Preventing Senior Hospitalizations Part 5

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Preventing Senior Hospitalizations Part 5

Maintain a Healthy Diet

A poor diet can cause multiple health issues.  There are many reasons that seniors have a poor diet.

  • Lack of energy to cook for themselves if they live alone
  • No access to fresh foods due to transportation issues
  • Their taste buds have changed as they have aged, so nothing tastes good

According to Home Instead Senior Care:

Diet and companionship go hand in hand. “When you eat with others, appetite is better and emotional well-being is improved,” said Dr. Clevenger. If a senior is living alone and unable to prepare healthy meals, he or she may not be getting a balanced diet — one of the biggest risks that could send a senior to the hospital.

When we get calls from concerned family members that they have noticed that their mom or dad has lost weight, we explain that a Home Instead CAREGiver can do so much to solve this problem.  For instance, we could put together a plan to solve multiple meal related issues.  Here is a list of services a CAREGiver could accomplish:

  1. Develop a menu for the week that is healthy and the senior would enjoy eating.  Maybe go through their favorite recipes.
  2. Go grocery shopping to get all the necessary supplies
  3. Unpack groceries and clean out fridge at same time to ensure there are no expired foods in there
  4. Prepare and cook a healthy meal for the senior.  Prepare the food in a certain dish or cut into appropriate sizes if there are dementia issues.
  5. Set the table for the two of them and enjoy each other's companionship while eating. (Don't worry about feeding the CAREGiver, they can bring their own food)
  6. Clean up after the meal, take out the trash and encourage an activity such as cards
  7. If you cannot have someone come everyday, we can make extra meals and package so the senior can just reheat

A healthy diet is a lot easier nowadays just because there is a lot more awareness about eating healthy.  If you have concerns about your family member, call us at 508.984.7900.  We can make suggestions on how to remedy the situation.

Look for more topics on healthy eating, as we begin our next campaign "Bring Back the Sunday Dinner".​​


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