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Home Instead has joined forces with Honor to provide you with the support and tools needed to do your best professional caregiving work. Start your caregiver application on the next page with Honor.

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Get a job as a professional caregiver: 888-678-8575

Care Professional Job Training

From the moment you're hired, your local Home Instead® office will offer you a variety of initial and ongoing career training opportunities to help you grow your caregiving skills and be the best Care Pro you can be.

Ongoing Training

Throughout your career as a Home Instead® Care Pro, your local office may offer the following job training opportunities:

  • Regular office-wide Care Pro meetings
  • A monthly Care Pro newsletter full of tips and senior care information
  • A "library" of senior care reference materials and resources in the office and online
  • On-the-job training for unique client situations

Responsive Support Staff

You'll have the added confidence of knowing that a staff member from your local office is available 24 hours.

Start your career as a professional caregiver today! 888-678-8575


Latest review from our community

“Everything I have experienced at Home Instead has been amazing. I really enjoy working for them. Everyone is supporting and willing to help you out if you ever have questions.”