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Do you have any family members in your life that maybe you did not see a lot for whatever reason?  Maybe it was family dynamics - someone did not get along with someone else in the family?  Maybe it was location - you lived far away from them?  Maybe you never knew they existed till recently?

There are many reasons that families don't visit each other on a regular basis.  However don't let someone make those decisions for you.  If you want to know a family member better, then make the effort.

Home Instead Senior Care kicked off the Sunday Dinner Pledge this month to encourage families to reunite over meals.  The Sunday Dinner Pledge is about families eating together once a month.  Sharing a meal is both simple and sometimes complicated depending on the situation.

I completely get the complicated end.  We all have busy lives and sometimes life just passes us by.  I recently have been more involved with my grandfather.  He is declining and has been a frequent flyer from hospital to rehab to home.  Never a good trip for a senior.  So with my background in senior care, it has helped a little bit for his family to get through this tough time.

However recently the doctor asked us at a visit while he was in the hospital, "Is his behavior normal"?  Honestly, I have no clue.  When you do not see a person on a regular basis, you do not know what is their normal.  Are they always this way? When did things change?  How long has this been going on?

In my office we tend to get a lot of these calls after the Holidays from families.  "I went to see mom, dad, grandma or grandpa and I can't believe how much they have changed."  Sometimes when you see a family member on a daily basis you don't see the changes in someone as quickly.  When you see someone less frequently, you are more apt to see changes in them because a longer period of time has gone by.  Which is better?  There is no right answer.  Maybe the family who visits monthly sees the change right away, where the family who visits daily, does not see the change for weeks.

So I would encourage you (and myself) to make those visits happen!  Maybe you can swing by on your way home from work.  Or visit on the weekend.  A road trip is always a fun family adventure if they live farther away.  A visit to a senior does not have to be a big deal.  It can just be a short chat over tea.  Simple is usually better, that is what they are used to!

Spend some time today planning your next visit!​


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