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​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Home Instead Senior Care ReviewsRead what other families in Hampton Bays, NY have to say about Home Instead Senior Care®:​​

Latest Reviews & Testimonials 

"The aides for both myself and then my husband (with hospice services) were of the highest caliber. The very best!"

Posted by Gail on Feb 16 2018

"I love Home Instead. From the Girls in the office to the Companions that come to be with my mom, they are all very sweet and helpful. The girls in the office are very on the ball. They call if there is a schedule issue and have to switch care givers, they are very understanding if I need to ask someone to come earlier or stay later. The companions themselves are very good with my mom who has ALZ. They prepare her lunch, make sure she drinks water. They put her favorite music stations on and will even dance with her. The women will tidy up, clean out the fridge, do laundry, clean the floor. Taking my mom out is important to both of us and they do. One woman will take her for rides to the beach, they will walk a bit or sit in the car and watch the deer. She doesn't care to go out in the winter, but when it starts to get warmer, they will take her for a walk around the block or antiquing, dollar stores. her hair gets washed and its one less thing I will have to do. They will even start dinner if I asked, but wouldn't, except to turn the crockpot on or off. They will fold my laundry too, if I forget it in the dryer. They said they are here to help me as well. So nice to have people that I can trust to take care of my mom when I am at work or running errands. Thank you to all of you!!!!"

Posted by LuAnn B on Jan 29 2018

"I hired Home Instead at a family rate because I needed services for both of my parents. Initially I didn't want to hire them because I also wanted someone who could help my father shower but I didn't realize they could do that too. I thought it was only companionship stuff because I didn't understand what kind of agency it was at first. Then, what was really the thing that made me decide (besides having now seen how great they are) was that if someone was sick or if they couldn't come in, they would send someone here with the case worker or social worker to explain the service to us with the aide. So my parents who can't explain things very well wouldn't have to show anyone anything. That gave me peace of mind because to be halfway across the country with two people who can't live alone was a big deal. Then I was shocked! The first day we had a woman (and I can't remember her name) and then they alternated the woman with Gary. I asked her to bring stuff downstairs that I bought and she came up looking for my Shop Vac because she's going to clean the basement. To me this house has been here for 40 years. There's a lot of stuff down there! When I came back the house looks better, it's more organized than what we were able to do because at that point I didn't have a cleaning person. In addition, I'm in Arizona and my mother is like "And Gary said this" because he's telling her that he likes to do this and he's in a gardening club. He actually has listened more than I usually could to my mother! Even when they were hired for my parents, both the people that came to our house wanted to help me with things. I had a completely different experience with a lot of turnover with the initial agency we were using. There were a lot of junior people and not everyone was skilled with older people who have special awareness issues who are too proud to say I need help. They were close by but not aggressively close by as they shout at my father. Every agency has a no cell phone policy but that is not true. A lot of other aides that we had to terminate bring their phone and sit down on their phone. Home Instead was flexible too. They could do it if we need to stay out late or if we need them overnight. This happened when I totally forgot my dad had to bring his property income tax to the tax guy. Gary brought him there, waited for him and came back a different day to pick him up. He and my dad do a little field trip to the town of Brookhaven too. We have a wonderful aide now through the VA but at 3 o'clock she has to go. Sometimes it's hard like there's traffic or an appointment. People hear bad things about companies but I tell everyone about Home Instead because this is a really good one. They were incredible! I participate in telephone support groups in different organizations and people ask why they don't have a care plan. They don't understand because you can provide a list to a home health aide and they'll do it or just do the bare minimum or make it worst. This agency came, I explained a lot of things, asked a lot of questions and they didn't leave a list for the people that are coming but they do more. Sometimes you can say to empty the garbage this time, change the sheet and pick up the clutter but that's not thinking on your feet. I would give them a 5 star for the services they deliver but I want to take a half off only because you have to hire them two days a week a minimum of four hours which is fine if you afford. They used to accept like on the third Monday of the month only so I can go get my hair done and that kind of stuff but they stopped doing that. I understand it's a staffing issue but I'm disappointed that they no longer offer that service. I wish they were more flexible. I'm available for references besides this. As I was on Facebook, different people say they have them in other parts of the country so across the country their reputation is the same which is GREAT. I really think they're great company!"

Posted by Irene Velasco on Jan 04 2018

"Home Instead basically provides companionship for my mother. They do a fantastic job. The caregiver is very congener with my mom. They've become good friends. She goes out of her way to come a little bit earlier and stay a little bit later. She is also very pleasant, has a smile on her face and interacts well with other members of my family. I would highly recommend the caregiver. Everything is quite in order with billing and scheduling too, no conflicts whatsoever. Everything is taken care of upfront. We had to make some adjustments but they were able to accommodate without any problem. They make it very simple the way they do things and it's not a conflict or something I have to concern myself with. I would highly recommend Home Instead."

Posted by Harry on Dec 27 2017

"Mom enjoys and looks forward to her visits with her caregiver. Knowing someone is coming to visit with her perks up her disposition and gives her energy."

Posted by Jean on Dec 19 2017

"Home Instead employees felt like family. The experiance is unlike anyother we've had with an agency. Home Instead was always punctual, polite, efficient and looking to do more than what was asked. I had complete trust that my parents would be cared for during a trip. In the event of a scheduling conflict, it was wonderful to know the coordinator would accompany a temp to show them the ropes."

"I was hesitant at first having a "stranger" take care of my Father. The moment I met both caregivers , I felt instantly comfortable with them.My Father looks forward to their twice weekly visits. And that relieves stress for me and gives me peace of mind."

Posted by Nancy Gail on Oct 17 2017

"We hired Home Instead for a brief time, and I am going to use them again. They were all excellent. "

Posted by Louise358512 on Jul 13 2016

"When the going got tough for my mom, these folks really came through for us. When I needed help, when I was overwhelmed, Home Instead was there for us. "

Posted by BGavin on Jun 24 2014

"The caregivers are wonderful. They've been helping my Mom for well over a year now and all of them have been sweet, gentle, and concerned. They run errands, serve meals, keep up with the meds, and keep her company. The office staff is very professional and quite competent. Kudos to Tracy, Beth, and Christine. "

Posted by NY Packer Fan on Jun 18 2013
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