I feel my job is important. At the end of the day, I feel I've made a difference in a client’s life. It is rewarding to know you've helped someone. Home instead is a great place to work. I enjoy my clients. The office staff listens to us. It’s a great place to work.

~ By Deanna V. on 8/2/2022

5-star review

I love working as a caregiver because I love helping those who’ve worked hard and, now that they have paid their dues, they deserve our love, respect and help. Home Instead allows me to do that, in their home, where they feel most comfortable.

~ By Ofelia V. on 8/2/2022

5-star review

The office is very close to me. Everybody listens to my challenges with clients well.

~ By Kayoko Y. on 8/1/2022

5-star review

Staff at office very friendly and caring.

~ By Denise F. on 9/26/2021

5-star review

Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. The staff if professional. I like that they follow up and inquire if anything is needed for me or from them.

~ By Vanessa R. on 9/26/2021

5-star review

This company is outstanding from the first time speaking with the HR rep. I truly did admire the layout of how they perceive themselves as a whole. I loved how every time meeting with a new client it was a meet and greet with someone from the office site. Everyone had amazing customer service, yet so very prompt and efficient with any question that needed to be answered. Along with scheduling would always go above and beyond to find the best possible. Definitely appreciate the experience and would recommend to anyone in the caregiving field.

~ By Alizae G. on 8/24/2021

5-star review

The office is great, staff is wonderful.

~ By Donnell R. on 8/17/2021

5-star review

Everyone is friendly. Caregivers are treated like family.

~ By Maureen M. on 7/23/2021

5-star review

I love working for Home Instead Senior Care. Office staff is great and support caregivers. They really care for clients and I totally recommend this company.

~ By Ru M. on 7/28/2020

5-star review

Home Instead is the best place to work for. When I was a caregiver they always matched me clients that were at my level of experience and compatibility. It really made it feel like you were helping your grandparents and putting a smile on their face. Home Instead always wants the best for their clients and employees. They are great.

~ By Dawn B. on 5/15/2019

5-star review

Today is officially my last day with the company as I am headed on a new adventure in nursing school. I started with the company in 2013 and I can honestly say they have been the best employer I have ever worked for. At one point in 2015, I did leave (on good terms) to pursue a career as a CNA in an Assisted Living facility only to come back to Home Instead three months later. The staff have been extremely supportive, caring, encouraging, flexible, and all around genuine in how they interact with each other, the clients, and Caregivers. There has never been a time where I did not feel appreciated by the entire staff. They have always expressed how important the Caregivers are to the well being of the clients and the functioning of the company. However, the amazing staff that do all the hard work behind-the-scenes is the real reason why the Caregivers can go out and do the work that they do for the clients. I am forever grateful to all at Home Instead Senior Care (La Mesa, CA) for allowing me to be a part of their family! I will miss them and the clients!

~ By Barbara M. on 8/7/2017

5-star review

This is a great company to work for, they take care of their clients and staff. Worked back in 2008, owners were very helpful and understanding.

~ By Tiffany C. on 3/15/2015