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Care Professional Awards & Recognition

At Home Instead®, our success revolves around the work of our Care Professionals – and we make sure they know it! We celebrate Care Pros year-round through: notes of appreciation, recognition in our employee newsletter, flowers, extra time off, and even impromptu office parties.

Home Instead Caregiver helps senior man button shirt at home

Do You Know Someone With A Caring Heart?

We all have that someone who is a natural born caregiver. If you know a friend or family member that would make an outstanding Care Pro, someone who would easily receive a standing ovation from Home Instead, please share the career opportunity - we’d love to meet them!

Invite your friend to text ‘CAREGIVER’ to 306.988.1030 to start an application.

Care Professionals Award Winners!
ida g march 2024

Ida G.

Ida was selected as the Care Professional receiving a Standing Ovation for the Month of March 2024. Each month, this recognition goes to the absolute best of our Care Professionals. We want to recognize how lucky we are to have such outstanding Care Pros who are changing the lives of the aging adults they care for. This month we recognize an outstanding Care Pro who is a “Mighty Mentor.”

We celebrate her having the essence of "Mighty Mentorship." We acknowledge the pivotal role of mentors in shaping the journey of fellow Care Pros. She naturally embodies mentorship; and demonstrates an unmatched ability to thrive and excel and inspire other Care Pros to do the same. She enriches the lives of those she supports while generously sharing her expertise and experience with others.

all caregivers feb 2024

All Our Care Professionals!

In February we celebrated all our Care Professionals!

We celebrated with an Open House lunch on February 15th, for Home Instead’s Care Professional Appreciation week. We were so glad to see those that were able to make it by. Enjoy these pictures of our event!

clemencia jan 2024

Clemencia F.

Congratulations to Clemencia for receiving the Standing Ovation Award for January!

The theme for January is “Adaptable Spirit.” This is a Care Pro whose adaptability and versatility makes her a great fit with a variety of clients. She has the unique ability to adjust and thrive in any caregiving situation. She is an invaluable asset to those under her care!

Care Professionals of the Year

This year Home Instead chose 10 Care Professionals who truly stood out, demonstrating compassion and exceptional care to the older adults and families they work with. Being named a Care Professional of the Year is one of the profession’s highest honors and Home Instead’s highest accolade for our more than 100,000 Care Professionals worldwide. We thank these incredible Care Pros for their dedication and service.


Standing Ovation Care Pro Recognition

A standing ovation is considered the highest form of praise and recognition, taking applause to the next level. Each month, we celebrate Care Professionals who have gone above and beyond in their roles and lift them up with a Standing Ovation. We thank these incredible Care Pros for their dedication and service.