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5-star review

I, as a caregiver, am matched well with shifts of HISC clients.

- Posted by Carol T.

5-star review

I get a lot of thoughtfulness from my clients. One tells me I am just like family. I haven't met a client that wasn't grateful for what we do!!

- Posted by Kay J.

5-star review

I enjoy learning about the client's past, where they grew up, went to school, career, etc. Seeing the smiles on their faces when you show up for a shift is so rewarding. They know that you are there for them in so many ways and appreciate what you can do to keep them in their home.

- Posted by Kathy R.

5-star review

For me, it’s being an advocate for the people we serve, helping them sort through their feelings and emotions and express their needs and wants. It's about making sure they are being heard and then helping carry out those wishes to the best of my ability…like the smile when I brought a new belt for the person I care for.

- Posted by Kelli R.

5-star review

I enjoy being a part of the Care Pro team as it makes me feel like I can make a difference in someone’s life in a personal way. I have a client I knit and share a love of plants with. She is still able to do these things with the help of Home Instead.

- Posted by Deb H.

5-star review

I ENJOY all clients l have had.

- Posted by Jeannene K.

5-star review

As a current college student, I moved three hours away from my hometown and my family to study and reside in Wayne. Serving seniors in Northeast Nebraska through Home Instead has been rewarding to me as I provide clients with care and companionship, but has also blessed me with a sense of belonging and community as my clients and their family members have so graciously welcomed me into their homes and treated me like one of their own friends or family members. The connections I have made with my Home Instead clients have also aided in my professional preparation as I intend to pursue a career in nursing.

- Posted by Sierra

5-star review

I like being able to help with their daily needs, personal care & grooming, cleaning or preparing meals & laundry so that they are able to stay home!

- Posted by Carol J.

5-star review

I tracked down an old fashioned candy that both my client and I had fond memories of. We shared it and talked about the memories around it. 🙂

- Posted by Brenda L.

5-star review

As a Care Pro working for Home Instead taking care of someone has made me feel I have a purpose in life--that I'm making a difference in the client's life. It's rewarding to see a smile on their face and help them to continue their everyday life the best they can.

- Posted by Helen A.

5-star review

My personal experience from being in a car accident and having to depend on my husband and family for all of my care needs--from car rides to opening medicine bottles to showering--has affected me and how I care for each of my clients personally. I am always looking for ways to improve my client's ability to do what they can do for themselves first and show them little tips I learned from my experience with dependence on others. From keeping items that they would use daily in reach and to never feel bad for asking for help! I'm not one to ask for help but have learned through my experience that it is ok!

- Posted by Cari Z.