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It’s not always easy knowing where to start in the search for a quality home care agency for yourself or a loved one – the sheer number of options can be overwhelming, and finding the right agency is crucial to future happiness and well-being.

Read what other families in the Cleveland area have to say about Home Instead!

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September 12, 2022
5-star review - By Priscilla I.

Our caregiver Laura provides exceptional service to our dear mom. Laura makes mom feel like a best friend and goes above and beyond her job to provide mom the love and support she needs. We don’t know what we would do without Laura.

September 12, 2022
5-star review - By Jeanne

We had a sudden need for care for both my mother and father. Home Instead quickly scheduled 24x7 care for them and was able to provide 24 hour care within days. Our main contact and our scheduler were available to us and were easy to contact. All of the caregivers were professional, friendly, and helpful, and most importantly gracious under pressure.

September 8, 2022
5-star review - By Cindy K.

They take care of my Mother In law and do a wonderful job I'd recommend them to anyone

August 23, 2022
5-star review - By Carol E.

I have been home from the hospital for three weeks after major surgery. I have used home instead 24/7 and plan to use them for a few more weeks. My care has been great and I am gradually getting back on my feet!
I would recommend this agency to anyone who needs tlc and great care!

August 22, 2022
5-star review - By A Client's Daughter

Our family used the home care services provided by Home Instead for over two years for our father who has alzheimers/dementia. We had care for him five days a week - four hours a day. They would cook meals for him, clean his small apartment, wash his laundry, change his sheets and wash them, run him on errands (grocery store, pharmacy), take him to some appointments (doctor, podiatrist, hair cut), take him for walks, and many other things. He had a main care provider, but also some alternate ones as well. They were all so kind to him and attended to all his needs. His main care provider went above and beyond by even purchasing a foot spa on her own and giving him weekly pedicures. She was a true gift from God for our father and we were blessed to have her care for him for over two years. Thank you Home Instead!

August 10, 2022
5-star review - By Elynn H.

Home Instead is equally fabulous for short term needs. They were very flexible with days and times as well as coordinating with family members so we did not overlap coverage for my mom. Each caregiver sent was remarkably kind and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Home Instead.

June 13, 2022
5-star review - By Michelle A.

Thank you for allowing me to enjoy my mother for the first time in a long time. I recently hired Home Instead to accompany my mother to a wedding shower for my niece. You helped make this a pleasurable and memorable event for both my mother and myself.

April 20, 2022
5-star review - By Cheryl V.

Home Instead has been wonderful. They worked with us to find a person with the experience and demeanor we were comfortable with. And, I have seen a real difference for my parents having someone there to help. I am truly grateful for Home Instead.

April 20, 2022
5-star review - By Susan G.

Home Instead has been providing in-home services for my 89-year-old father for over a year. From the first time I contacted Home Instead, they were immediately responsive to my dad's needs and have provided a caring team of dedicated professionals . They are very reliable, and in more than one instance a caregiver has volunteered to work a double shift when severe weather or other circumstances made it impossible for another caregiver to cover a shift. The administrative team and management are pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Home Instead for in-home care giving.

March 21, 2022
5-star review - By Marsha D.

Home Instead Cleveland East values people. They improve the quality of life for their employees, clients and their families. Home Instead is always looking for new ways to improve the already high quality of care to enhance the lives of seniors. My experience has been amazing.

March 19, 2022
5-star review - By Alana M.

At one time we were using two different agencies for our grandmother, and Home Instead was much more professional. Home Instead costs were a little more, but it’s acceptable because sometimes you have to pay a little more to get a little more

March 4, 2022
5-star review - By Phillip L.

The CAREGiver Home Instead Cleveland East sent was awesome! She stayed busy and kept the Client encouraged and motivated.

February 25, 2022
5-star review - By Delores D.

Home Instead's management was very kind and responsive and the CAREGivers were very kind and patient.

September 23, 2021
5-star review - By Roger

I'm using Home Instead. My caregiver's name is Sandy, and she's an angel from heaven. She helped me get through the death of my wife. She comes twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays. She tidies up, makes the bed, changes the bed once a week, helps me shower, does the laundry, she dusts, she'll do the door windows, and makes sure I've got all my medications in the right places. She does anything that I ask her to do. She's had her shots, I've had mine, and she wears a mask. The second time I fell she was here, and she pushed my life alert button for me and EMS got here. She'd cook if I wanted to, but I get Meals on Wheels and I've got my microwave. Communication is super. She gets my mail, and it's 70 feet from my door down to the mailbox. I don't know what I would do without her. She hangs my clothes up, and we play trivia games.

July 24, 2021
5-star review - By Debra E.

Very caring trustworthy people. I have 24 hour service for my sister and I am pleased with her care. They help cook meals, do housekeeping, help with bathing and dressing. They watch over her so falls do not occur. They help her with exercising. A couple of them have become like family.

July 21, 2021
5-star review - By TJR

Emily treats my mom like a friend and my mom sees her that way! What a great caring group!

June 15, 2021
5-star review - By Leonard A.

Very professional office staff. Phone call confirmation before the appointment. Gentleman who showed up was on time, personal and professional.....Great Service!!

March 2021
5-star review - By Lori B.

Our experience with Home Instead has been amazing! For 2 years, our scheduler, Sheila performed “magic”. She connected us with Blair, who literally became part of the family, as he saw to Dad’s needs and wants for almost the entire 2 years. Blair was a kind, loving, unselfish man when he worked with Dad. Dad’s Alzheimer’s made him unpredictable, but Blair was patient and tolerant throughout the ups and downs. Whenever Blair was unavailable, Sheila sent other kind caregivers to assist Dad, as best they could. I highly recommend Home Instead if your loved ones need tender, patient, professional care.

February 2021
5-star review - By Rachel R.

Home Instead Senior Care is amazing! They provide excellent in-home care for my grandma who suffers from advanced Alzheimer's. They get her ready for the day, cook for her, help with her meds, spend time with her, and help with different housekeeping and chores. I couldn't be happier and appreciate all they do! Trustworthy and reliable!

November 18, 2020
5-star review - By The Browns

My mother receives ADL, companionship, socialization and exercises from her Caregivers. Each of her caregivers are punctual and willing to change their times to accommodate changes in my mom’s or sister’s schedule. My sister is with the caregivers more than I and she tells me that she enjoys their company as well as her opportunity for “down and me time.” I too am relieved that she appears so much more relaxed and less stressed. I feel that I have a good rapport with each HCA and can easily discuss my Mom’s care, listen to concerns and enlist their insights. The office staff has been professional, courteous and readily addresses my questions and concerns, this includes the RN Manager, Mom’s care coordinator and scheduler and your phone staff who connects me to the right person or ensures that a message is generated to ensure a call back.

August 2020
5-star review - By Susan S.

Excellent care! Highly recommended. There is complete trust in the healthcare aide.

July 24, 2020
5-star review - By Malone Family

Home Instead home aides are caring, highly competent, dependable, professional and very attentive to the needs of our parents. In addition, the home aide and the office staff communicate well with the family. Our aide through Home Instead feels like a member of the family! We are thankful to have Home Instead!

July 20, 2020
5-star review - By WomenStrong

Our Home Instead caregiver has become a good friend to my mom, who was initially reluctant to have anyone come to the house. She is thoughtful and efficient.

January 2020
5-star review - By Barbara B.

My mother received Home Instead Senior Care services for several years. The caregivers were all very caring, knowledgeable and friendly. My mother especially enjoyed Donita who always prayed with her. Donita encouraged her to sing and talk. My mother was always very calm when she had sat with my Donita. Denise and Terry were also awesome.

I knew my mom was in good hands and safe with these ladies. I am so happy Crystal Harris recommended Home Instead.

I was very impressed with Maria and she was always helpful, professional and friendly.

Thank you for easing my stress and providing such excellent care to my mother.

March 20, 2019
5-star review - By Mr. Jay

My father loves the gentleman that takes him to his doctor appointments. He always asks that he take him. The gentleman is always on time, friendly and talks to my dad. My dad says that it is like talking to a old friend and that the gentleman is a very good driver. My father says that all the staff at the clinic knows the gentleman that bring him by name. Home Instead Senior Care have really been a blessing to me and my family.

February 2019
5-star review - By Margie O.

All of the staff at Home Instead Senior Care are always so helpful and have the biggest hearts I've ever seen in a business atmosphere.

November 2018
5-star review - By Karen S.

I am relieved that we are using Home Instead to help my dad with once a week grocery shopping and meal preparation. My dad can still live independently and I have an extra set of eyes looking after him. I get a call from Home Instead if their needs to be a schedule change for any reason (which doesn't happen very often) or if they see anything unusual in my dad's behavior or any cause of concern - like a bruise, for example. I couldn't be happier!

July 20, 2018
5-star review - By janekm

You’ve been exceptionally responsive to unpredictable scheduling needs revolving around hospital admissions and discharges. This couldn’t be more appreciated and allows us to feel confident in meeting the hospital’s requirements. All of the caregivers have consistently been on time and ready to work. They are excellent working with a woman who has spent 30 years living very independently in her own home and for the first time ever is experiencing physical limitations. They do such a good job of making her feel good, yet guiding her to do what is necessary. The caregivers are also great working with family members. I couldn’t recommend Home Instead more highly!!!

Home Instead provides reliable, trustworthy care to those who wish to remain within their own home, yet need the assurance of assistance for mobility, bathing, meal preparation, laundry, etc. It's independence with a bit of support!

February 15, 2018
5-star review - By Dody & Sue

My mother loves doing crafts. Nancy, her caregiver, spends hours with her making artwork for her grandchildren! She is dedicated to a hobby my mother enjoys.

February 9, 2018
5-star review - By Art

Home Instead Senior Care provided home care for my mother for a year and a half . She had 6 care givers working different schedules and every one of them was kind and professional. I know it's hard to believe but we had no problems thanks to Christine who was her primary care manager, as well as her office support team.. She was great! I recommend Home Instead to any one looking for first class home care!

November 29, 2017
5-star review - By Ohioborn

Professional and caring staff. Great response to inquiries and needs. Clear assessments of needs with attention to fine detail about the patient to find aides with a good personal fit, not just a good fit for more "technical" needs. It is clear that information about my parents' physical needs and personal eccentricities requirements are documented and taken into consideration each time I call for a service. A really good experience in often very difficult circumstance. All of this makes my family very confident about my parents being in good hands. Can't tell you how helpful that is in times of great stress. Thank you!

November 22, 2017
5-star review - By ZN

Lady who came to our house while I was out of town, was such a caring, loving and hard working person. I can't say enough about her nice and friendly personality. My husband was very pleased with her also. He was feeling very comfortable when she was helping him with whatever he needed help with. Our house was very clean, dishes and laundry done, plants watered and more things I missed, just like I didn't leave our house. Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it. I am sure I will need your help in future. I will not hesitate to pick up phone and call this company again.

September 2017
5-star review - By D. Dogperson

Your logo includes a small phrase, "to us it's personal". One might think that is something to catch attention and may not really believe this is the case. My experience with Home Instead has proven that this phrase couldn't be more accurate. I would recommend Home Instead to care for anyone in need of trustworthy, thoughtful care.

May 4, 2017
5-star review - By Howard715157

HISC has been by far the best and most professional company I have dealt with for care for my mother. Everyone, from the caregivers to the administrative staff was wonderful.

January 24, 2017
5-star review - By EDR

My 90 year old Mom lives with us, and has reached the stage of life where she can no longer fix a meal for herself if we are not home. She uses a walker and can be left by herself for several hours, but not days, and she does a lot of sleeping. We use Home Instead to senior-sit and prepare a meal for her every other week so we can get out for "date night". They have been a Godsend and we have never had any complaints. They are prompt, courteous, kind and helpful, and do an excellent job.

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